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House Bills
HR2Cantorrepeal job-killing national socialist health care perversion/HCERA2010/Obummercare
HR14Timothy H. Bisop of NYexcessive and draconian transportation projects and transportation regulations
HR21Garrettpartial repeal national socialist health care perversion/HCERA2010/Obummercare
HR29McIntyrewithdraw USA from NAFTA
HR34BiggertFamily Self-Sufficiency Act of 2011
HR37Biggerteducation savings accounts
HR38Flemingpartial repeal national socialist health care perversion/HCERA2010/Obummercare
HR42Issaadjust minimum wage for health care credit
HR43Issaeliminate the diversity immigrant program and add more guest-work visas on top of already vastly excessive limits
HR54Connolly of VAoil spill responsibility
HR59Scalisedefine "czar" and prohibit federal funds for pay of czars and their operations/offices
HR60Scalisepartial repeal (section 9006) of unconstitutional National Socialist Health Care Perversion/PPACA/Obummercare
HR61Scaliserequire federal employees to fly coach class most of the time
HR62Doggettchanges to taxation of "foreign" US-based businesses
HR67Rogers of MIextension of sections of the Patriot act
HR68Lamborndefund National Socialist Television
HR69Lamborndefund National Socialist Radio
HR74Jackson-Lee of TXFOIA for non-federal prisons holding federal prisoners
HR74Jackson-Lee of TXprohibit certain restraints of competition adversely affecting automobile dealers
HR76Jackson-Lee of TXcyber-security professional development programs
HR77Jackson-Lee of TXemergency deployments of personnel along borders
HR79Jackson-Lee of TXaid for families of veterans
HR80Jackson-Lee of TXforeign aid for water
HR81Jackson-Lee of TXemergency communication by hams
HR84Jackson-Lee of TXhouse power grab
HR85Bacaexpand teacher loan forgiveness
HR86Bachmannstop federal extortion increases, repeal estate and gift taxes
HR87Bachmannrepeal the Dodd-Frank Wall Street perversion act
HR88Bartlettchange the deadline for income tax returns for calendar year tax-victims from the 15th of April to the first Monday in November
HR89Bartlettdeny family reunification visa priority when child support is in arrears
HR90Bartlettgrants for food/energy farm demonstration projects
HR91Bartonrepeal poisonous curly-fry light bulb mandate
HR92BiggertMedicare payments for tele-consultations
HR93Blackburn10% across-the-board rescissions in non-defense, non-homeland-security, and non-veterans-affairs discretionary spending for each of the fiscal years 2011 and 2012
HR94Blackburn5% across-the-board rescissions in non-defense, non-homeland-security, and non-veterans-affairs discretionary spending for each of the fiscal years 2011 and 2012
HR95Blackburn15% across-the-board rescissions in non-defense, non-homeland-security, and non-veterans-affairs discretionary spending for each of the fiscal years 2011 and 2012
HR96Blackburnprohibit the Federal Communications Commission from further regulating the Internet, with certain exceptions
HR97BlackburnThe term "air pollutant" shall not include carbon dioxide, water vapor, methane, nitrous oxide, hydrofluorocarbons, perfluorocarbons, or sulfur hexafluoride
HR98Dreierenforce restrictions on employment in the United States of illegal aliens through the use of improved Socialist Insecurity kkkards and an Employment Eligibility Data-Base
HR99Dreierextortion tweaks
HR100Blackburnenhanced Federal, State, and local assistance in the enforcement of the immigration laws, to amend the Immigration and Nationality Act, to authorize appropriations to carry out the State Criminal Alien Assistance Program
HR102Blackburnonly certain forms of identification of individuals may be accepted by the Federal Government and by financial institutions
HR103Blackburnopt out of Medicare
HR106Cardozaincreased imprisonment for certain offenses by public officials
HR107Conyersallow voters to continue voting in precincts where they no longer live
HR108Conyersnational commission on presidential war powers and civil liberties
HR109Conyersnational commission on presidential war powers and civil liberties
HR110deLaurotax-free manufacturing reinvestment accounts
HR114Dreierallow biennial federal budgeting and expropriations instead of annual
HR115Filnerincrease maximum age for "children" eligibility under CHAMPVA
HR116FoxxFTC addition of political calls to "Do Not Call list"
HR117Filnerincreased veteran benefits
HR118Flemingstate by state opt out from unconstitutional National Socialist Health Care Perversion/Obammercare/PPACA
HR119Flemingprohibit staffing up of IRS for unconstitutional National Socialist Health Care Perversion/Obummercare/PPACA
HR121Gingreyfunds remaining in congress-critters' representational allowances must be returned to US treasury at end of fiscal year to reduce deficit or debt
HR122Gingreylimit the circumstances in which official time may be used by a Federal employee
HR123Gingreymake federal extortion relief permanent and repeal estate extortion
HR124Gingreyprohibit automatic pay raises when government spending exceeds revenues
HR125GingreyTo require Congress to specify the explicit source of authority under the United States Constitution for the enactment of laws, and for other purposes
HR126GingreyTo require BATFE to make video recordings of the examination and testing of firearms and ammunition
HR127Gravesde-fund job-killing national socialist health care perversion/HCERA2010/Obummercare
HR128Gene Green of TXTo direct the Secretary of Labor to revise regulations concerning the recording and reporting of occupational injuries and illnesses
HR129Gene Green of TXrequire the arbitration of initial contract negotiation disputes
HR129Gene Green of TXrequire the arbitration of initial contract negotiation disputes
HR130Gene Green of TXrequire disclosure of employer-owned life insurance coverage for employees
HR132Holtextend R&D tax credit
HR133Holtallow a credit against income tax for equity investments in high technology small business concerns
HR134Holtmake research tax credit permanent
HR135HoltSTEM education tax incentive for teachers
HR140Steve King of IAeliminate the anchor baby loop-hole
HR141Kingrepeal unconstitutional National Socialist Health Care Perversion/PPACA/HCERA/Obummercare
HR143Lattarepeal the estate tax and retain stepped-up basis at death
HR144Daniel Lungren of CArepeal National Socialist Health Care Perversion/PPACA/Obummercare and expansion of information reporting requirements for payments of $600 or more to corporations
HR145Mackrepeal National Socialist Health Care Perversion/PPACA/HCERA/Obummercare
HR146Owensissue "War on Debt" bonds
HR147Paulamend the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act with respect to the importation of prescription drugs and the sale of such drugs through Internet sites
HR148Paulwages earned, and self-employment income derived, by individuals who are not citizens or nationals of the United States shall not be credited for coverage under the old-age, survivors, and disability insurance program
HR149Paulrepeal the 1993 increase in taxes on Socialist Insecurity benefits
HR150Paulrepeal the inclusion in gross income of Socialist Insecurity benefits
HR151Paulprovide greater health care freedom for seniors
HR152Poeutilize the National Guard to provide support for the border control activities of the United States Customs and Border Protection of the DHS
HR153Poeprohibit funding for the EPA to be used to implement or enforce a cap-and-trade program for greenhouse gases
HR154Poedefund National Socialist Health Care Perversion/PPACA/HCERA/Obummercare
HR155Roycenational commission to establish a timely, independent, and fair process for realigning or closing outdated, ineffective, or inefficient Executive agencies
HR156Royceimpose sanctions on individuals who are complicit in human rights abuses committed against nationals of VietNam or their family members
HR160Shuleramend title II of the Socialist Insecurity Act to eliminate the 5-month waiting period for the terminally ill in the disability insurance program
HR161Shulerallow Head Start teachers the same above-the-line deduction for supplies as is allowed to elementary and secondary school teachers
HR165Stearnsauthorize the Secretary of HHS to make grants to non-profit tax-exempt organizations for the purchase of ultrasound equipment to provide free examinations to pregnant women
HR167Stearnsban federal funds for design, renovation, construction, or rental of any headquarters for the United Nations in any location in the United States when not certified by the president
HR168Stearnsimprove the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of veterans with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
HR170Stearnsexclude from gross income certain savings interest amounts received by individuals
HR171Stearnsallow a deduction for amounts paid for health insurance and prescription drug costs of individuals
HR172Stearnsprohibit automatic federal government pay raises when there was a deficit in the previous year
HR174Thompson of MSestablish the Cybersecurity Compliance Division and provide authorities to the Department of Homeland Security to enhance the security and resiliency of the Nation's cyber and physical infrastructure against terrorism and other cyber attacks
HR175Thompson of MSdirect the Administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency to develop lifecycle plans and tracking procedures for housing units
HR176Thompson of MSenhance homeland security, including domestic preparedness and collective response to terrorism, by improving the Federal Protective Service
HR177Thornberryrepeal the Federal estate and gift taxes
HR178Wilsonrepeal the requirement for reduction of survivor annuities under the Survivor Benefit Plan for military surviving spouses
HR179Wilsoneliminate the requirement that certain former members of the reserve components of the Armed Forces be at least 60 years of age in order to be eligible to receive health care benefits
HR180Wilsonamend the National Guard Youth Challenge Program under title 32, United States Code, to exclude non-defense funds made available by other Federal agencies for the Program from the matching requirements of the Program
HR181Wilsonensure reserve receive forces credit for active duty
HR182Wilsonestablish a National Commission on American Recovery and Reinvestment
HR183Wilsondirect the Secretary of Veterans Affairs to carry out a study on the acquisition of land adjacent to Beaufort National Cemetery, Beaufort, SC; just buy it, FCOL!
