Short rhyme about rhyme

My Picture in jpg

A newer picture of me, April 2001. I like the intensity of the eyes, but dislike that it makes me look so old. How old do you think I am when you look at this picture?

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My own Writings

Look at my multiyear calendar

Ode to my email friend

My most recent short story.

The renewal vows of our 28th aniversary

A discussion about controlling pain

Modern day beatitudes

Two poems about kindness

A parable about heaven and hell

My second parable, The parable of two Christians.

A peace prayer side by side with the Lord's prayer.

The Lord's prayer and Peace prayer in Italian.

Why I am already in heaven.

short story # 1
short story # 2
short story # 3
short story # 4
short story # 5
short story # 6
short story # 7
free will?

happiness edited by friend Joanna

Responding to stress

My valentine gift to you.

matthew 7 verse 6
having patience
abc lesson

The beginning part of another poem about love

A story written for creative writing class: Irony

Working on my second draft to my first long story:
Coming into power

New project: A prose version of the graphic novel
Secret Identity

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