Chapter 7

"Thank you, Bob. The mechanic called me here at the hospital, and said that tomorrow, my truck will be as good as new, and that he would have it driven to the hospital parking lot."

Bob smiled his acknowledgement. "Do you yourself need to stay another day? We could arrange transportation if you are ready to leave now."

"Doctor wants to observe me another day. He can't believe my bruises healed so quickly. Thinks I may have delayed symptoms. Does Helen have nursing experience? My bruise pains faded immediately after she examined my right side here." Victor patted his right side where he had been bruised.

Bob turned slightly to look at Joe leaning against the door frame. "I don't think Helen has any nursing experience. Joe, do you know otherwise?"

Joe grinned. "The only nursing experience Helen had had is when she examined you, Victor. Right now, Helen is gaining more nursing experience by systematically examining all the patients in this ward. she said that helping victor showed her that she can help a lot of other people in need of healing."

Glancing at Bob, Joe continued. "Why such a strange look? I assure you that Helen knows what she's doing."

Bob's voice tone betrayed his concern for Helen. "How did she persuade the hospital staff to let her see the other patients?"

"That part was easy. At my suggestion, several doctors interviewed her to test her knowledge and intent. They gladly gave permission."

Victor starred at Joe a few moments. "Helen seems to be a remarkable person." He paused a few moments, then continued, "look, when you come over Friday for your performance recording, why don't you come early a few hours. Helen can watch her astronaut friend Melody spashdown on our special NASA channel."

Joe grinned his "I'm happy" grin. "Thanks Victor. I know Helen will appreciate that. How did you know that they would be scheduled to splash down Friday morning? Even Helen did not yet know that."

Victor laughed. "Oops. I'm not supposed to have told you. It's officially secret until they lift off from the moon. Grant told me."