HR184Wilsonguarantee expansion of adoption tax relief
HR185Wilsonpermanently reduce individual income tax rates
HR186Wilsonexpand the eligibility for concurrent receipt of military retired pay and veterans' disability compensation
HR187Wilsoneliminate automatic pay raises for congress
HR188Woodalllimit the total discretionary appropriations for fiscal year 2011
HR189Woodallrepeal TARP (with a few exceptions), and prohibit future bail-outs
HR191Woolseyexpand National Socialist Health Care Perversion/Obummercare/PPACA with government mandate
HR196Loretta Sanchez of CAstalking
HR197Akincourt jurisdiction in takings in MO
HR198Grimmpilot program on dog training therapy for veterans
HR199Capitosuspend EPA action on CO2 and CH4
HR200BacaTo amend section 12 of the unconstitutional United States Housing Act of 1937 to treat income changes resulting from welfare program requirements for families residing in housing receiving project-based subsidies under section 8 of such Act similarly to such changes for families residing in public housing or receiving tenant-based assistance under such section
HR202GalleglyTo amend the Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act of 2000 to extend and increase the authority for the ombudsman under the Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program
HR204Giffords5% reduction in the rates of basic pay for congress
HR205Heinrichallow Indian tribes to enter into certain leases without prior express approval from the Secretary of the Interior
HR206Neugebauerblock federal extortion increases
HR207Petrischools and local educational agencies participating in the school lunch program are authorized to donate excess food to local food banks or charitable organizations
HR208Rooneyauthorize the reimbursement of mental health counselors under TRICARE
HR216Loretta Sanchez of CArequire rules WRT border inspections of electronic devices
HR217Penceprohibit family planning grants from being awarded to any entity that performs abortions
HR218Bacaamnesty for illegal alien grads of US high schools
HR219Paulrequire the Socialist Insecurity Managing Trustee to invest the annual surplus of such trust funds in marketable interest-bearing obligations of the United States and certificates of deposit in depository institutions insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, and to protect such trust funds from the public debt limit
HR220PaulIdentity Theft Prevention Act of 2011
HR221Jackson Lee of TXcreating yet another spurious "hate crime" when social shunning is sufficient
HR222Jackson Lee of TXrequire hospitals reimbursed under the Medicare system to establish and implement security procedures to reduce the likelihood of infant patient abduction and baby switching, as though they weren't already
HR223Jackson Lee of TXeven earlier release of non-violent prisoners
HR224Jackson Lee of TXcreating yet another spurious "hate crime" when social shunning is sufficient
HR225Jackson Lee of TXlimit federal funds for chemical facility security plans
HR226Jackson Lee of TXadd whistle-blower protection
HR227Jackson Lee of TXadd to unconstitutional 2nd amendment violations
HR228Jackson Lee of TXreporting requirements for traffic stops near borders
HR229Jackson Lee of TXvehicle inspections mandates on states
HR230Jackson Lee of TXunconstitutional loan guarantees for ceullosic ethanol
HR231Jackson Lee of TXevidence standards for drug convictions
HR232Jackson Lee of TXunconstitutional congressional interference in conduct of war
HR233Jackson Lee of TXmake it more difficult to evict people from unconstitutional federal government housing
HR234Blackburnallow better investment of any unconstitutional Socialist Insecurity funds
HR235Brady of TXnibbling around the edges of federal over-spending
HR236Buchananprohibit automatic pay raises when government spending exceeds revenues
HR237Connolly of VAlet secretary of defense set start dates for relocation assistance related to congress-created mortgage crisis
HR238Emersondinking with unconstitutional Medicare WRT veterans
HR239Emersonmore rearranging the deck chairs WRT unconstitional Socialist Insecurity abomination
HR240Filnerrequire favoring veterans when letting contracts
HR242Hergerclarify unconstitutional limits on liberty in unconstitutionally held lands
HR243Lattaridiculously low limit on patent suits
HR244Lattaprohibit the use of certain stimulus and disaster relief funds for business relocation incentives
HR245Penceremove mandate on Federal Reserve to consider employment effects
HR246Plattsrepeal unconstitutional automatic pay raises for congress-critters
HR247Ryan of OHretain name Mount McKinley
HR248Serranoinvestigate whether working with depleted uranium munitions has had negative effects
HR249Serranopermit congress-critters to adminiser oath/affirmation of allegiance to applicants for naturalization
HR250Serranoencourage creation of more anchor babies
HR251Serranostudy more unconstitutional federal land acquisition and abuse
HR252Serranorequire an annual report on Federal funds distributed by Federal agencies through grant programs, formula programs, or otherwise
HR253Serranomore unconstitutional "clean air" meddling
HR254Serranolabel foods produced on land on which sewage sludge was applied
HR255Serranomake nice with raving socialist dictators of Cuba
HR256Serranomake nice with raving socialist dictators of Cuba, WRT baseball
HR257Serranoallow tax-victims to designate funds extorted to US library trust fund
HR258Wittmanrequire Chesapeake Bay environmntal remediation budget and management plan
HR260Siresto enhance employer involvement in transportation regimentation planning
HR261Palloneunconstitutionally block petroleum exploration
HR262Scalisefunds remaining in congress-critters' representational allowances must be returned to US treasury at end of fiscal year to reduce deficit or debt
HR263Ackermanto restrict the ability of a person whose Federal license to import, manufacture, or deal in firearms has been revoked, whose application to renew such a license has been denied, or who has received a license revocation or renewal denial notice, to transfer business inventory firearms
HR264Thompson of CAunconstitutionally block petroleum exploration
HR265Nortonmake DC a state
HR266Nortontreat DC as a state
HR267Nortontreat DC as a state
HR268Capuanoworsen the unconstitutional restrictions on campaign donations
HR269Capuanoamend the Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971 to prohibit the conversion of leadership PAC funds to personal use
HR270Coffman of COtrim federal pay
HR271Fortenberryunconstitutional USDA loans
HR272Fortenberryexempt books and paper from lead limits
HR273Fortenberryprohibit regulatory limits on CH4 and CO2 from cattle
HR276Fortenberryexpand boundaries of unconstitutionally federal-controlled land
HR277Fortenberrytransfers of unconstitutional educational assistance funds
HR278Fortenberryexception to the reduction of renewable energy credit
HR279Fortenberryextortion exempt qualified small issue bonds to finance agricultural processing property
HR280Galleglyenforce restrictions on employment in the United States of illegal aliens
HR282Galleglyenforce restrictions on employment in the United States of illegal aliens
HR283Al Green of TXcalculate minimum wage from poverty level
HR284Al Green of TXunconstitutional control of housing
HR285Al Green of TXto permit nationals of Pakistan to be eligible for temporary protected status
HR286Al Green of TXtraining for dumped NASA employees
HR287Al Green of TXhousing assistance for very-low-income veterans
HR288Hironounconstitutional assistance for partnerships supporting applied sciences in renewable energy
HR289HironoSTEM education tax incentive for teachers
HR290Hunterensure that memorials commemorating the service of the United States Armed Forces may contain religious symbols
HR291Eddie Bernice Johnson of TXexpand do-it-yourself extortion assistance
HR292Lee of NYeliminate the mandatory printing of bills and resolutions for the use of offices of congress-critters
HR293Stearnsexclude executive branch officers and employees from non-recognition rules relating to the sale of property to comply with conflict-of-interest requirements
HR294Stearnscreate a commission to develop an unconstitutional plan for establishing an unconstitutional Museum of Ideas
HR295Young of AKauthorize funds to acquire hydrographic data and provide hydrographic services specific to the Arctic for safe navigation, delineating the United States extended continental shelf, and the monitoring and description of coastal changes
HR297Campfunds remaining in congress-critters' representational allowances must be returned to US treasury at end of fiscal year to reduce deficit or debt
HR299Broun of GArepeal unconstitutional National Socialist Health Care Perversion/PPACA/HCERA/Obummercare
HR300Carson of INunconstitutionally fund centers of excellence to support research, development and planning, implementation, and evaluation of effective programs in financial literacy education for young adults and families ages 15-24 years old
HR302Foxxrequire state approval of national monuments
HR303Bilirakisrestore eligibility for both disability and retirement pay for veterans
HR307Kapturrequire persons who seek to retain seed harvested from the planting of patented seeds to register with the Secretary of Agriculture and pay fees set by the Secretary for retaining such seed
HR308McCarthy of NYviolate 2nd amendmen by prohibiting the transfer or possession of large capacity ammunition feeding devices
HR309Micacompensation for certain World War II veterans who survived the Bataan Death March and were held as prisoners of war by the Japanese
HR310Myrickdeny federal funds to post-secondary educational institutions that admit illegal aliens
HR311Myrickrequire that the commissioner of the Socialist Insecurity abomination notify individuals of improper use of their Socialist Insecurity numbers (SINs)
HR312Myrickprocedures for the issuance by the commissioner of the Socialist Insecurity abomination of "no match" letters to employers, and for the notification of the Secretary of Homeland Security regarding such letters
HR313Smith of TXcross-border drug trafficking participants and conspirators may be criminally prosecuted in the USA
HR314Thornberryunconstitutional grants to States for health care tribunals
HR315Thornberryunconstitutional meddling in health care
HR317Bacatax credit for fruit and vegetable farmers
HR319Braley of IAlet veterans take Veterans Day off from work
HR320CalvertDistinguished Flying Cross Memorial
HR321CohenProhibit use of credit checks for making hiring decisions
HR322Conyersrequire announcement of product danger within 15 days
HR323Conyersestablish corporate crime data-base and web site
HR324Filnerauthorize DoD police to carry firearms, make arrests, etc.
HR325Filnerdelay certain ill effects of the "Clean Air" act
HR326Filnersection 8 for mobile homes
HR327Filnerexpand definition of "law enforcement officer"
HR328Filnerunconstitutional federal meddling in local transportation issues
HR329Filnerrequire chiropractic care to veterans
HR330Filner1st time home-buyer credit
HR331Filner1 time increase in tax credit from sale of principal residence
HR332Filnervictimize DoD (along with everyone else) with ecofascism
HR333Bishop of GAallow partially disable veterans to receive both disability and retirement pay
HR334Forbesprohibit IRS from hiring/transferring personnel to enforce unconstitutional National Socialist Health Care Perversion/Obummercare/PPACA/HCERA
HR335Griffith of VAcut congress-critter pay by 10%
HR336Hincheylimit interest rates
HR337Hunteramend "Don't Ask Don't Tell" Repeal act
HR338Israelrequire info on how to use dosage delivery devices with OTC medicines
HR339Jenkinsautomate over-spending
HR340Eddie Bernice Johnson of TXMedicaid for mental disease
HR341Eddie Bernice Johnson of TXTransportation Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act
HR342Eddie Bernice Johnson of TXexpand unconstitutional National Socialist Health Care Perversion/Obummercare and Medicare and Medicaid
HR343Mathesonrepeal unconstitutional automatic pay increases for congress-critters and other federal officials
HR344Neugebauerremove the power of Federal reserve banks to buy and sell municipal securities
HR345NortonDC "home rule"
HR346Pearcehealth care insurance in interstate commerce
HR347Rooneytrespassing and blocking access to restricted access federal property
HR348Sensenbrennerstop federal highway admin mandate for road signs to have initial capital letter followed by lower-case for each word
HR349Sensenbrennerprohibit IRS use of money from certain fees
HR350Serranoextend unconstitutional federal food activities
HR351SerranoMedicaid for illegal aliens, including anchor babies
HR352Serranopermit congress-critters to donate used computer equipment to public elementary and secondary schools
HR353Serranounconstitutional federal government meddling in glaucoma testing
HR354Filneramnesty to a particular illegal alien
HR355Filneramnesty to a particular illegal alien
HR356Filneramnesty to a particular illegal alien
HR357Lipinskiamnesty to a particular illegal alien
HR358Pittsamend unconstitutional National Socialist Health Care Perversion/Obummercare/PPACA to prohibit subsidizing abortion training or abortions
HR359Coleend tax-victim financing of presidential election campaigns and party conventions
HR360Burgessrequire president, VP, congress-critters and their staffers, and political appointees to be sucked into the unconstitutional National Socialist Health Care Perversion/Obummercare/PPACA provisions
HR361Flemingprohibit discrimination against those who refuse to be trained to abort, to abort, etc.
