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Economic News Analysis Summary

Two Electricity Companies Are Better Than One
Hornswoggled!: How Ma Bell & Chicago Ed conned our grand-parents & stuck us with the bill
Thomas J. DiLorenzo: Review of Austrian Economics_ vol9 #2: The Myth of Natural Monopoly
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  "[I]f life or liberty is obliterated, then our ideas about social problems will no longer matter." --- K. Eric Drexler 1990 _Engines of Creation_ pg 172  

  "This is one of the strategies of the negative inclination and his craftiness, to increase the work with constancy upon the minds of men until there remains no time for contemplating or observing in which direction they are going...   His intention was not to leave any space for them to think at all and discover a method of resisting.   Rather he was trying to occupy their minds and confuse them from any form of contemplation through constancy of work without any interruption." --- R. Label Lam quoting R. Moshe Chaim Lutzatto _Mesilas Yesharim_ (The Path of the Just)  

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