Conundrums: Did Anne McKie/Ann Mackey m: Patrick Hannay or Alexander Hannay? Who was Ethe Hannay? tree conflicts?
It could be that Odo=Ethe, because there are historical figures referred to as Aedh or Ethe, but then some sources equivalence Aedh with Hugh.

Photo 1a: John A. Grove family c. 1910
Roy, Otis/Bud, Elsie, Olin, Lynn; Francis M. Oulrey & John A.
Photo 1b:

Photo 2: John Anderson Grove, Lynn Grove & Paul D. (source: Daisy Daniel)

Link to Photo 3 page: Grove Reunion 1936
John Anderson Grove (findagrave) and Francis M. Oulrey

Photo 4: Paul M. Daniel jr c. 1918 holding grand-daughter

Photo 5: some Daniel girls c. 1921

Photo 6: Oulrey siblings: children of Samuel S. Oulrey & Nancy Vance Hannah c. 1875
Rachel Katherine, Hugh, Frances Minerva; Mary, Clara Rae, Sarah Isabel & Nancy Rebecca
source: Bob Mackey OBM & spouse

Photo 7: Frank & Dora's children
Vernor, Marshall, Gilbert
Crystal, Olive, Mary

Photo 8: George Richard Grove

Photo 9: unknown B (John A. Grove? Frank O?)

Photo 10: unknown C (Francis M. Oulrey? Rachel Katherine? Nancy Rebecca? "Big Grandma")

Photo 11: unknown D (?Hugh Oulrey? Frank O?)

Photo 12: unknown E (?Catherine Anderson? or ?Jane Tracy? or ???)

Photo 13: unknown F (??Clara Rae Oulrey??)

David Hannah farm? (120KB) (north side of Old Columbus road between Bellaire at Mahar road and Grant road, ENE of Springfield, Ohio; 42 miles W of Columbus, 90 miles NE of MiamiTown)

Mackey cem. West of Champaign, IL; "establishment shot" showing general area (note the red pin at Sangamon Park; then look SW of that and look just north of the elliptical "crop circle") (snagged 2016-06-16 22:42; 140KB)

Mackey cem. West of Champaign, IL; "medium shot" showing general area (look at middle of the elliptical "crop circle", just above the road running E-W) (snagged 2016-06-16 20:31; 128KB)

Mackey cem. "close-up" with cem. in upper-left and bottom part of "crop circle" (snagged 2016-06-16 22:38; 164KB)

A sketch of a graph connecting some of our farther-flung relatives by marriage.
Robert Howard Gamble (findagrave) and Martha Chaires

slices of the ancestral tree

Some of these get a bit mythical/fabulous or just have a questionable step or 3...not surprising when the doctors and DNA researchers tell us about 10% of men listed on birth certificates are not the father. I try to highlight highly-questionable items in red, not quite so sketchy ones with purple, and likely correct but a little iffy with question-marks. Will add more slices when I get time.

descended from Bran of Armorica/Brittany/Brittania

descended from Bruno, Otto the illustrious, Heinrich/Henry the fowler

descended from Duncan of Athol and Malcolm iii of Scotland/Kenmore/Caenn Mor/big head

descended from Herbert d'Agneaux from Normandy, Agnews, including the hereditary sheriffs of Lochnaw

descended from Gilbert fitz Roland, some Kennedys, Agnews

descended from Heremon, Alpin mac Aodh of Kintyre king of Scotland, Kenneth/Cinaeda ii, Malcolm iii, Gruoch, the Stewards/Stewarts/Stuarts

descended from Fergus Mor mac Ercu/Eirc/Earca, St. Brychan Dododdin ap Anllach/St. Brenin Brycheiniog, Vortigern, Alpin mac Aodh/Aedh/Eth of Kintyre king of Scotland/Albion of Kintyre, Malcolm iii & St. Margaret of Wessex, Aoidh Heth earl of Moray/Aedh/Ethelred of Fife, Patrick McKie

descended from St. Arnulf of Metz and HRE Charlemagne/Big Karl

----- The following tend more toward the mythical. -----

descended from Jose, Josna the Palestinian, and then there's the once and future uncle Arthur Rigothamus :B-)

descended from ?Marcus Aurelius Flavius Claudius?, Constantius Chlorus, and Constantine :B-)

descended from ?Cerwyd?, St. Brychan?? :B-)

descended from Numerius Julius Caesar :B-)

descended from Adam Ha Rishon (the head/the first) & Chava/Eve :B-)

descended from Adam Ha Rishon (the head/the first) & Chava/Eve by a different path via Odin & Freya, Godwulf, Halfdan the old, Eystein Glumra Ivarsson jarl of Hedemarken, Rollo 1st duke of Normandy... :B-)

And just for the heck of it, an arbitrary portion of the Thomas Jefferson family graph
Francis Wayles Eppes (findagrave) and m1: 1822-11-18 Mary Elizabeth Cleland Randolph and m2: 1837-03-15 Susan Margaret Ware

