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American Radio Free Speech

news media
news-papers on-line
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News Line
Florida Today
Urban Survival
Liberty Post
Patriot Post
Mark Levin
Neal Boortz
Bill Cunningham at Premiere Network
Bill Cunningham at WLW
Sean Hannity
Roger Hedgecock
Rollye James
Mark Levin
G. Gordon Liddy
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Michael Savage

intrade: Political, Financial Indicator, etc. futures market

Contact government officials
Texas public policy foundation
Grade the congress-critters
IEEE USA Legislative Action Center
Elections Commission Info
Political Money Line
Transpaency Florida
Open Congress
Congressional candidate fund-raising, expenditures, and debt   Out-Source Congress
Don't Block My Voice
Throw the Hypocritical Rascals Out
Get Out of Our House
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AppKiDo Cocoa Browser Docoa Browser
Addison-Wesley   O'Reilly Mac Dev Center
Mariner Software SoundSpectrum Nisus Software

Mac OS X discussions
Mac OS X Hints OS X FAQ



Forces of Evil

Organizations opposed to H-1b abuse, bodyshopping/gigging/temping/contingent abuse
H-1b Class Action Law Suit
Out-Source Outrage
Engineering International Association
Guest-Worker Fraud

Rob Sanchez's Job Destruction News-Letter and Norm Matloff's H-1B/ L-1/ Off-Shoring e-News-Letter (organized by rahcn)
Norm Matloff's H-1B/ L-1/ Off-Shoring News-Letter search aid and summary
The Real Unemployed
Family Injustice H-1b Visa Report to Congress
Petition to eliminate H-1b visas
Project USA
NumbersUSA issue papers
Minnesota Seeking Immigration Reform
Californians for Population Stabilization
Center for Immigration Studies

Keep America At Work
Keep America At Work
End H-1B
ZD Net Off-Shoring articles
Immigration Reform Coalition of Texas
Texans for Immigration Reduction and Enforcement

Hire American Citizens
I Need a Freaking Job!
Keep America at Work
Save US Jobs
Exporting Our Jobs
Rescue American Jobs
Save American Jobs

No Slaves
No Slaves web log (blog)
Immigration-Weaver web log
Raymond Herrera & the American Contractors & Tradesmen's Coalition

Show US the Jobs
Good Jobs First (before corporate welfare)
Jobs First
Academic jobs wiki
Choose Black America
Apparent Racial Discrimination in Tech Hiring
For the Cause
Globalism Score-Card
Wake Up America Foundation

American Voice Radio
Texas Labor Champions
National Assn for the Employment of Americans

Implications of H-1b Visas, Permatemps and Out-Sourcing for Engineering Careers
High Tech Workers and Age Discrimination
H-1b Reform
off-shoring is objectionable

H-1b Visas Are Objectionable
Why you can't find a job?

Virgil Bierschwale: H-1B LCA tracker version 3.0
government's LCA data-base
H-1B bistro LCA data-base
An American Scam

Automation Matrix Presents An Analysis of the LCA Data-Base

Keep America at Work: LCA statistics
Keep America at Work: LCA statistics
Why should you as an American care how many visa workers are wanted to take your job?

JWT Employment Communications Weekly Lay-Off Report
Daily Job Cuts
Lay-Off Maps

Laid Off Camp, NY

Are you an unemployed & penniless scientist, engineer or computer programmer?
Write to:
Paul G. Allen Family Foundation
Suite 17, Allen Plaza
Seattle, WA
Link to see how generous & charitable they really are.

Unemployed scientist, engineer or computer programmer?
Write to:
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Box 22350
Seattle, WA 98122
or call 206-809-3100
Link to see how generous & charitable they really are.

Put Up the Flag
Let Freedom Ring
USA Border Watch
USA Border Control
We Need a Fence
We Need a Fence (blog)
Where's the Fence
Alamo Alliance
Protect Our Border
MinuteMan HQ
MinuteMan Project
MinuteMan Border Fence
USA border alert
Send 'em Back
American Border UnControl
On-Shore Alternatives
Rocky Mountain Foundation for immigration sanity
Floridians for Immigration Enforcement

Mira Bernstein, Ph.D.: Made in a Free World

Mira Bernstein, Ph.D.: Made in a Free World: Slavery Foot-Print

USA DoL My Skills My Future
To file complaint of visa abuse to Dept. of Justice (pdf)
USA DoL form to file wage or hour complaint (pdf)

report suspected illegal aliens or employers of illegal aliens
Juan Mann of V Dare on reporting suspected illegal aliens and border problems