HR362Cardozaprohibit foreclosures and continue the unconstitutional quangos Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae
HR363Lathamreplace unconstitutional National Socialist Health Care Perversion/Obummercare/PPACA with other unconstitutional interventions in health care
HR365Grimmunconstitutional meddling in local matters WRT police
HR366Gravesunconstitutional meddling in small business
HR367Richardsonviolate the 2nd amendment
HR368Johnson of GAinsane unconstitutional "official immunity"
HR369Austriatax deduction for health insurance costs
HR370Bacaspecific prohibition on "affinity scam" frauds which should already be covered under blanket prohibition of fraud
HR371Blackburnreplace unconstitutional National Socialist Health Care Perversion/Obummercare/PPACA with regulation of health care insurance offered in interstate commerce
HR372Buchananroundabout prohibition on all petroleum exploration on outer continental shelf
HR373Foxxamend Unfunded Mandates Reform act, to require reporting
HR374Hunterequal protection under the 14th article of amendment to the Constitution for the right to life of each born and preborn human person
HR375Kildeelimit federal government purchases from Red China to reciprocity level
HR376King of NYconvoluted tax break related to volunteer emergency workers
HR377Lee of CAgive unconstitutional food stamp eligibility to ex-offenders
HR378Lee of CAdrug counseling in public housing
HR379Lee of CAunconstitutional federal housing assistance for teachers and police
HR380Lee of CAunconstitutionally subsidize socialist Cuba
HR381Lee of CAunconstitutional federal meddling/subsidies in local police
HR382Lee of CAlimit employer deductibility of pay to highest paid employees, with reporting requirements
HR383Lee of CAunconstitutional federal meddling in health care issues
HR384Lee of CAstamp to commemorate Peace Corpse
HR385Lee of CAcreate bureaucracy in CBO to evaluate impact on poverty of appropriations over $10M
HR386Daniel E. Lungren of CApenalties for aiming lasers at airplanes
HR387Petriexclude reimbursements for costs of using passenger automobiles for charitable and other organizations from gross income
HR388Rooneytry terrorists by military commission
HR389Schocklimit porkulus spending
HR390Thompson of CAexclude from the gross estate for certain farmlands and lands subject to qualified conservation easements
HR391Hincheyamnesty to a particular illegal alien
HR392Lee of CAamnesty to a particular illegal alien
HR393Roybal-Allardamnesty to particular illegal aliens
HR394Smith of TXroundabout amnesty for illegal aliens; "citizenship of corporations and insurance companies with foreign contacts"
HR395McNerneyextend the pilot program for alternative water source projects
HR396Sessionsdivert DoD and VA funds to treatment of traumatic brain injury and PTSD
HR397Hergersubstitute unconstitutional National Socialist Health Care Perversion/Obummercare/PPACA/HCERA
HR398Zoe Lofgren of CAamnesty/green cards for illegal aliens in the US armed forces
HR399Jeff Flake of AZgive every foreigner with a STEM PhD a green card... and exempt them from H-1B visa limits
HR400Bacawarning labels on video games with violent content
HR401Carson of INaward gold medal to Cassius Marcellus Clay/Muhammad Ali
HR402de Laurounconstitutional national infrastructure development bank
HR403Filneruse human-based training for treatment of combat injuries
HR404Fortenberryrenewable fuel mandates and subsidies and tax breaks
HR405Graves of MOunconstitutional federal meddling in airport planning
HR406Jonesunconstitutional federal micromanagement in campaign finances
HR407Jonestracking of congressional junkets in conjunction with DoD
HR408Jordantracking of congressional junkets in conjunction with DoD
HR409Rogers of ALchiropractic coverage for military personnel under TRICARE
HR410Linda T. Sanchez of CAremuneration to states for costs of detaining illegal aliens charged with at least one felony or at least 2 misdemeanors
HR411Plattsamnesty for a batch of illegal aliens who were being smuggled aboard the Golden Venture
HR412Rehbergcounterand CPSC restriction on off-roading by minors
HR413Starkcut DoD budget
HR414Pricegovernment funding of presidential election campaigns
HR415Cohenunconstitutional federal funding of "restorative justice and conflict resolution" propaganda
HR416Schakowskyunconstitutional federal controls on health insurance premiums
HR417Owensrepeal unconstitutional National Socialist Health Care Perversion/Obummercare/PPACA and create 5.4% surtax on millionaires and other micro-management
HR419Cooperpublic participation in gerrymandering
HR420Rehbergunconstitutional firearms registration
HR421McClintockwhen deb limit is reached, publicly held debt gets priority for repayment
HR422Bacaunconstitutionally require physical education in local schools
HR423Bacaviolate privacy of the citizenry while protecting that of the corrupt congress-critters, and allowing them to declare eligibility without providing proof of residency
HR424Burgessprohibit increasing percentages of ethanol in gasoline blends
HR425Doldstop dumping of sewage into Great Lakes
HR426Flakerepeal incentives and subsidies for "renewable fuels"
HR427Hellerdepreciate costs of computer-based gambling machines over 5 years
HR428Hellerrepeal excise tax on telecomm
HR429Issachange parts of unconstitutional National Socialist Health Care Perversion/Obummercare/PPACA/HCERA
HR430Jordanterminate the Home Affordable Modification Program of the Department of the Treasury
HR431Lattaeliminate automatic pay raises for congress-critters
HR432Markeyban use of bis-phenol A in food containers
HR433Matsuipork for California water projects
HR434McMorris Rodgersprohibit Secretary of the Treasury from hiring personnel to enforce unconstitutional National Socialist Health Care Perversion/Obummercare/PPACA/HCERA
HR435Miller of MIterminate unconstitutional federal flood insurance
HR436Paulsenrepeal excise tax on medical devices
HR438Weinerchanges to unconstitutional "Energy Star" program
HR439Welchaccelerate unconstitutional National Socialist Health Care Perversion/Obummercare/PPACA/HCERA
HR440Wolfestablishment of the Special Envoy to Promote Religious Freedom of Religious Minorities in the Near East and South Central Asia
HR441Youngunconstitutional meddling in hydro-power projects
HR442Youngstop crushing small miners
HR444Youngtransfer property to Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium
HR445Young of FLmake deductibility of state and local sales extortion
HR446Degetteamnesty for specific illegal aliens
HR447Hironochanges to unconstitutional Small Business Innovation Research Program
HR448Hironochanges to unconstitutional Small Business Innovation Research Program
HR449Hironochanges to unconstitutional Small Business Technology Transfer Program
HR450Reichertrepeal limits on certain benefits under unconstitutional National Socialist Health Care Perversion/Obummercare/PPACA/HCERA
HR451Sullivantruth in advertising
HR452Roe of TNrepeal Independent Payment Advisory Board from unconstitutional National Socialist Health Care Perversion/Obummercare/PPACA/HCERA
HR455Colerecognizing standing for State government officials to challenge proposed regulations
HR456Gonzalezestablish a Consumer Price Index for Elderly Consumers
HR458Slaughterunconstitutional federal meddling in local school athletics
HR459Paulrequire Federal Reserve Transparency
HR460Chaffetzunconstitutional federal meddling in hydro-electric projects
HR461Chaffetzconvey parts of electricity distribution system to South Utah Valley Electric Service District
HR462Goodlattedeclaration of intention to change income extortion system
HR463Chaffetzrequire Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to open records to public
HR464Chaffetzprohibit unconstitutional US government funding of International Fund for Ireland
HR465Alexanderpilot project to train veterans to purchase franchise
HR467Berkleymake spouse's travel expenses tax deductible
HR468Berkleyrestore portion of business meals and entertainment which is deductible
HR469Bishop of NYfederal meddling in local issue of student athlete concussion risks
HR470HeckHoover dam power distribution
HR471Boehnerscholarships for low-income residents of DC
HR472Borenunconstitutional aid for local schools
HR473Borensale of land in OK to Boy Scouts
HR474Borenprohibit the importation for sale of foreign-made flags of the United States of America
HR475Borenput property in McIntosh county OK into trust for Muscogee Creek Amerindians
HR476Brady of TXmake deduction of state and local income sales taxes permanent
HR477Braley of IAextend the exemption from employer Socialist Insecurity taxes with respect to previously unemployed individuals, and to extend the credit for the retention of such individuals
HR478Buchananrequire that all surviving foreign terrorists with links to terrorist networks who attack the United States or its Government be considered enemy combatants to be tried by military tribunals instead of civilian courts
HR480Castor of FLunconstitutional establish programs to aid in the economic, environmental, and public health recovery of the Gulf States from the damage and harm caused by the blowout of the mobile offshore drilling unit Deepwater Horizon and the resulting degradation of the Gulf over time
HR481Connolly of VAextortion credit for contribution of land to "national scenic trails"
HR482Cooperunconstitutional federal meddling in energy usage
HR483deFaziounconstitutional draconian federal employment eligibility verification data-base
HR484Deutchexclude corporations from the Privacy Act of 1974
HR485Franks of AZfederal tax credit which is dependent on enactment of State qualified scholarship tax credits and which is allowed against the federal income tax for charitable contributions to education investment organizations
HR486GaramendiSacramento-San Joaquin delata national heritage area
HR487Garamendi100% domestic content in green technologies purchased by federal agencies or by States with federal funds and in property eligible for the renewable energy production or investment tax credits
HR488Gerlachrepeal excise tax on medical devices
HR492Holtrequire responsible parties to pay the full costs of off-shore oil spills
HR493Jonesforgiveness of some over-payments of retirement pay of deceased veterans
HR494Kapturcivilian conservation corpse
HR495King of NYimmunity for reports of suspected terrorist activity and "suspicious" activity
HR496King of NYviolation of 2nd amendment
HR498Lattapermit law enforcement officers to be candidates for sheriff
HR499Lattaincrease the standard charitable mileage rate for delivery of meals to elderly, disabled, frail and at risk individuals
HR500Levinmore tax credits for electric car manufacturers
HR501Markeyimplement recommendations of BP oil spill commission
HR502Matsuicreate Clean Energy Technology Manufacturing and Export Assistance Fund to assist United States businesses with exporting clean energy technology products and services
HR503George Miller of CAwhistleblower protections to certain workers in the offshore oil and gas industry
HR504Myrickimmunity from civil liability to first responders engaged in lawful efforts to prevent acts of terrorism
HR505Nadler2nd amendment violation
HR506NortonDC legislative autonomy
HR507Petriunconstitutionally better measure student achievement and provide states with greater flexibility on assessment design
HR508Poseypreserve over-breeding tax credit
HR509Rehberggray wolf (canis lupus) not an "endangered species"
HR510Rehberggray wolf (canis lupus) not an "endangered species"
HR511Rooneyprohibit importation of constrictor snakes
HR512Sablangive fellowships to students in American Samoa, Northern Mariana Islands, Guam, and USVI for political activities
HR513Schockprohibit funds to be used to transfer prisoners from Club Gitmo to the USA
HR514SensenbrennerFISA Sunsets Extension Act
HR515Smith of NJto encourage liberty, democracy, respect for individual rights in Belarus
HR516Wolfestablish a strategy to encourage manufacturing in the United States and for the repatriation of manufacturing jobs off-shored to other countries
HR517Young of AKrestrict EPA
HR518Young of AKcharitable contributions of food to Amerindians
HR519Ros-LehtinenTo secure the return to the United States the $179M over-paid into the United Nations (UN) Tax Equalization Fund as of 2009 December 31
HR520Young of AKrequire labeling of genetically-engineered fish
HR521Young of AKban genetically-engineered fish
HR522George Miller of CAregulation of combustible dust in the work-place (though this really should be a state matter, not federal)
HR523GonzalezUS government liability for mandated use of ethanol in fuel
HR524Quaylerepeal unconstitutional National Socialist Health Care Perversion/Obummercare/PPACA limits and increased taxes on distributions from MSAs, HSAs, medical-related tax-preferred accounts
HR525Baldwinveterinary public health
HR526Calvertadded tariffs to fund US government transportation projects including "National Trade Gateway Corridor"
HR527Smith of TXregulation and small businesses
HR528Johnson of GAreport on parasitic diseases among poor people
HR529Jenkinstech in college savings accounts
HR530Bacafood stamps to subsidize strikers
HR531Braley of IAstudent loan pay-back for service in a "front-line care scarcity area"
HR532Burgessrepeal specific porkulus bill limits on Texas
HR533Calverttransfer agricultural experiment and conservation land in Riverside to local conservation district
HR534Capitoname post office in Martinsburg, WV for Willard Craig Broadwater
HR535Carson of INmilitary discharge counseling
HR536Coleunconstitutional National Socialist health care for Amerindians
HR537Connolly of VAunconstitutional federal micro-management related to Medicare and Medicaid
HR538Cuellar"customer" service; "The term 'customer', with respect to a Federal agency, means any individual or entity, including a business, State or local government, other Federal agency, or Congress, to which the agency provides services or information."
