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updated: 2021-08-15

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ScoreAuth/EdAuth/EdAuth/EdAuth/Ed Title
MarthaAlderson  ThePlot Whisperer: Secrets of Story Structure Any Writer Can Master

ScoreAuth/EdAuth/EdAuth/EdAuth/Ed Title
Paul A.BaumgartenDonald C.Farber & Mark Fleischer Producing, Financing & Distributing Film: A Comprehensive Legal & Business Guide
JohnBaxter   Science Fiction in the Cinema
Frank E.Beaver   On Film: An History of the Motion Picture (516 pages)
Hal ZinaBennettMichaelLarsen How to Write with a Collaborator
Robert A.Berman   Fade In
Irwin R.Blacker  TheElements of ScreenWriting
JamesBonnet   Stealing Fire from the Gods
JonBoorstin   Making Movies Work
Rita MaeBrown   Starting from Scratch: A Different Kind of Writers' Manual
JanetBurroway   Writing Fiction

ScoreAuth/EdAuth/EdAuth/EdAuth/Ed Title
JuliaCameronMarkBryanTheArtist's Way
JosephCampbell  TheHero with a Thousand Faces
JosephCampbell   Transformations of Myth through Time
VerneCarlsonSylvia E.Carlson Professional Lighting HandBook
ChristopherCerfHenryBeard Spin-Glish: The Definitive Dictionary of Deliberately Deceptive Language (347 pages; 6.2MB; 818.5407; Main+E)
Jeff ScottCook  TheElements of SpeechWriting & Public Speaking
Sandra R.Curtis   Zorro UnMasked: The Official History

ScoreAuth/EdAuth/EdAuth/EdAuth/Ed Title
David C.Denison   As Seen on TV: An Inside Look at the Television Industry
John GregoryDunne   Monster: Living Off the Big Screen

ScoreAuth/EdAuth/EdAuth/EdAuth/Ed Title
ScottEdelstein  TheInDispensable Writer's Guide
LajosEgri  TheArt of Dramatic Writing
PeterElbow   Writing with Power
David E.Elkins  TheCamera Assistant's Manual

ScoreAuth/EdAuth/EdAuth/EdAuth/Ed Title
SydField   ScreenPlay: The Foundations of ScreenWriting
SydField   Selling a ScreenPlay: The ScreenWriter's Guide to Hollywood
AprilFitzsimmons   Breaking & Entering: Land Your 1st Job in Film Production
RudolfFlesch   How to Write Plain English
BillyFrolick   What I Really Want to Do Is Direct

ScoreAuth/EdAuth/EdAuth/EdAuth/Ed Title
NatalieGoldberg   Writing Down the Bones: Freeing the Writer Within
WilliamGoldman   William Goldman: 4 ScreenPlays with Essays

ScoreAuth/EdAuth/EdAuth/EdAuth/Ed Title
MichaelHauge   Writing ScreenPlays that Sell
Neill D.Hicks   Writing the Action-Adventure Film
Ray EldonHiebertDonald F.Ungurait & Thomas W. Bohn Mass Media iv_ (675 pages)
LewHunter   ScreenWriting 434

ScoreAuth/EdAuth/EdAuth/EdAuth/Ed Title
ClaudiaJohnsonMattStevens Script Partners

ScoreAuth/EdAuth/EdAuth/EdAuth/Ed Title
T.L.Katahn   Reading for a Living: How To Be a Professional Story Analyst for Film & Television
MiltonKatselas   Dreams into Action: Getting What You Want!
Steven D.Katz   Film Directing Shot by Shot: Visualizing from Concept to Screen
ChristopherKeane   How to Write a Selling ScreenPlay
VikiKing   How to Write a Movie in 21 Days
HowardKoch  ThePanic BroadCast

ScoreAuth/EdAuth/EdAuth/EdAuth/Ed Title
LaurenceLeamer   As Time Goes By: The Life of Ingrid Bergman
JenniferLerch    500 Ways to Beat the Hollywood Script Reader
EdmondLevy   Making a Winning Short: How to Write, Direct, Edit, & Produce a Short Film
ArtLinson  APound of Flesh: Perilous Tales of How To Produce Movies In Hollywood
DougLipman   Improving Your StoryTelling
PaulLucey   Story Sense