"The Secretary of Labor may also initiate an investigation of any H-1B employer if the Secretary of Labor has reasonable cause to believe that the employer is not in compliance with the program. 8 U.S.C. § 1182(n)(2)(G).   However, the authority is limited in that the Secretary of Labor must certify that reasonable cause exists and that the investigation was initiated for reasons other than Labor's review of the employer's application for completeness and obvious inaccuracies."
"By statute, Labor is required to conduct its review within 7 days and may only review applications for omissions and obvious inaccuracies. 8 U.S.C. § 1182(n)(1)(G)(ii) and 20 CFR 655.730(b).   It has no statutory authority to verify the authenticity of the information."
"U.S. workers (and others on their behalf) may file a complaint, known as a charge, to the Department of Justice's [DoJ's] Office of Special Counsel for Immigration Related Unfair Employment Practices, which will pursue discrimination charges alleging that an employer has given certain preferential treatment in hiring an H-1B worker. 8 U.S.C. § 1324b(b) and (c).   Any aggrieved person or organization may also file a complaint with [DoL] against an employer.   When Labor's Wage and Hour Division finds the employer out of compliance with H-1B program requirements, it can assess fines and impose remedies such as payment of back wages to H-1B workers and disqualification from the program, depending on the specific violations, for from 1 to 3 years." (from
GAO-11-26 of 2011-01-14 (pdf))

😁Organizations that Did and/or Do Oppose 👮 Guest-Worker Abuse ⚖

Campaign Contributions from Computer/Internet Executives
Campaign Contributions from Software Executives
Campaign Contributions from Sheisters & Lobbyists
AFL-CIO's Executive Pay Watch
Union Facts

Norm Matloff

"Debunking the Myth of a Software Labor Shortage" intro page

H-1B/ L-1/ Off-Shoring e-News-Letter
Rob Sanchez's Job Destruction News-Letter and Norm Matloff's H-1B/ L-1/ Off-Shoring e-News-Letter (organized by rahcn)

Debunking the myth of a Desperate Software Labor Shortage
Debunking the Myth of Labor Shortage
Supplementary Materials

2003 University of Michigan Journal of Law Reform article (pdf)

A non-lawyer's careful look at H-1B visa requirements

archives search aid

Protect USA Workers.Com
American Champions
USA First
National Border Patrol Council (Border Patrol employees union)
Border Fence Project
Send a Brick Project
No Invaders
Out-Source Congress
Americans for Legal Immigration PAC
Illegal immigration boycott
Boycott Bank of India [formerly known as Bank of America]
Bank of India boycott

MinuteMan Project
Federation for American Immigration Reform
Better Immigration
Immigration's Human Cost
Immigration Counters
Stop the NAU/SPP/NAFTA highway
Stop SPP
Veterans for Secure Borders

Programmers Guild
save USA IT jobs
USA tech professionals
Colosseum Builders Inc
Techs Unite
The Organization for the Rights of American Workers (TORAW, disbanded)
Scientists and Engineers for America

Professional Associations

IEEE USA (has been under-mined by internationalist/globalist factions)
American Engineering Association
Engineering Manpower News-Letter
American Engineering Alliance
USA Engineers
Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility
Association for Computing Machinery (has been under-mined by internationalist/globalist factions in academia)
Science Policy Network
On-Line Ethics Center for Engineering & Science
AAAS guide to R&D funding

Liberty and Privacy


No National ID

Say NO to national ID KKKards

United for Privacy

2017: Joanne Finnegan: Fierce Health Care: patients are unable to defend privacy against Electronic Health Records (EHR) & HIPAA due to intimidation

2017: Gienna Shaw: Fierce Health Care: savvy patients do not trust Electronic Health Records (EHR) & HIPAA & other uses/abuses of information technology; doctors, nurses, administrators, clinics, hospitals are sloppy & careless, not respecting patients' privacy, ignoring patient-expressed limits on access, hiding &/or ignoring their right to do so; like immoral tech tyrants, they mostly declare: we will violate your privacy this way, andthat way, and any newways that come to mind, then only declare shock, feign surprise when crackers break in and grabs thousands of people's personal private information that we should not have been collected & retained to begin with

Alan F. West: the conflict between Electronic Health Records (EHR) (& HIPAA) and Privacy


Spy Chips


No National Animal Identification System

Bruce Schneier on Security

Simson Garfinkel's data-base nation

Privacy for Vets

Bob Barr's Privacy Watch

Privacy International

World Privacy Forum

Privacy Knowledge Base

Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC)
Privacy Journal

Dissident Prof Education Project, Inc.