HR539Deutchmonkeying with price indexing of unconstitutional Socialist Insecurity benefits
HR541Filnermake "permanent" re-imbursements for emergency services for illegal aliens
HR542Filnereliminate the learned intermediary defense to tort claims based on product liability
HR543Filnertax exemption of land used by DHS as part of port facility
HR544Filnerextend protections of soldiers from foreclosures
HR545Filnerre-imburse volunteers for funeral services for veterans
HR546Forbesmake "Honor and Remember Flag" official
HR547Garrettrepeal the alternative minimum tax on individuals
HR548Gingrey of GArepeal a mediation board rule regarding union election procedures
HR549Graves of MOFAA should use threats and intimidation to reduce lead in aviation fuel used in piston engines
HR550Hinojosaunconstitutional pork for towns in lower Rio Grande river valley
HR551Eddie Bernice Johnson of TXpermit states to contribute funds to the feral federal government or to Amerindians, as though they did not already have that power
HR552Eddie Bernice Johnson of TXunconstitutional federal meddling in mental health
HR553Markeyunconstitutional federal meddling in testing of water for endocrine disruptors
HR554McCotterwithdraw normal trade relations treatment from the products of foreign countries that do not maintain acceptable standards of religious freedom and "worker rights"
HR555Kucinichunconstitutional federal meddling in local kinder-gartens, and requiring provision of kinder-garten for 3, 4 and 5 year olds
HR556McCotterrepeal and defund portions of unconstitutional National Socialist Health Care Perversion/Obummercare/PPACA
HR557Neugebauermove the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection into the Department of the Treasury
HR559Richmondextension of the placed in service date for the low-income housing credit rules applicable to the GO Zone
HR560Waldenensure proportional representation of rural interests on the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission and the Medicaid and CHIP Payment and Access Commission, and to provide for greater transparency in proceedings of those Commissions, i.e. tweaking the unconstitutional Medicare and Medicaid abominations
HR561Welchextend the work opportunity tax credit with respect to veterans
HR562Young of AKpipe-line construction training program
HR563Young of AKauthorize certain vessels to engage in coastwise trade in the carriage of natural gas
HR564Schakowskyamnesty for illegal alien
HR565Schakowskyamnesty for illegal alien
HR566Bono MackTo close the National Drug Intelligence Center
HR567Nunesunconstitutional act to require states to report concerning state and local government employee retirement pension plans
HR568Hellergive priority to payment of all obligations on the debt held by the public and payment of Socialist Insecurity benefits in the event that the debt limit is reached
HR569Lankfordend unemployment payments to jobless millionaires
HR570Burgess of TXenhance the roles of dentists and allied dental personnel in the Nation's disaster response framework
HR571Hironoheightened review process by the Secretary of Labor of State occupational safety and health plans
HR572Nadlerheightened review process by the Secretary of Labor of State occupational safety and health plans
HR573Suttonextend the period of time during which claims for retroactive stop-loss special pay may be submitted
HR574Young of AKblock commercial finfish aquaculture operations in the Exclusive Economic Zone
HR575Pearcecontracts with community health care providers to improve access to health care for veterans in highly rural areas
HR576Baca50 hours of school nutrition education per school year
HR577Chandlerdiscourage abuse and exploitation of older individuals
HR578Chandlersex offenders and sexually violent predators are not eligible for parole
HR579Christensenenergy needs commission
HR580ChristensenCastle Nugent National Historic Site at St. Croix, United States Virgin Islands
HR581Christensenconvey "submerged lands" to government of Virgin Islands
HR582Christensenextend the supplemental security income benefits program to Guam and the United States Virgin Islands
HR583Cohenstrengthen enforcement of spousal court-ordered property distributions
HR584Courtneyrepeal the information reporting requirements of the unconstitutional National Socialist Health Care Perversion/Obummercare/PPACA
HR585Graves of MOset small business concern size standards for Advocacy of the SBA
HR587Grijalvapublic lands service corpse
HR589Lee of CAadditional weeks of first-tier emergency unemployment compensation
HR590Lofgrenmandate gerrymandering to favor radical leftist candidates
HR591McCarthyrequire criminal background checks on all firearms transactions occurring at gun shows
HR592Nadlerclarify restriction relating to protective orders, sealing of cases, disclosures of discovery information in civil actions
HR593Olsonrequire States to report information on Medicaid payments to abortion providers
HR594Pallonepork for coastal areas
HR595Reeddesignate the musical piece commonly known as "Taps" as the National Song of Remembrance
HR596Rogers of MIpermit certain revenues of private providers of public transportation by vanpool received from providing public transportation to be used for the purpose of acquiring rolling stock, and to permit certain expenditures of private vanpool contractors to be credited toward the local matching share of the costs of public transportation projects
HR597Rohrabachercongress-critters for DC
HR598Thompson of MSeliminate the preferences and special rules for Alaska Native Corporations under the program under section 8(a) of the Small Business Act (it would be better to eliminate the SBA)
HR599Woodalleliminate and rescind funding of ARRA, a.k.a. the Porkulus bill
HR600Gene Green of TXamnesty for particular illegal aliens
HR601Blumenauerrepeal fossil fuel subsidies for large oil companies
HR602Harperamend Individuals with Disabilities Education Act
HR603Harperamend the Developmental Disabilities Assistance and Bill of Rights Act
HR604Harperamend the Rehabilitation Act of 1973
HR605Paulsenamend unconstitutional National Socialist Health Care Perversion/Obummercare/PPACA/HCERA to repeal limitations on health care tax benefits
HR606SchockFederal Program Sunset Commission Act
HR607Kingmore communications spectrum set aside for government
HR608Reihertexpand the Alpine Lakes Wilderness in the State of Washington, to designate the Middle Fork Snoqualmie River and Pratt River as wild and scenic rivers
HR609Hannareduce the corporate income tax rate
HR610Burgessauthorize the issuance of United States bonds to fund Alzheimer's research
HR611Rushfoster transparency about the commercial use of personal information, provide consumers with meaningful choice about the collection, use, and disclosure of such information (feeble)
HR612Garamendiamend the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act to permanently prohibit the conduct of offshore drilling on the outer Continental Shelf off the coast of California, Oregon, and Washington
HR613Garamendistrengthen Buy America requirements applicable to airports, highways, high-speed rail, trains, and transit
HR614Mooreunconstitutional educational assistance to adult children of veterans
HR615Lummisallow import of limited kinds of curio firearms
HR616Maloneypaid parental leave for over-paid federal bureaubums
HR617Mathesonban importation of low-level radioactive materials
HR618Boswellrare earth materials sufficient to satisfy the national security, economic well-being, and industrial production needs of the United States
HR619Boswellrescind microscopic amounts for certain surface transportation programs
HR620Duffyrescind "unobligated" porkulus funds
HR621Coffmande-authorize selective slavery and registration... except in an "emergency" declared unilaterally by the president
HR622Campextension of trade preferences to Andean countries
HR623BacaNational Commission on State Workers' Compensation
HR624CarneyFirst State National Historical Park in Delaware
HR625Carterbenefits for Fort Hood victims and families
HR626Cleaverunconstitutional federal grants for "financial literacy"
HR627Cleaverrequire "energy audits" of homes purchased through unconstitutional federal programs
HR628Cleaverunconstitutional illfare
HR629Cleavermodify the private activity bond rules to except certain uses of intellectual property from the definition of private business use
HR630Critzwaive the annuity buy-back requirement under the Federal Employees Retirement Service with respect to certain law enforcement officers involuntarily called or retained on active duty
HR631Edwardsbase minimum wage for tipped workers
HR632Flakepermit a State to elect to receive the State's extortions to the Highway Trust Fund in lieu of its Federal-aid Highway program apportionment for the next fiscal year
HR633Flakekeep unused pork available for 9 years after the year for which it was appropriated
HR634Flakeallow individuals to designate that up to 10% of income extortion demands by the feral federal government to be used to reduce the national debt, and to require spending reductions equal to the amounts so designated
HR635Forbesin gov't contracts, refer to parents as "mother" and/or "father" rather than, e.g. "parent1" and "parent2"
HR636Grangerrepeal unconstitutional National Socialist Health Care Perversion/PPACA/HCERA/Obummercare while maintaining unconstitutional federal micro-management of personal, private decisions
HR637Huntermassive privacy violations for military recruiters
HR638Johnson of ILlimit congressional foreign junkets
HR639Levincountervailing duties may be imposed to address subsidies relating to a fundamentally undervalued currency of any foreign country
HR640Matsuicreate National Acquired Bone Marrow Failure Disease Registry, and authorize research on acquired bone marrow failure diseases
HR641Nortondesignate DC district attorney
HR642Penceban restoration of so-called "Fairness Doctrine"
HR644Rahallenhance the roles and responsibilities of the Chief of the National Guard Bureau
HR645Rossreduce but maintain government violations of 2nd amendment in DC
HR646Serranomore federal meddling in local educational matters
HR647Simpsonland exchange
HR648Terryallow military personnel not in uniform to salute while pledging allegiance
HR649Welchreduce defense exchange stores system
HR650Welchextend waiver of interest payments on advances made to States from the federal unemployment account in the Unemployment Trust Fund
HR651Woolseyrequire USA-Afghanistan Status of Forces Agreement
HR652Young of AKlimit the increase of premiums, deductibles, copayments, or other charges for health care provided under the TRICARE program
HR653Speieramend the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act to change regulations dealing with the disclosure by financial institutions of nonpublic personal information
HR654Speierdirect the Federal Trade Commission to prescribe regulations regarding the collection and use of information obtained by tracking the Internet activity of an individual
HR655MaloneySusan Brownell Anthony day
HR656Rushincrease trade with Africa (should have representative from US DoLabor)
HR657Lummisreduce number of civil service positions within the executive branch
HR658MicaFAA changes and expropriations
HR659Broun of GAwaive the 10% penalty with respect to early retirement distributions for certain unemployed individuals
HR660Paul C. Broun of GAindividual and corporate income tax relief and to extend 100% bonus depreciation
HR661Foxxallow roll-overs from other retirement plans into simple retirement accounts
HR662Micasurface transportation extension
HR663Brady of TXdelay all of the unconstitutional National Socialist Health Care Perversion/PPACA/HCERA/Obummercare until the supremes have had a chance to declare individual mandate unconstitutional
HR664Gene Green of TXauthorize appointment of Doctors of Chiropractic to regular and reserve corps of the Public Health Service Commissioned Corps
HR665Chaffetzexpedited disposal of federal real property
HR666Cohencollect statistics on the most recent versions of the Standard Certificates of Live Birth and Death and the Standard Report of Fetal Death
HR667Linda T. Sanchez of CAmore unconstitutional federal meddling in local education matters
HR668Franks of AZbureaubums approach to defense against EMP
HR669Gene Green of TXextend 12 months of unconstitutional Medicaid coverage to children
HR670Sablantransfer control of "submerged lands" to Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands
HR671Gene Green of TXmore unconstitutional federal meddling into personal health care
HR672Harperterminate the Election Assistance Commission
HR674Hergerrepeal the imposition of 3 percent withholding on certain payments made to vendors by government entities
HR675Hergerexpand the permissive exclusion from participation in Federal health care programs to individuals and entities affiliated with politicially favored entities
HR676John Conyersexpand unconstitutional Medicare
HR677Holtamend the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 to require report of lifetime income
HR678Kisselltreatment of dividends paid on TARP and Porkulus
HR679KissellDHS "buy American" textiles provisions
HR680Luetkemeyerprohibit United States contributions to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
HR681Miller of MIdelay EPA micro-management of the dairy industry to prevent oil spills