ScoreAuth/EdAuth/EdAuth/EdAuth/Ed Title
EdwardMableyDavidHowardTheTools of ScreenWriting: A Writer's Guide to the Craft & Elements of a ScreenPlay
EricMaisel  ALife in the Arts
J. KrisMalkiewiczRobert E.Rogers & Jim Fletcher Cinematography: A Guide for Film Makers and Film Teachers (207 pages)
ScottMcCloud   Understanding Comics
FrankMcConnell   StoryTelling & MythMaking: Images from Film & Literature
RobertMcKee   Story
Sarah MyersMcGinty   Writing Your College Application Essay
MichaelMedved   Hollywood vs America
Stephen BlakeMettee  ThePortable Writers' Conference
JamesMonaco   How To Read a Film: The Art, Technology, Language, History, & Theory of Film & Media
BillMooneyDavidHoltTheStoryTeller's Guide

O H4.0, E3.0, R3.5
ScoreAuth/EdAuth/EdAuth/EdAuth/Ed Title
KimNewman   Quatermass and the Pit (112 pages; Palgrave MacMillan; 791.4372 New)

ScoreAuth/EdAuth/EdAuth/EdAuth/Ed Title
LyndaObst   Hello, He Lied

ScoreAuth/EdAuth/EdAuth/EdAuth/Ed Title
Roberta E.PearsonWilliamUricchiosTheMany Lives of the Batman
Susan K.Perry   Writing in Flow
David MichaelPetrou  TheMaking of Superman the Movie


ScoreAuth/EdAuth/EdAuth/EdAuth/Ed Title
GailResnickScottTrost All You Need to Know About the Movie & TV Business
TonyReveauxGeneSteinburg How to Do Everything with iMovie2
H4.0, E3.0, R2.9RichardRhodes   Hedy's Folly: The Life and BreakThrough Inventions of Hedy Lamarr, the Most Beautiful Woman in the World (movies; engineering; 260 pages; 5.6MB)
JeffreyRyder   Clint Eastwood

ScoreAuth/EdAuth/EdAuth/EdAuth/Ed Title
JoelSaltzman   If You Can Talk, You Can Write
Dewitt H.Scott   Secrets of Successful Writing
LindaSeger  TheArt of Adaptation: Turning Fact & Fiction into Film
LindaSeger   Creating UnForgettable Characters
LindaSegerEdward JayWhetmore From Script to Screen: The Collaborative Art of FilmMaking
LindaSeger   Making a Good Script Great
LindaSeger   Making a Good Writer Great
LindaSeger   When Women Call the Shots
MargaretShertzer  TheElements of Grammar
Thomas G.Smith   Industrial Light & Magic: The Art of Special Effects
Mary EllenSnodgrass   Cliffs Notes on Greek Classics
Mary EllenSnodgrass   Cliffs Notes on Roman Classics
Carle B.Spotts   Ideas & Patterns for Writing
JeromeStern   Making Shapely Fiction
J. MichaelStraczynski  TheComplete Book of ScriptWriting
WilliamStrunkE.B.WhiteTheElements of Style
LindaStuart   Getting Your Script Through the Hollywood Maze

ScoreAuth/EdAuth/EdAuth/EdAuth/Ed Title
BarryTarshis   How to Write without Pain
EricTaub   Gaffers, Grips, & Best Boys
DavidTrottier  TheScreenWriter's Bible
LynneTruss   Eats, Shoots, & Leaves_ (208 pages; 428.2 Tru; Main)



ScoreAuth/EdAuth/EdAuth/EdAuth/Ed Title
Brooke A.Wharton  TheWriter Got Screwed (but didn't have to)
John MorganWilson   Inside Hollywood: A Writer's Guide to Researching the World of Movies & TV
WillWright   SixGuns & Society: A Structural Study of the Western

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