Privacy Rights ClearingHouse

Chris Hibbert's History & Significance of the Socialist Insecurity Number

University of Texas at Austin SIN (Socialist Insecurity Number) remediation project

Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC)

None of Your Business (NOYB Vienna)/European Center for Digital Rights

International Society for Individual Liberty

Free State Project: Liberty in our Life-Time

Fully-Informed Jury Association (FIJA)

Jury Duty

UTexas FIJA info

Sweat-Shop Watch on the Fair Labor Association
Worker Rights Consortium
Edward J. Markey on privacy
Patient Privacy Rights Foundation
Business Week Privacy Matters Daily Briefing
No Left Turn

Electronic Frontier Foundation

Computers, Freedom & Privacy Conference

USA DoJ on Privacy Act of 1974
more from USA DoJ
US Office of Personnel Management on Privacy Act of 1974 (which has been amended to nullification)

Liberty Amendment
Ron Paul on the issues

Eagle Forum

United American Patriots

the right -- recognized by the USA Constitution -- to own and carry arms
Clayton E. Cramer; defense web logger
Foundation for Liberty and American Greatness
Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership
Constitutional Sheriffs & Peace Officers Association
Keep & Bear Arms
Neal Knox Firearms Coalition
2nd Amendment Foundation
Gun Owners of America (GOA)
National African American Gun Association (NAAGA)
Black Guns Matter
National Rifle Association Institute for Legislative Action
Contemporary LongRifle Association
American LongRifle Association
National Muzzle-Loading Rifle Association
National Shooting Sports Federation
Dana Loesch: NRA TV: the 2nd amendment (videos)
US Practical Shooting Association
Mobile Pistol Shooters Association
InterNational Defensive Pistol Association
Chicago Guns Matter

comparing arms & ammunition
Chris Knox on "AK-47 fire-power" (video)
"M-1 Garand & AK-47 (7.62mm) vs. M16 (5.56mm): semi-automatic vs. fully-automatic" 2 challenges: disassembly+reassembly blind-folded, "stopping power", control under full-auto firing 30 rounds; gunnery sergeant R. Lee Ermey (video)
"M-16 vs. AR-15 piercing thin sheet-metal" (video)
"M-16 vs. AR-15 damage on steel" (video)
"9 mm vs. .45 (caliber/inch) ACP" (video)
"10 mm vs. .45 (caliber/inch) ACP" (video)

shot-guns "shot-gun shells explained" (video)
"types of shot-gun shells" (video)
bird-shot vs. buck-shot (video)
"10 gauge vs. 12 gauge vs. 20 gauge vs. 410 shot-gun" (video)
"interior wall penetration tests" with various shot-size in 12 gauge shot-gun (video)
granular impact and behavior of bird-shot in wax matrix (video)
shot-gun handling (video)

arms safety
National Shooting Sports Federation arms safety videos
Midway USA arms safety videos
NRA Family: know your arms safety rules
USA Shooting: safety tips & video
NRA: safety rules
Glock: safety training
Clint Smith of Thunder Ranch on arms safety (video)
hand-gun safety (video)
4 basic rules of arms safety (video)
10 commandments of arms safety (video)
Remington 10 commandments of arms safety (video)
Michael Martinez: 10 commandments of arms safety (video)
Michael Martinez: 10 commandments of arms safety (video) (possible alternate URL)
Vapor Trail Tactical: bolt-action rifle safety (video)

Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service
Lee Santo: Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service: #1: 4 universal rules of arms safety (video)
Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service: #2: making sure a firearm is un-loaded (video)
Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service: #3: how to grip (video)
Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service: #4: safety & stance (video)
Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service: #5: 4-stage draw (video)
Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service: #6: safety concerns when firearm is drawn (video)
Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service: #7: sight alignment (video)
Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service: #8: administrative loading (video)
Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service: #9: shooting (video)
Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service: #10: speed re-load with pre-filled magazine (video)
Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service: #10: speed re-load with pre-filled magazine (video) (alternate possible URL)
Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service: #11: empty loading (video)
Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service: #12: tactical re-loading (video)
Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service: #13: primary (most common) malfunction (video)
Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service: #14: administrative unloading (video)
Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service: #14: administrative unloading (video) (possible alternate URL)
Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service: #15: secondary malfunction (video) (hmmm, it appears the video has a malfunction)

Tex Grebner: arms safety, what NOT to do
Tex Grebner: what NOT to do, i.e. I just shot myself (video)
"MadBadVoodo": negligent discharge, i.e. I just shot myself (video)
"TheOl1911": negligent discharge stories 1 (video)
"TheOl1911": negligent discharge stories 2 (video)
"TheOl1911": negligent discharge stories 3 (video)
"TheOl1911": negligent discharge stories 4 (video)
James Yeager on negligent discharges (video)
James Yeager on negligent discharges (video) (alternate URL)
Seamus McAfee: Wide Open Spaces: arms safety mistakes learned the hard way (video)

James Yeager: firearms myths (video)

Made in USA?

All American Clothing & other products Made in the USA
I Love USA Made
Mad in the USA
Working in the USA
USA Patriot Companies
Made in USA?
Buy American
How to Buy American

Buy USA Made
Made in America
Made in USA
Still Made in the USA
USA Stuff
Devvy Kidd
Buy American Mart
My Store
Thomas Register of American Manufacturers
CBS list of products made in the USA
Save American Manufacturing Now
Alliance for American Manufacturing
Alliance for American Manufacturing
Cincinnati Incorporated
Devvy Kidd's Made in the USA links
2nd Vote scorings by a range of criteria.