HR682Sensenbrennerincrease the contribution limits to dependent care flexible spending accounts and to provide for a carryover of unused dependent care benefits
HR683Townsauthorize the Secretary of Labor to provide grants to the National Urban League for an Urban Jobs Program which will not increase employment
HR684Hironosubsidies to bio-diesel
HR685Jackson Lee of TXcriminalize the unauthorized recording and distribution of security screening images of individuals
HR686Bishop of UTtransfer land in Camp Williams to the UT National Guard
HR687Cartersubsidize employment of spouses of military personnel
HR688Cummingsguarantee performance bonds of small contractors
HR689Edwardsmake permanent the tax credit for increasing research activities, to increase such credit for amounts paid or incurred for qualified research occurring in the United States, and to increase the domestic production activities deduction for the manufacture of property substantially all of the research and development of which occurred in the United States
HR690Micatransfer administrative jurisdiction, custody, and control of the building located at 600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC, to the National Gallery of Art
HR691Gingreyprohibit issuance of residential mortgages to any individual who lacks a Socialist Insecurity Number (SIN)
HR692Gingreymake changes related to family-sponsored immigrants and to reduce the number of such immigrants
HR693Gingreymake the E-Verify Program permanent and mandatory
HR694Kissellextend deduction for certain expenses of elementary and secondary school teachers and to increase the maximum deduction to $500
HR695Marchantcontinue the unconstitutional Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and HUD mortgage programs but require loan recipients to pass an e-Verify check
HR696Pencepermanently repeal the estate tax, and to provide permanent AMT relief
HR698Scott of SCdefund unconstitutional National Socialist Health Care Perversion/PPACA/HCERA/Obummercare
HR699SensenbrennerTibetan refugee assistance
HR700Walbergmoratorium on the issuance of flood insurance rate maps, to assist property owners in adapting to flood insurance rate map changes, even though flood insurance is unconstitutional
HR701Uptonamnesty to a particular illegal alien
HR702Roe of TNensure the counting of any marked absentee ballots of absent overseas uniformed services voters that are collected by the Presidential designee under such Act for delivery to State election officials
HR703King of NYprovide penalties for disclosure of classified information related to certain intelligence activities of the United States
HR704GoodlatteSAFE act to end green card lottery
HR705Camprepeal reporting WRT 1099 for payments made to corporations, payments for property and other gross proceeds, and rental property expense payments
HR706Engelunconstitutional subsidies and loan guarantees to hospitals for energy retrofits
HR708Shusterlimit arsenic and lead in glass beads used for road markings
HR709Albio Sires of NJunconstitutional expansion of the already unconstitutional HUD into recreation facilities andp pograms
HR710Wittmanincome extortion credit for tele-working expenses
HR711Mazie K. Hirono of HIcreate unconstitutional Youth Work Corpse
HR712Capuanorequire air carriers to refund passenger baggage fees if such baggage is lost, delayed, or damaged, and require air carriers and ticket agents to include the actual cost of checked baggage when quoting an airfare
HR713Filnerweaken already feeble rules WRT criminal illegal aliens
HR714Filnerincrease the already vastly excessive immigration from Mexico through waiver/amnesty for illegal aliens
HR715Filneradditional subsidies for the military to police transition program
HR716Filnerunconstitutional fire station grant program in the face of record federal debt
HR717Filnerreimburse local police and ambulance services for emergencies along the borders
HR718Filnerlower requirements to be declared disabled by Huntington's disease
HR719Filneraward one gold medal to recognize all members of the Civil Air Patrol during WW2
HR720Holtcreate special commission to report on alleged anthrax attacks
HR721Jenkinsextend tax credit for short rail lines
HR722Nadlermake pharmaceutical ads non-deductible
HR723Nortonde-authorize part of project to keep Potomac river navigable through Washington, DC
HR724Rothman of NJsubsidies for "advanced" energy projects in the face of vastly excessive federal debt
HR727Sensenbrennerappoint inspector general to audit and investigate judges other than the supremes
HR728Stutzmanpriorities on payment of federal government obligations
HR729Thompson of CAairline passenger "bill of rights"
HR730Filneramnesty to a particular illegal alien
HR731Filneramnesty to a particular illegal alien
HR732Filneramnesty to a particular illegal alien
HR733Eshoounconstitutional expenditures for pancreatic cancer research
HR734Bilbrayrepeal medical device extortion
HR735Sullivanpreserve open competition and federal government neutrality towards the labor relations of federal government contractors on federal and federally funded construction projects
HR736Richardsonfederal bonds to unconstitutionally fund state and local highways, levees and flood control projects
HR737Akinterminate the Paul S. Sarbanes Transit in Parks Program
HR738Bordallofederal meddling regarding coral reefs
HR739Burgessprohibit unconstitutional federal government mandate to install fluorescent mercury vapor lights
HR740Deutchrequire disclosure to the Securities and Exchange Commission of certain sanctionable activities in support of Iran, terrorism and WMDs
HR741Emersonprohibit the marketing of authorized generic drugs
HR743Jenkinswork opportunity credit to small businesses which hire individuals who are members of the Ready Reserve or National Guard (a more general tax credit for hiring US citizens would be better)
HR744Eddie Bernice Johnson of TXestablish the National Commission on Women's Business Ownership
HR745King of IArepeal Davis-Bacon act
HR746Mackrepeal Davis-Bacon act
HR747Schifftweak to federal "infrastructure" bonds
HR748Sensenbrennerprohibit the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency from authorizing the use of gasoline containing greater than 10% ethanol in certain vehicles
HR749Tiberispecial favors for banks, financial firms and such, including foreign firms
HR750Tim Walberg of MIpre-empt some "climate change" nonsense
HR751Grace F. Napolitano of CAunconstitutional intrusion of federal government into education and deportment
HR752Schraderunconstitutional intrusion of federal government into waterways
HR753Lathamsell land to the city of Ames, IA
HR754Mike J. Rogers of MIintelligence authorization
HR755Starkextortion on currency transactions
HR756DeFaziostandards for the maximum number of hours that an operator of a commercial motor vehicle may be reasonably detained by a shipper or receiver
HR757Garrettconfirm that a customer's net equity claim is based on the customer's last statement and that certain recoveries are prohibited, to change how trustees are appointed
HR758Nunesprocedures for designating national monuments
HR759Nunesdevelop a Federal Lands Counter-Drug Strategy
HR760Nunesdesignation of part of San Joaquin Valley as rural for nefarious federal purposes
HR761Nunesunconstitutional federal funding for improvements on California state route 99
HR762Maxine Waters of CA, Barney Frank & Velazquezunconstitutional federal housing
HR764Alexander"fair" treatment of lefees and flood control structures under the ridiculous federal flood "insurance" program
HR765Bishop of UTdinking with the unconstitutional federal forest system and recreation
HR766Bonnerfederal "recognition" of Mowa band of Choctaw
HR767deFazioallow individuals to opt out of unconstitutional National Socialist Health Care Perversion/PPACA/HCERA/Obummercare
HR768Borenprohibit "unauthorized" abuse of names and pictures of military
HR769Cohenrequires reporting of "credit scores" in "free" annual credit reports
HR770Cuellardally with more international commissions instead of actually enforcing border security
HR772deLauromore micro-dinking with income extortion when it should be eliminated
HR773Deutchcreate a separate office in FTC to address fraud against the elderly
HR774Deutchincrease penalties for violations of securities protections that involve targeting seniors
HR775Duncan of TNrequire any organization that is established for the purpose of raising funds for creating, maintaining, expanding, or conducting activities at a Presidential archival depository or any facilities relating to a Presidential archival depository to disclose the sources and amounts of any funds raised
HR776Engelcreate CPI for Elderly Consumers to compute cost-of-living increases for Socialist Insecurity benefits under title II of the Socialist Insecurity Act and to provide, in the case of elderly beneficiaries under such title, for an annual cost-of-living increase which is not less than 3%
HR777Hincheyreduce the extortion rate on distilled spirits of small producers
HR778Ruben Hinojosa of TXmore unconstitutional federal meddling in local education
HR779Kinzinger of ILappoint another commission... anything to avoid actually cutting federal spending
HR780Lee of CApull out from Afghanistan
HR781McCottertax credit for hiring veterans
HR782McCotterstate opt out from unconstitutional National Socialist Health Care Perversion/PPACA/HCERA/Obummercare
HR783James P. Moran of VAfederal "recognition" of Thomasina E. Jordan Indian tribes of Virginia
HR784Nadler of NYunconstitutional federal government dinking in African burial ground international memorial museum
HR785Pearceuncertified States and Indian tribes have the authority to use certain payments for certain non-coal mine site reclamation projects
HR786Rohrabacher of CAexclude from gross income compensation received by employees consisting of qualified distributions of employer stock
HR787Rohrabacher of CAno Socialist Insecurity benefits for illegal aliens and trade or business conducted illegally in the USA
HR788Rothman of NJunconstitutional federal meddling in local matters related to field trips
HR790Tim Ryan of OHunconstitutional federal HUD grants
HR791Loretta Sanchez of CA"flexible spending" for "uniformed services" for purposes of health care and dependent care on a pre-tax basis
HR792Weinerdiscounts ans waivers of tolls
HR794Waxmanamnesty to a particular illegal alien
HR795Smith of NEexempt some small hydro-electric facilities from federal licensing
HR796deFaziomore dinking with Socialist Insecurity funding
HR797deFazioextend Socialist Insecurity Extortion
HR798deFaziocreate CPI for Elderly Consumers to compute cost-of-living increases for Socialist Insecurity and Medicare benefits
HR799Austriastep 1 to designate home of colonel Charles Young in Xenia, OH to the unconstitutional National Park System
HR800Cartermake e-Verify permanent and mandatory
HR801Cravaackincrease maximum weights on inter-state high-ways
HR802Bob Filner of CArecognition of firms which employ veterans (it will be abused to favor some employers of veterans over others)
HR803Bob Filner of CAincrease vocational rehabilitation and employment assistance for veterans
HR804Bob Filner of CAservice in support of Operation New Dawn, Obummer's name for Operation Iraqi Freedom, shall be considered to be a service in a theater of combat operations during a period of war
HR805Bob Filner of CApublicize Injured and Amputee Veterans Bill of Rights within the Dept. of VA
HR806Bob Filner of CAattempt to reduce veteran homelessness
HR807Bob Filner of CAallow collective bargaining of Dept. of Veterans Affairs employees only over basic pay
HR808Dennis J. Kucinich of OHcreate Dept. of Peace and destruction of US sovereignty
HR809Bob Filner of CApublicize Women Veterans Bill of Rights within the Dept. of VA
HR810Bob Filner of CAtiming of review for appeals of final decisions of the Board of Veterans' Appeals
HR811Bob Filner of CAreimburse certain volunteers who provide funeral honors details at the funerals of veterans
HR812Bob Filner of CAclarify presumptions relating to the exposure of certain veterans who served in the vicinity of the Republic of VietNam
HR813Bob Filner of CAreduce the period of time for which a veteran must be totally disabled before the veteran's survivors are eligible for the benefits provided by the Secretary of Veterans Affairs for survivors of certain veterans rated totally disabled at time of death
HR814Bob Filner of CAprovide Medicare payments to Department of Veterans Affairs medical facilities for items and services provided to Medicare-eligible veterans for non-service-connected conditions
HR815Gerlachprovide Medicare payments to Department of Veterans Affairs medical facilities for items and services provided to Medicare-eligible veterans for non-service-connected conditions
HR816Gingrey of GAprevent the unconstitutional PPACA/Obummercare from establishing health care provider standards of care in medical malpractice or medical product liability cases
HR817Hergerrequire congressional approval to establish national monuments
HR818Mathesondirect the Secretary of the Interior to allow for prepayment of repayment contracts between the United States and the Uintah Water Conservancy District
HR819Moranprohibit members of congress and the president from receiving pay during federal government shut-downs
HR820Payneaid and support pediatric involvement in reading and education
HR821Ross of FLrequire zero-based budgeting for departments and agencies of the federal government
