Conundrums: Did Anne McKie/Ann Mackey m: Patrick Hannay or Alexander Hannay? Who was Ethe? tree conflicts?
It could be that Odo=Ethe, because there are historical figures referred to as Aedh or Ethe, but then some sources equivalence Aedh with Hugh.

Photo 1: John A. Grove family c. 1910
Roy, Otis/Bud, Elsie, Olin, Lynn; Francis M. Oulrey & John A.

Photo 2: John Anderson Grove, Lynn Grove & Paul D. (source: Daisy Daniel)

Link to Photo 3 page: Grove Reunion 1936

Photo 4: Paul M. Daniel jr c. 1918 holding grand-daughter

Photo 5: some Daniel girls c. 1921

Photo 6: Oulrey siblings: children of Samuel S. Oulrey & Nancy Vance Hannah c. 1875
Rachel Katherine, Hugh, Frances Minerva; Mary, Clara Rae, Sarah Isabel & Nancy Rebecca
source: Bob Mackey OBM & spouse

Photo 7: Frank & Dora's children
Vernor, Marshall, Gilbert
Crystal, Olive, Mary

Photo 8: George Richard Grove

Photo 9: unknown B (John A. Grove?)

Photo 10: unknown C (Francis M. Oulrey? Rachel Katherine? Nancy Rebecca?)

Photo 11: unknown D (?Hugh Oulrey?)

Photo 12: unknown E (?Catherine Anderson? or ?Jane Tracy? or ???)

Photo 13: unknown F (??Clara Rae Oulrey??)

A sketch of a graph connecting some of our farther-flung relatives by marriage.

And just for the heck of it, an arbitrary portion of the Thomas Jefferson family graph
Pendleton-Madison-Taylor families graph
Washington-Dandridge-Napoleon families graph

Portions of a Virginia Cousinage network in 6 panels
VA cousinage panel 1
VA cousinage panel 2
VA cousinage panel 3
VA cousinage panel 4
VA cousinage panel 5
VA cousinage panel 6

2010-11-22: Robert Moore: Cenantua: Complex connections

ancestors of cousin/president George Washington
George Washington ancestry generations 1-15 (pdf)
George Washington ancestry generations 16-17 (pdf)
George Washington ancestry generations 18-19 (pdf)
George Washington ancestry generations 20-21 (pdf)
George Washington ancestry generations 22-23 (pdf)
George Washington ancestry generations 24-25 (pdf)
George Washington ancestry generations 26-27 (pdf)
George Washington ancestry generation 38 (pdf)

ancestors of cousin/king Juan Carlos of Spain
first 10 generations (1-1023) (pdf)
11th generation (1024-2047) (pdf)
2048-3071 (pdf)
3072-4095 (pdf)
4096-5119 (pdf)
5120-6143 (pdf)
the smattering of Juan Carlos & Sofie ancestors 16th to the 64th generation (pdf)

some cousins of pres. Barack Hussein Obama (Barry Soteru) in 4 parts
part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4
based in part on the research of William Addams Reitwiesner with numerous details cross-checked at other sites found using ixquick.

Seeking information about
Henry Grove I & Sophia/Sophie b: c. 1771 in PA or VA;
Henry Grove II & Martha Ann Fleming;
George Richard Grove, & Catherine Anderson, her burial place & her parents;
Rebecca A. Ford, & Joseph Ford & Catherine;
James Newberry & Sarah Guest/Geist;
Jacob Taylor & Elizabeth Lewis;
Samuel Oulrey (Ulrich/Ullery/Woolery) & Sarah;
major George Scott and Angeletta Craighill;
Charles Vance & Sarah (and reverend Hugh Vance & Hannah Vance & Thomas Vance & Robert Vance);
William Patterson (and Sarah Jane & Hannah & Agnes Ann Patterson) of Berkeley county VA (now WV);
colonel Philip Pendleton of Martinsburg, Berkeley county VA (now WV);
John Parks & Mary Patterson.

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