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      A math question might be in one of several categories.
    1. It's a dollar question.I can send the answer immediately.
    2. It's a five dollar question. I might be able to answer the math question soon.
    3. It's a twenty dollar question. I will first do some research to find out whether or not I can answer it.
    4. It's out of my league. I choose to not work on this math question because of lack of knowledge or for some other personal reason.

    Examples of questions answered

    1. Questions in Arithmetic
    2. Questions in introductory Algebra
    3. Questions in Plane Euclidean Geometry
    4. Questions in advanced algebra
    5. Questions in Trigonometry
    6. Questions in introductory calculus
    7. Questions in advanced Calculus
    8. Questions in abstract algebra
    9. Questions in number theory
      Miscellaneous questions
    1. Is a circle a continuous line or an infinite number of angles?
    2. Aren't real numbers imaginary also?
    3. Is logic a complete and infallible method for approaching the truth?
    4. How was pi discovered

    Tell me your estimate of your question difficulty. If I
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