HR822Stearnsprovide a national standard in accordance with which non-residents of a state may carry concealed firearms in the state (the US constitution requires non-interference in carry of firearms for the defense of individuals and the state)
HR823Nancy Pelosi of CAamnesty to a particular illegal alien
HR824Charles B. Rangel of NYamnesty to a particular illegal alien
HR825Rahalldirect the Secretary of Transportation to carry out programs and activities to improve highway safety
HR826Carterensure civilian and military law enforcement personnel charged with security functions on military installations will receive Active Shooter Training
HR827Schweikertallow for additional flights beyond the perimeter restriction applicable to Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport
HR828Chaffetzpersons having seriously delinquent tax debts shall be ineligible for Federal employment
HR829Chaffetzprohibit the awarding of a contract or grant in excess of the simplified acquisition threshold unless the prospective contractor or grantee certifies in writing to the agency awarding the contract or grant that the contractor or grantee has no seriously delinquent tax debts
HR830Robert J. Dold of ILrescind the unobligated funding for the FHA Refinance Program and to terminate the program
HR831Schakowskyadd clinical psychologists to Medicare coverage
HR832Cappsassess short-term and long-term direct and indirect impacts on the health of oil spill clean-up workers and vulnerable residents resulting from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill
HR833Conawayremove obstacles to legal sales of United States agricultural commodities to Cuba as authorized by the Trade Sanctions Reform and Export Enhancement Act of 2000
HR834Susan A. Davis of CAallow eligible veterans to use qualified veterans mortgage bonds to refinance home loans
HR835Jim Gerlach of PAamend the Animal Welfare Act to provide further protection for puppies
HR836Jeb Hensarling of TXrescind the unobligated funding for the Emergency Mortgage Relief Program and to terminate the program
HR837Ruben Hinojosa of TXensure that the South Texas Veterans Affairs Health Care Center in Harlingen, Texas, includes a full-service Department of Veterans Affairs inpatient health care facility
HR838John Kline of MNprohibit treatment of gray wolves in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan as endangered species
HR839Patrick T. McHenry of NCamend the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 to terminate the authority of the Secretary of the Treasury to provide new assistance under the Home Affordable Modification Program, while preserving assistance to homeowners who were already extended an offer to participate in the Program, either on a trial or permanent basis
HR840Murphy of PAallow the conduct of off-shore energy exploration, development, and production operations under drilling permits previously issued by the Minerals Management Service
HR841William L. Owens of NYestablish the style for amending laws
HR842Schiffallow curfews at certain airports
HR843Schockdirect the Secretary of Transportation to promulgate a rule to improve the daytime and nighttime visibility of agricultural equipment that may be operated on a public road
HR844Welchallow an earlier start for state health care coverage innovation waivers under unconstitutional National Socialist Health Care Perversion/PPACA/HCERA/Obummercare
HR845Rehbergprohibit the further extension or establishment of national monuments in Montana, except by express authorization of Congress
HR846Labradorprohibit the further extension or establishment of national monuments in ID, except by express authorization of Congress
HR847Jenkinsrequire a provider of a commercial mobile service or an IP-enabled voice service to provide call location information concerning the user of such a service to law enforcement agencies in order to respond to a call for emergency services or in an emergency situation that involves risk of death or serious physical harm
HR848Alexanderrequire the Forest Service to accommodate, to the extent consistent with the management objectives and limitations applicable to the National Forest System lands at issue, individuals with mobility disabilities who need to use a power-driven mobility device for reasonable access to such lands
HR848Michele Bachmann of MNrepeal of the phase out of incandescent light bulbs unless the Comptroller General makes certain specific findings
HR850Michele Bachmann of MNallow a proposed bridge project in the Lower St. Croix Wild and Scenic River
HR863Pierluisiauthorize state educational agencies and local educational agencies to carry out teacher exchanges
HR920Louie Gohmert of TXZero-based budgeting: eliminate automatic increases for inflation from CBO base-line projections for discretionary appropriations
HR921Louie Gohmert of TXprohibit United States assistance to foreign countries that oppose the position of the United States of America in the UN
HR942Kevin Brady of TXresearch credit
HR954Ron Paul of TXdeduction for tuition and related expenses
HR956Ron Paul of TXcredit for contributions to educational scholarships, instructional materials and materials for extracurricular activities
HR997Steve King of IAofficial and uniform English for official government purposes
HR1001Miek McIntyre of NCtweaking the abuses of the Socialist Insecurity Abomination
HR1058Fleming of LAseniors' extortion simplification act
HR1091Duncan Hunter of CAborder security
HR1094Ron Paul of TXrepeal Federal Reserve Board and Federal Reserve Act
HR1095Ron Paul of TXTo sunset Federal laws and regulations which treat the American people like children by denying them the opportunity to make their own decision regarding control of their bank accounts and what type of information they wish to receive from their banks, and for other purposes
HR1098Ron Paul of TXrepeal the legal tender laws, to prohibit taxation on certain coins and bullion, and to repeal superfluous sections related to coinage
HR1099Ron Paul of TXprohibit any federal official from expending any federal funds for any population control or population planning program or any family planning activity
HR1101Ron Paul of TXrestore the American people's freedom to choose the health insurance that best meets their individual needs by repealing the mandate that all Americans obtain government-approved health insurance
HR1102Ron Paul of TXreduce the price of gasoline by allowing for offshore drilling, eliminating federal government obstacles to constructing refineries and providing incentives for investment in refineries, suspending federal fuel taxes when gasoline prices reach a benchmark amount, and promoting free trade
HR1114Carolyn B. Maloney of NYUndermining US entrepreneurship by shifting investment funds to foreign start-ups in the USA
HR1139Ron Paul of TXtips shall not be subject to income or employment taxes
HR1146Ron Paul of TXend membership of the United States in the United Nations
HR1179Jeff Fortenberry of NElimit the unconstitutional National Socialist Health Care Perversion/PPACA/HCERA/Obummercare to not conflict with religious liberty
HR1196Gary Miller of CALoop-Hole Elimination and Verification Enforcement
HR1201Ron Paul of TXestablish a precious metals investment option in the Thrift Savings Fund
HR1213Fred Upton of MIrepeal funding for parts of the unconstitutional National Socialist Health Care Perversion/PPACA/HCERA/Obummercare
HR1249Lamar Smith of TXAmerica Invents defines "first to file" rule for patents, prior art, non-obvious nature, derivative invention, etc.
HR1271Ron Paul of TXexclude from gross income amounts received on the sale of animals which are raised and sold as part of an educational program
HR1287Rob Bishop of UTUS jobs, US energy & federal government deficit reduction
HR1299Candice S. Miller of MIEnsure weak border security
HR1325Joe Donnelly of INunconstitutional waste of tax-victims' earnings on misdirected, ineffective training
HR1367Gary C. Peters of Mivehicle technology
HR1475Gary C. Peters of Midomestic refugee resettlement programs
HR1495Ron Paul of TXaudit gold owned by United States federal government
HR1496Ron Paul of TXreform audits of the Federal Reserve System
HR1505Rob Bishop of UTshut down illegal alien traffic across public lands
HR1741Lamar Smith of TXauthorize the Secretary of Homeland Security and the Secretary of State to refuse or revoke visas to aliens if in the security or foreign policy interests of the United States, to require the Secretary of Homeland Security to review visa applications before adjudication, to provide for the immediate dissemination of visa revocation information
HR1744Charles W. Boustany ii of LArepeal employer mandate of the unconstitutional National Socialist Health Care Perversion/PPACA/HCERA/Obummercare
HR1745Dave Camp of MIunemployment compensation insurance tweaks
HR1830Ron Paul of TXauthorize inter-state traffic and trade of unpasteurized milk and milk products that are packaged for direct human consumption
HR1917Ron Kind of WIunconstitutional federal meddling regarding birds
HR1918McCarthy of NYunconstitutional federal snooping into personal private financial matters
HR1919McCarthy of NYunconstitutional federal snooping into personal private health matters involving bleeding disorders
HR1920Noemamend the Clean Air Act to conform the definition of renewable biomass to the definition given the term in the Farm Security and Rural Investment Act of 2002
HR1921Pompeoprovide U.S. Customs and Border Protection with access to Federal lands to carry out certain security activities in the Southwest border region
HR1922Quayleprovide U.S. Customs and Border Protection with access to Federal lands to carry out certain security activities in the Southwest border region
HR1923Quigleyprohibit public officials from engaging in undisclosed self-dealing
HR1924QuigleyA state transportation department shall not be considered to have violated a requirement of this section solely because the state in which that state transportation department is located, or a local government within that state, has in effect a law or an order that limits the amount of money an individual or entity that is doing business with a state or local agency with respect to a federal-aid highway project may contribute to a political party, campaign, candidate, or elected official.
HR1927Sablanextend ban on asylum applications for aliens arriving from the commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands
HR1928Loretta Sanchez of CAallow women in ground combat
HR1932Lamar Smith of TXallow extended detention of dangerous illegal aliens
HR1933Lamar Smith of TXmodify rules for cheap, pliant foreign nurses
HR1934Daniel E. Lungren of CAlibrary of congress
HR1938Terryexpedite the consideration and approval of the construction and operation of the Keystone XL oil pipe-line
HR1941Sandford D. Bishop of GAtraining and employment of veterans
HR1954Campincrease the statutory limit on federal government debt
HR2000Heath Shuler of NCimmigration reform by securing America's borders, clarifying and enforcing existing laws, and enabling a practical employer verification program
HR2044Ron Paul of TXThe Federal Government may not take any action to prevent use of a claim describing any nutrient in a food or dietary supplement (as such terms are defined in section 201 of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (21 U.S.C. 321)) as mitigating, treating, or preventing any disease, disease symptom, or health-related condition, unless a Federal court in a final order following a trial on the merits finds clear and convincing evidence based on qualified expert opinion and published peer-reviewed scientific research that-- (1) the claim is false and misleading in a material respect; and (2) there is no less speech restrictive alternative to claim suppression, such as use of disclaimers or qualifications, that can render the claim non-misleading
HR2045Ron Paul of TXamend the Federal Trade Commission Act concerning the burden of proof in false advertising cases involving dietary supplements and dietary ingredients
HR2055John Abney Culberson of TXconsolidated expropriations
HR2080Ron Paul of TXcredit against income tax or a deduction for expenses paid or incurred by reason of a voluntary or mandatory evacuation
HR2161Zoe Lofgren of CAmake H-1B and green card programs worse
HR2164Lamar Smith of TXmake mandatory and permanent requirements relating to use of an electronic employment eligibility verification system
HR2165Dennis Ross of FLrepeal the trade adjustment assistance programs
HR2262Ron Paul of TXexclude from gross income amounts distributed from tax-favored accounts during a period of unemployment
HR2263Ron Paul of TXexclude from federal tax certain payments made in connection with reductions in force
HR2283Louie Gohmert of TXdefund involvement in Libyan civil war
HR2438Ron Paul of TXNo law of the United States shall be construed to confer any immunity for a Federal employee or agency or any individual or entity that receives Federal funds, who subjects an individual to any physical contact (including contact with any clothing the individual is wearing), x-rays, or millimeter waves, or aids in the creation of or views a representation of any part of an individual's body covered by clothing as a condition for such individual to be in an airport or to fly in an aircraft. The preceding sentence shall apply even if the individual or the individual's parent, guardian, or any other individual gives consent.