Pendleton-Madison-Taylor families graph

Washington-Dandridge-Napoleon families graph
Charles Louis Napoleon Achille Murat/Achille Carlo Luigi Napoleone Murat, de Frohsdorf (findagrave) and m: c. 1826-07-12 (date on bond) Catherine Willis
Joachim Murat grand-duke of Cleves king of Naples/New City (findagrave) and m: 1800 Caroline Bonaparte
Augustine Washingon (findagrave) and m: 1731 Mary Ball

Portions of a Virginia Cousinage network in 6 panels
VA cousinage panel 1
VA cousinage panel 2
VA cousinage panel 3
VA cousinage panel 4
VA cousinage panel 5
VA cousinage panel 6

2010-11-22: Robert Moore: Cenantua: Complex connections

ancestors of cousin/president George Washington
George Washington ancestry generations 1-10 (pdf)
George Washington ancestry generation 11 (pdf)
George Washington ancestry generation 12 (pdf)
George Washington ancestry generation 13 (pdf)
George Washington ancestry generation 14 (pdf)
George Washington ancestry generation 15 (pdf)
George Washington ancestry generation 16 (pdf)
George Washington ancestry generation 17 (pdf)
George Washington ancestry generation 18 (pdf)
George Washington ancestry generation 19 (pdf)
George Washington ancestry generation 20 (pdf)
George Washington ancestry generation 21 (pdf)
George Washington ancestry generation 22 (pdf)
George Washington ancestry generation 23 (pdf)
George Washington ancestry generation 24 (pdf)
George Washington ancestry generation 25 (pdf)
George Washington ancestry generation 26 (pdf)
George Washington ancestry generation 27 (pdf)
George Washington ancestry generation 28 (pdf)
George Washington ancestry generation 29 (pdf)
George Washington ancestry generation 30 (pdf)
George Washington ancestry generation 38 (pdf)

ancestors of cousin/king Felipe vi of Spain
first 10 generations (1-1023) (pdf)
11th generation (1024-2047) (pdf)
2048-3071 (pdf)
3072-4095 (pdf)
4096-5119 (pdf)
5120-6143 (pdf)
6144-7167 (pdf)
7168-8191 (pdf)
the smattering of Felipe's ancestors 17th to the 65th generation (pdf)

some cousins of pres. Barack Hussein Obama (Barry Soteru) diagram in 4 parts
part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4
Cousin Obummer ahnentafel part 1; 0-2,047 (pdf)
Cousin Obummer ahnentafel 2,048- (pdf)
Cousin Obummer ahnentafel 8,192- (pdf)
Cousin Obummer ahnentafel 16,384- (pdf)
Cousin Obummer ahnentafel 32,768- (pdf)
Cousin Obummer ahnentafel 65,536- (pdf)
Cousin Obummer ahnentafel 131,072- (pdf)
Cousin Obummer ahnentafel 262,144- (pdf)
Cousin Obummer ahnentafel 524,288- (pdf)
Cousin Obummer ahnentafel 1,048,576- (pdf)
Cousin Obummer ahnentafel 2,097,152- (pdf)
Cousin Obummer ahnentafel 4,194,304- (pdf)
Cousin Obummer ahnentafel 8,388,608- (pdf)
Cousin Obummer ahnentafel 16,777,216- (pdf)
Cousin Obummer ahnentafel 33,554,432- (pdf)
Cousin Obummer ahnentafel 67,108,864- (pdf)
Cousin Obummer ahnentafel 134,217,728- (pdf)
Cousin Obummer ahnentafel 268,435,456- (pdf)
Cousin Obummer ahnentafel 536,870,912- (pdf)
Cousin Obummer ahnentafel 1,073,741,824- (pdf)
Cousin Obummer ahnentafel 2,147,483,648- (pdf)
Cousin Obummer ahnentafel 68,719,476,736- (pdf)
based in part on the research of William Addams Reitwiesner, Wikipedia,, with numerous details cross-checked or filled out from other sites found using ixquick.

Seeking information about
Henry Grove I & Sophia/Sophie b: c. 1771 in PA or VA d: in OH;
Henry Grove II & Martha Ann Fleming;
George Richard Grove, & Catherine Anderson, her burial place & her parents;
Rebecca A. Ford, & Joseph Ford & Catherine;
James Newberry & Sarah Guest/Geist;
Jacob Taylor & Elizabeth Lewis;
Samuel Oulrey (Ulrich/Ullery/Woolery) & Sarah;
major George Scott and Angeletta Craighill;
John William Craighill or William John Craighill & Elizabeth Addison or Elizabeth Rolfe;
Charles Vance & Sarah (and reverend Hugh Vance & Hannah Vance & Thomas Vance & Robert Vance);
William Patterson (and Sarah Jane & Hannah & Agnes Ann Patterson) of Berkeley county VA (now WV);
colonel Philip Pendleton of Martinsburg, Berkeley county VA (now WV);
John Parks & Mary Patterson;
parents of Grey Bynum Fancher (and how he got that name through his Grey and Bynum ancestors);
Basil/Barswell Daniels and his parents (Jeremiah?), and how/when they reached the Carolinas in the late 1700s.

  Updates, additions, and corrections are always welcome...jgo

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