Chapter 9

Five friends walked their beach on a sunny day. The day is Sunday, July 9, 2090. Bob, stepped forward to stand besides Victor. "What's the latest word on the location of the local neutrino source?"

"Grant has improved his location accuracy. He now believes that the alien spaceship is underneath the continental shelf, moving through the hot magma. He reports that this morning it started to move back toward the coastline."

Bob shivered slightly, then looked at Joe. Joe grinned, and jerkily twice inclined his head toward Helen. Bob almost yelled his next question. "Victor! Can you call Grant and find out where the alien space ship is right now?"

Victor laughed. "The best I can do is call him two hours from now and ask him where it was two hours ago. It takes about that long for his equipment to process the tracking information."

"OK. Let's think about other things in the meantime. How long have you had your PJP?"

"PJP? Oh, you mean my personal jet plane. I've had it about a year now. Since I've had it, I've only used it three times."

Angela interjected, "Four times. Remember when you took me down to Brazil to see my mom?"

"Right. Four times. Would you like to fly it?"

Bob laughed. He waved his hand toward Helen and Joe."None of us have a pilot license."

"You can get it easily. It's called the VL sequence. LVL is the land vehicle license, SVL is the sea vehicle license, and AVL is the air vehicle license. You need to get the SVL before you get the AVL."

Joe put on his mischievous grin. "I think that maybe Helen can fly."

Helen responded, "Joe! What a thing to say! Bob has teased both of us about our fascination with the superman character. Are you taking his view now?"

As Helen re-examined Joe's mischievous grin, she suddenly realized that she really did have the power to fly. Sparky gave her the power to emit not only electromagnetic radiation of a very wide range of frequencies, but to also direct gravitational forces. She could fly by falling into the sky! Helen smiled, "Joe, how did you know?"

Victor gave a short bark of laughter. "Good one Helen."

Bob spoke in a serious tone. "Victor, I think she really means it. Helen, are you serious? Do you think you really can fly, like Superman? Are you dreaming?"

For answer, Helen flipped herself to lie horizontally in the air at eye level.

The others quit walking and starred at Helen.

Joe said quietly, "Victor, I hope you don't tell Grant, but Helen is his neutrino source."

Bob sat down and closed his eyes.

Victor probed beneath Helen but did not find any invisible support.

Angela faced Helen. "Are you my guardian angel?"

Helen laughed; "No Angela, I'm only your friend." she pivoted to stand again on the ground.