HR2497Lamar Smith of TXreduce Obummer admin's discretionary enforcement of (i.e. refusal to enforce) immigration laws
HR2560Jason Chaffetz of UTthe too little, too late plan to put off balancing the federal government budget
HR2613Ron Paul of TXrepeal the Gun-Free School Zones Act of 1990 and amendments to that Act
HR2614Ron Paul of TXallow penalty-free distributions from retirement accounts to start a business
HR2615Ron Paul of TXrestore federal government respect for the 2nd amendment
HR2616Ron Paul of TXanti-terrorism act of 2011: no department or agency of the Federal Government shall prohibit any pilot, copilot, or navigator of an aircraft, or any law enforcement personnel specifically detailed for the protection of that aircraft, from carrying a firearm
HR2670Mo Brooks of ALsuperfluous permission for States and local governments to pass laws that identify illegal aliens, deter illegal aliens from entering the United States, apprehend illegal aliens, or encourage or otherwise cause illegal aliens to leave the United States
HR2768Ron Paul of TXcancel public debt held by the Federal Reserve System and lower the public debt limit by an equal amount
HR2769Ron Paul of TXprohibit the use of Federal funds for any universal or mandatory mental health screening program
HR2828George Miller of CAunconstitutional grants to local governments
HR2829Ileana Ros-Lehtinen of FLUN transparency, accountability and reform
HR2832Dave Camp of MItrade tweaks
HR2847Lamar Smith of TXcreate yet another guest-work visa
HR2885Lamar Smith of TXe-verify
HR2903Jeff Denham of CAFEMA re-authorization
HR2908Ron Paul of TXprotect the First Amendment rights of individuals to share their experiences and perceptions of the effects of foods and dietary supplements
HR2911Louie Gohmert of TXrepeal corporate income extortion
HR2952Duncan Hunter of CAexpedite deportation and removal of illegal aliens
HR2978Austin Scott of GAregulate NLRB
HR3012Jason Chaffetz of UTelminate per country limits on guest-work visas and green cards, increase per country limits on family-reunification visas
HR3110Tom Reed of NYexempt grape transport drivers from certain regulations
HR3146Raul R. Labrador of IDgreen cards for cheap, pliant foreign STEM students with flexible ethics
HR3168Walter B. Jones of NCreport crimes thought to be committed by illegal aliens
HR3194Tim Griffin of ARmoratorium on a limited set of regulations
HR3233Gary C. Peters of Miexclude the value of vehicles used for household transportation, or to obtain or continue employment, from the resource limitation applicable to determine eligibility to receive supplemental nutrition assistance
HR3261Lamar Smith of TXstop on-line piracy and strangle free speech in the process
HR3267Ron Paul of TXprovide small businesses with a grace period for any regulatory violation, and for other purposes
HR3302Thomas J. Rooney of FLgreen cards for cheap, pliant foreign STEM students with flexible ethics
HR3307David G. Reichertsubsidies for Big Wind, Big Solar, Big Methane
HR3338Jerry McNerney of CAattack on tax havens
HR3474Cliff Stearns of FLtweaking medicare and medicaid
HR3476Richard L. Hanna of NYeliminate per country limits on guest-work visas and green cards, increase per country limits on family-reunification visas, hence reducing national security and prosperity, all dishonestly named American Growth, Recovery, Empowerment, and Entrepreneurship
HR3480Tim Griffin of ARend pensions for congress-critters
HR3523Mike J. Rogers of MICyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection act (CISPA)
HR3533Nick J. Rahall ii of WVinfrastructure stimulus
HR3537Denny Rehberg of MTappove Keystone pipe-line
HR3596Timothy H. Bishop of NYTo require a publicly available a list of all employers that relocate a call center over-seas and to make such companies ineligible for Federal grants or guaranteed loans and to require disclosure of the physical location of business agents engaging in customer service communications
HR3606Stephen Lee Fincher of TNexempt firms with less than $1G in revenues from financial disclosure requirements and rotation of audit firm, and restricting access by financial analysts (enacted, engrossed, enrolled, signed by Obummer, PL112-106)
HR3630Dave Camp of MIextend the payroll tax holiday, unemployment compensation, Medicare physician payment, provide for the consideration of the Keystone XL pipe-line
HR3699Darrell E. Issa of CAgovernment may not disseminate private-sector research without the consent of the copyright holder
HR3784Dennis Kucinich of OHtax and drive up prices for natural gas thus making the poor poorer
HR3785Ron Paul of TXrepeal Public Law 112-81 section 1021: authority of the Armed Forces of the United States to detain covered persons pursuant to the Authorization for Use of Military Force
HR3799Tom Latham of IAcut congress-critter and staff salaries if budget is not balanced
HR3814Justin Amash of MIprohibit tracking and cataloging records of purchases of multiple rifles and shot-guns
HR3844Steve Southerland of FLhonest federal government budget
HR3875Daniel E. Lungren of CAE Prize for highly-efficient mid-sized automobiles powered by gasoline
HR3875Gary C. Peters of MIrequire public firms to report numbers of employees physically in the USA vs. outside the USA, regardless of citizenship, visa category or status
HR3881Fortney 'Pete' Stark of CAlegal counsel for mentally incompetent illegal aliens
HR3897Steve Chabot of OHlimit the unconstitutional National Socialist Health Care Perversion/PPACA/HCERA/Obummercare to not conflict with religious liberty
HR3992Howard L. Berman of CAreciprocal E-2 visas for Israelis
HR4128Duncan D. Hunter of CAThe measure of unemployment issued by the Bureau of Labor Statistics known as U-5 shall be treated by the Bureau as the official unemployment rate and shall be considered by the Federal Government as the primary measure of unemployment in the United States
HR4268Justin Amash of MIterminate export-import bank
HR4363Darrell E. Issa of CAphased retirement of government employees
HR4385Todd Rokita of INallow performance-based compensation whether or not union contracts exist
HR4483Eddie Bernice Johnson of TXunconstitutional mal-spending on STEM education to encourage "minorities" to enter these dead fields
HR5542Bill Pascrell ii of NJtax credit for closing facilities over-seas or expanding them in USA, explicitly disallow tax breaks for off-shore out-sourcing
HR5872Jeb Hensarling of TXreport on sequestered appropriations
HR5893Michael G. Grimm of NYimpede economic recovery by diverting private investment funds to foreigner-founded businesses
HR5910Robert J. Dold of ILinvestigate how to encourage foreign direct investment in USA
HR5912Tom Cole of OKprohibit the use of public funds for political party conventions, and to provide for the return of previously distributed funds for debt reduction
HR5987Doc Hastings of WAManhattan Project National Park
HR6342Ron Paul of TXallow the importation, distribution, and sale of investigational drugs and devices intended for use by terminally ill patients who execute an informed consent document
HR6368Francisco Canseco of TXtrack, investigate and quantify cross-border violence
HR6412Zoe Lofgren of CASTEM job destruction act
HR6429Lamar Smith of TXSTEM job destruction act
HR99999jgo of USAreduce E-3 visas to 500 per year, F visa to 50K per year, H visas to 2K per year, J visas to 3K per year, L visas to 20K per year; and reduce the term of H and L visas to 9 months, terms of J visas to 2 months, terms of E visas to 1 year, and OPT eligibility for F visa holders to 3 months
Rating Scale
House bills
Senate bills
House Concurrent resolutions
House Joint resolutions
House resolutions
Senate Joint resolutions
Senate resolutions
Senate Concurrent resolutions

Senate Bills
S15David Vitter of LAprohibit the regulation of carbon dioxide emissions in the United States until China, India, and Russia implement similar reductions
S16David Vitter of LArepeal unconstitutional National Socialist Health Care Perversion/PPACA/HCERA/Obummercare
S86David Vitter of LAclose the loop-hole that allowed the 9/11 hijackers to obtain credit cards from United States banks that financed their terrorist activities, to ensure that illegal immigrants cannot obtain credit cards to evade United States immigration laws
S103David Vitter of LAfull federal funding of part B of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act
S126David Vitter of LAreduce the amount of financial assistance provided to the Government of Mexico in response to the illegal border crossings from Mexico into the United States, which serve to dissipate the political discontent with the higher unemployment rate within Mexico
S168David Vitter of LAmake voter registration more difficult
S182David Vitter of LAprohibit the Federal Government from awarding contracts, grants, or other agreements to, providing any other Federal funds to, or engaging in activities that promote the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) and its shell companies which have been given new names
S239Amy Klobuchar of MIenervate America act to artificially step up the already excessive flood of STEM workers and destroy these professions
S391Jerry Moran of KSrescind stimulus and apply to federal government deficit reduction
S463Mark Begich of AKunconstitutional federal meddling in education to encourage an increase in the already excessive flood of STEM workers
S565Kerry/LugarUndermining US entrepreneurship by shifting investment funds to foreign start-ups in the USA
S577David Vittner of LAchild tax credit integrity
S619Tom Udall of NMunconstitutional federal meddling and grants in education to encourage an increase in the already excessive flood of STEM workers
S723David Vitter of LAclarify birth-right citizenship
S726Marco Rubio of FLclarify birth-right citizenship
S758Al Franken corrupt leftist of MNunconstitutional meddling and grants to encourage even more STEM teachers in the face of excessive supply of US citizen STEM workers
S904Orrin G. Hatch of UTtweaks to unemployment insurance
S922Kirsten E. Gillibrand of NYunconstitutional federal grants for urban jobs programs
S923David Vitter of LAwithhold United States contributions to the United Nations until the United Nations formally retracts the final report of the "United Nations Fact Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict"
S952Dick TurbanNIGHTMARE act amnesty for illegal aliens
S1055Kirsten E. Gillibrand of NYtax credits for tuition for prospective STEM teachers
S1196Charles Grassley of IAe-verify to speed elimination of privacy
S1222Mark R. Warner of VADATA: accountability and transparency in federal government spending
S1243Kay Hagan of NCunconstitutional waste of tax-victims' earnings on misdirected, ineffective training
S1247Mark R. Warner of VAAmerica recruits
"[Unconstitutional] Grants awarded under this section may be used to issue forgivable loans to eligible entities that are deciding whether to locate eligible facilities in foreign countries or in the United States to assist such entities in locating such facilities in rural or distressed areas...   The term 'high-value job' means a job that...has a North American Industrial Classification that corresponds with manufacturing, software publishers, computer systems design, or related codes, and is higher than the mean hourly wage in the country...   the National Academy of Sciences shall develop recommendations for improving the competitive capabilities of United States industrial facilities...   the United States International Trade Commission shall submit a report to Congress and the President that quantifies the effects of distortive or discriminatory economic policies of foreign countries, inclusive of any overarching policy or systematic approach, such as discrimination against United States companies, trading monopolies, restrictive government procurement policies or practices, tax policies or preferences, foreign direct investment policies or practices, standards or subsidies, restrictive domestic financial policies, and intellectual property theft in terms of their potential adverse effect on the economic or commercial interests of United States industries, producers, and employees as outlined in the National Trade Estimate."
S1258Robert Menendez of NJReprehensible Immigration Law Perversion
S1301Marco Rubio of FLprotection for trafficking victims
S1329John D. Rockefeller iv of WVunconstitutional and ineffective program to encourage mal-investment in "high-tech" training
S1363John D. Rockefeller iv of WVconsider information regarding domestic employment before awarding a Federal contract
S1380David Vitter of LAreduce Obummer admin's discretionary enforcement of (i.e. refusal to enforce) immigration laws
S1467Roy Blunt of MOlimit the unconstitutional National Socialist Health Care Perversion/PPACA/HCERA/Obummercare to not conflict with religious liberty
S1506Marco Rubio of FLprohibit Treasury from requiring aliens to report interest on deposits
S1523Grahamprohibit the NLRB from ordering any employer to close, relocate, or transfer employment under any circumstance
S1533Blumenthalrequire joint select budget committee to propose measures intended to achieve full employment as well as reduce federal government debt
S1534Bill Nelson of FLidentity theft related to income extortion
S1535Blumenthalbefuddled measure dealing with secondary privacy violation but not primary
S1544Tester of MTamend the Securities Act of 1933 to require the Securities and Exchange Commission to exempt a certain class of securities
S1547Johnson of SDExport-Import bank re-authorization
S1549Harry Reid of NVperverse ineffective "jobs" porkulus bill
S1556David Vitter of LArequire accounting of unconstitutional federal government hand-outs to promote the production or use of renewable energy
S1599Tom Harkin of IADoL, HHS, Educationism exproporiations act
S1604John Cornyn of TXemergency port-of-entry personnel and infrastructure funding
S1611Ron Johnson of WIReducing the size of the federal government far far too slowly
S1614Robert P. Casey ii of PAunconstitutional federal grants for computer science education
S1660Harry Reid of NVThe porkulus ultimatum
S1675Jeff Merkley of ORunconstitutional federal grants and meddling in STEM education
S1686Robert P. Casey ii of PAyet another unconstitutional, misdirected federal education and training bill
S1720John McCain of AZbalanced budget scheme
S1738John Cornyn of TXrescind the 3.8% tax on the investment income of the American people
S1743Scott P. Brown of MAyet another misguided unconstitutional federal training program
S1746Charles E. Schumer of NYReducing national security by giving out more visitor visas and reducing standards
S1747Kay Hagan of NCComputer workers need not be paid for over-time
S1813Barbara Boxer of CAmandates black-boxes in "private" vehicles
S1815Lamar Alexaner of TNexcessively restrictive pollution mandates
S1848Marco Rubio of FLUN transparency, accountability and reform
S1857Mike Lee of UTelminate per country limits on guest-work visas and green cards, increase per country limits on family-reunification visas
S1864David Vitter of LAunconstitutional federal government flood insurance scam
S1866Christopher A. Coons of DEeliminate per country limits on guest-work visas and green cards, increase per country limits on family-reunification visas, hence reducing national security and prosperity, all dishonestly named American Growth, Recovery, Empowerment, and Entrepreneurship
S1943Scott P. Brown of MAexpedite the process for requesting de novo classification of a device
S1946Sheldon Whitehouse of RIregistration of agents of foreign manufacturers
S1948Mark L. Pryor of ARmisplaced federal meddling in vocational education
S1949John F. Kerry of MAcoddling illegal aliens and encouraging illegal immigration
S1953Frank R. Lautenberg of NJevil transportation technology
S1958David Vitter of LAunconstitutional federal government flood insurance racket
S1960Susan M. Colins of MEbusiness micro-management, and special tax break for bodyshoppers
S1961Jack Reed of RILow-Income Home Energy Assistance Program
S1962Jim deMint of SCrelax Sarbanes-Oxley reporting for firms with less than $1G capitalization (might be OK for less then $1M)
S1965Jerry Moran of KSprohibit bail-outs of IMF
S1975Jim deMint of SCprohibit bail-outs of IMF
S1983Chares E. Schumer of NYeliminate the per-country numerical limitation for employment-based immigrants, and increase the per-country numerical limitation for family-sponsored immigrants, add 10,500 E-3 visas for Irish
S1986Michael F. Bennet of COdestroy career prospects of US STEM workers
S1997David Vitter of LAstop bailing out unconstitutional FHA
S2005Scott P. Brown of MAin an age of vasty excessive visas and immigration, issue even more
S2017Benjamin L. Cardin of MDletting more criminals vote sooner
S2026Robert P. Casey ii of PAputting off elimination of Socialist Insecurity abomination
S2027Michael F. Bennet of COunconstitutional foreign micro-finance aid (when such aid is sorely needed in USA)
S2028Sherrod Brown of OH"buy American" restrictions on infrastructure projects
S2029Ron Wyden of ORdefending intellectual property rights
S2043Marco Rubio of FLlimit the unconstitutional National Socialist Health Care Perversion/PPACA/HCERA/Obummercare to not conflict with religious liberty
S2092Joe Manchin iii of WVlimit the unconstitutional National Socialist Health Care Perversion/PPACA/HCERA/Obummercare to not conflict with religious liberty
S2100David Vitter of LAblock tapping strategic petroleum reserve until Keystone XL pipe-line moves forward
S2122Rand Paul of KYstopping unconstitutional EPA depredations
S2166John Cornyn of TXforeign-held debt transparency and threat assessment
S2194Christopher A. Coons of DEunconstitutional educational grants
S2205Jerry Moran of KSprohibit funding to negotiate a United Nations Arms Trade Treaty that restricts the Second Amendment rights of United States citizens
S2371Marco Rubio of FLallow performance-based compensation whether or not union contracts exist
S2884Debbie Stabenow of MItax credit for closing facilities over-seas or expanding them in USA, explicitly disallow tax breaks for off-shore out-sourcing
S3185John Cornyn of TXstrive to keep 1.8M US STEM workers unemployed
S3192Lamar Alexander of TNIDIOTic job destruction act
S3217Jerry Moran of KSimpede economic recovery by diverting private investment funds to foreigner-founded businesses
John Cornyn of TXre-assert constitutional limit on "eminent domain"
S3364Debbie Stabenow of MItax credit for closing facilities over-seas or expanding them in USA, explicitly disallow tax breaks for off-shore out-sourcing
S3527Charles E. Schumer of NYenhanced criminal penalties for individuals who file a SEVP certification petition under false pretenses, to prohibit certain schools from accessing SEVIS or participating in the SEVP
S3553Charles E. Schumer of NYtax credit for closing facilities over-seas or expanding them in USA, explicitly disallow tax breaks for off-shore out-sourcing
S3813Barbara Boxer of CAunconstitutional and draconian transportation and transportation regulation projects
S99999jgo of USAreduce E-3 visas to 500 per year, F visa to 50K per year, H visas to 2K per year, J visas to 3K per year, L visas to 20K per year and reduce the term of H and L visas to 9 months, terms of J visas to 2 months, terms of E visas to 1 year, and OPT eligibility for F visa holders to 3 months
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House bills
Senate bills
House Concurrent resolutions
House Joint resolutions
House resolutions
Senate Joint resolutions
Senate resolutions
Senate Concurrent resolutions

House Concurrent Resolutions
HCon4KapturExpressing the sense of Congress that the Supreme Court misinterpreted the First Amendment to the Constitution in the case of Buckley v. Valeo
HCon5Wilson of SCSupporting the reunification of Jerusalem
HCon6Lewis of GAauthorizing the use of the rotunda of the capitol for an event marking the 50th anniversary of the inaugural address of president John F. Kennedy
HCon8Serranopromoting use of non-English
HCon59Rob Bishop of UTit is the policy of the United States to support and facilitate Israel in maintaining defensible borders and it is contrary to United States policy and national security to have the borders of Israel return to the 1967 June 04 armistice lines
HCon127Mary Bono Mack of CAit is essential that the Internet remain stable, secure, and free from government control
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House bills
Senate bills
House Concurrent resolutions
House Joint resolutions
House resolutions
Senate Joint resolutions
Senate resolutions
Senate Concurrent resolutions

House Joint Resolutions
HJRes1Goodlattebalanced budget amendment lacking teeth
HJRes2Goodlattebalanced budget amendment lacking teeth
HJRes3Flemingtoothless, namby-pamby, hand-waving parental rights
HJRes4Buchanantoothless balanced budget amendment
HJRes5Hensarlingtoothless balanced budget amendment
HJRes6Kapturset aside 1st amendment
HJRes7Kapturset aside 1st amendment
HJRes8Kapturset aside 1st amendment
HJRes9CarterDisapproving a rule submitted by the Environmental Protection Agency relating to the National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants from the Portland Cement Manufacturing Industry and Standards of Performance for Portland Cement Plants
HJRes10Cuellartoothless balanced budget amendment
HJRes11Brountoothless balanced budget amendment
HJRes13Emersontoothless balanced budget amendment
HJRes14Emersontoothless balanced budget amendment
HJRes15Plattsline item veto (but why not just repeal the anti-impoundment acts)
HJRes16King of IArepeal the sixteenth article of amendment
HJRes17Serranoeliminate term limits on presidents
HJRes18Terrytoothless balanced budget amendment
HJRes19Carterdisapproves HHS rule related to unconstitutional National Socialist Health Care Perversion/Obummercare/PPACA
HJRes20Plattsterm limits for congress-critters (instead, senators should have to sit out 6 years, and house members should have to sit out 2 years, between attempts to be re-elected)
HJRes50Ron Paul of TXLiberty Amendment
HJRes62Rob Bishop of UTstate repeal of federal statutes
Rating Scale
House bills
Senate bills
House Concurrent resolutions
House Joint resolutions
House resolutions
Senate Joint resolutions
Senate resolutions
Senate Concurrent resolutions

House Resolutions
HRes6Hensarlingcommittee appointments
HRes7Capuanocommittee appointments
HRes8Capuanominority caucus employees on the government dole
HRes9DreierInstructing certain committees to report legislation replacing the job-killing, unconstitutional National Socialist Health Care Perversion/Obummercare/PPACA
HRes10Dreierthe hour of daily meeting of the House shall be 14:00 on Mondays; 12:00 noon on Tuesdays; 10:00 on Wednesdays and Thursdays; and 9:00 on all other days of the week; and from Tuesday, 2011 February 1, until the end of the first session, the hour of daily meeting of the House shall be 14:00 on Mondays; noon on Tuesdays (or 14:00 if no legislative business was conducted on the preceding Monday); noon on Wednesdays and Thursdays; and 09:00 on all other days of the week
HRes11Rushmemorializing the Peace Corpse
HRes12Bartlettwarmist hysteria
HRes13Bartlett50 mile, 20 hour Journey From Khan
HRes14Gingrey of GAdon't require that standing committees make available the record of recorded votes within 48 hours after that vote
HRes15Gingrey of GArequire that general appropriations for military construction and veterans' affairs be considered as stand-alone measures
HRes16Roycelist the Socialist Republic of VietNam as a "Country of Particular Concern" WRT religious freedom
HRes17Sessionsevaluate the scientific evidence on the question of whether to add more folic acid to enriched grain products and expand folic acid fortification into cornmeal and corn-based food products to help prevent further serious birth defects
HRes19Woolseystupid security program for the 21st century
HRes20Woolseyratify the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW)
HRes21Woolseyanti-nuclear hysteria
HRes22Waldentiny cut in congress-critters' spending
HRes23Chaffetzthe Federal Government should not bail out State and local government employee pension plans or other plans that provide post-employment benefits to State and local government retirees, because it's unconstitutional
HRes24Hoyerpermit Delegates and the Resident Commissioner to the congress (i.e. non-congress-critters) to cast votes in the Committee of the Whole House on the state of the Union
HRes25Gary G. Miller of CAincome tax deduction for interest paid on debt secured by a first or second home should not be further restricted
HRes26Dreierresolution to consider HR2 and HRes9 to repeal unconstitutional National Socialist Health Care Perversion/Obummercare/PPACA
HRes27Dreiernullify votes cast by congress-critters who had not yet taken oath/affirmation of office
HRes28Jackson Lee of TXthe Transportation Security Administration should, in accordance with existing law, enhance security against terrorist attack and other security threats to our Nation's rail and mass transit systems and other modes of surface transportation instead of on violation of US citizens' privacy
HRes29Loretta Sanchez of CACalling for Internet freedom in VietNam
HRes30Deutchrequire that plain English section by section analyses be posted on the Internet for bills and joint resolutions reported by committees
HRes31Larsonstanding committee appointments
HRes32Boehnercondemns Jared Loughner shooting of people in Tucson, AZ 2011-01-08; praises those who shielded others and stopped him
HRes38Dreierreduce non-security spending to FY2008 levels
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Senate Joint Resolutions
SJRes2David Vitter of LAamend 14th amendment to clarify restriction on birth-right citizenship
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Senate Resolutions
SRes140Marco Rubio of FLcommemorating the 50th anniversary of the Bay of Pigs operation and commending the members of Brigada de Asalto 2506 (Assault Brigade 2506)
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SConRes34Marco Rubio of FLexpressing the sense of Congress in honor of the life and legacy of Vaclav Havel
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UN Framework Convention on Climate Change / ad hoc Working Group on Long-term Co-Operative Action/2009/INF.2


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  "The guiding principle that a policy of freedom for the individual is the only truly progressive policy remains as true today as it was in the 19th century." --- Friedrich A. Hayek 1944, 1963 _The Road to Serfdom_ pg240  

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