FTC hearing testimony 1996-06-28
Trade Alert
US Trade Representative testimony 2001-11-05 (pdf)

Boycott India

Mothers Against Illegal Aliens
Illegal Aliens US
Coalition Against Illegal Immigration

Unite Against Amnesty for Illegal Aliens
Americans for Legal Immigration PAC
To report those who hire illegal aliens
1-866-DHS-2-ICE to report immigration or customs violations.
illegal employers

WM Watch
Wake Up WM
Alphabet/Google Watch
No Love For Alphabet/Google
General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS) Watch
My Pillow
Smart Business Practices

Machine Tools/WoodWorking

AP Lazer (LASER engraving machines: wood, plastic, leather, brick, glass, granite, metal)

Baileigh CNC router tables $1,500-$50K

Carbide 3D

CNC CookBook

Maker Masters

Octane Seating woodworking guide

Shop Bot CNC machine tools

Smithy, AutoMate CNC, Detroit Machine Tools

Tormach CNC machine tools

WoodCraft power-tools (including Axiom, Piranha, Next Waves...)

Eric Meier: Wood Data-Base


Mike's Weather Page/ Spaghetti Models

Hurricane watching at NOAA

BlitzOrtung Lightning Storms in near real-time
National Hurricane Center
satellite false color
Hurricane on Demand
Florida Weather Alerts
Arbor Doctor
GreenCast/ Syngenta soil temperature maps


Wild-Fire News
USGS Geo-Spatial Multi-Agency Co-Ordination
Wild-Fire Central
National Inter-Agency Fire Center
NOAA Fire & Weather Links
NOAA Current Events Imagery

Quakes & Volcanoes

Mt. Saint Helens web-cam
Kilauea camera
Kilauea panorama

National Earth Quake Information Center
recent quakes
US drought monitor at U of Nebraska at Lincoln


Ballot Access News

Black Box Voting

Vote Fraud

Verified Voting


Third Party Ticket: More Choices and More Voices

Third Party Watch

Guide to American Political Parties

Keele Guide to US Political Parties

USA Political Parties

Noodle Links

USA Politics Today

Politics 1

"Politics Everyone Can Enjoy"

Political Cross-Fire

Voters Unite


Fab Pedigree

Family Search

Family Tree DNA

Famous Kin

Find A Grave

DNA Explained

DNA Weekly



Dickinson College: House Divided

the peerage

WaterShed DNA

Scott Fisher's Extreme Genes (podcast)


Architosh mechanical CAD
Architosh Mac CAD
Architosh Mac 3D

Liberty Legal Foundation

Landmark Legal Foundation
Judicial Watch
Trail Life USA
Down-Size DC
Sick of Spending
Floridians Unite Orlando Tea Party
Cincinnati OH Tea Party
One Percent for Liberty
Americans for a Balanced Budget Amendment
Consumers for Cable Choice

Constitution Society

Founding Fathers

30K-50K citizens per House district

National Motorists Association
Eric Peters on autos
Association of Mature USA Citizens (AMAC)

African-American engineers
Famous Engineers - Invisible but Essential
(FindAGrave: scientists & inventors)  

Adopt US Kids
Bravo Company Manufacturing (BCM)
Express VPN
Keep the USA the USA
GearBubble screen-printing on demand
A Smart Nashville
Custom Ink screen-printing on demand
Rational Ground
BitChute (? might be intellictual property thieves ?)
Brave web browser

American Tradition Institute; Liberty, Property, Industry

Ayn Rand Institute

Christians United for Israel

Atlas Economic Research Foundation

How to reach a human at telephone customer service centers

Crony Socialism vs. Capitalism

Colleges/Universities with Highest Reported Crime

Master's degree program in "project management"

Work IT Events

Convention of States

Petition to Abolish the Federal Reserve

Declaration of Repudiation of Climate Change Convention

Avalon Project

CASA net public relations resource guide

How to ask politicians tough questions

Math Tutoring by E-Mail
Math the Musical

Powers of 10: National High Magnetic Field Laboratory
Molecular Expressions

Virolog. ws

FDA safety recalls

Edu Wizards: tutoring services

Proper Channel: diagramming for effective collaboration & goal-seeking

BLS links to international data

iBusiness graphs

Business Cycle Indicators on Labor Force, Employment and UnEmployment

Do It YourSelf Repair & Improve
Fix Ya trouble-shooting info
Do it yourself network
Do it yourself
Do it yourself planner
Car Repair Pal
Home Advisor . com

Different uses for commonly available products

military phonetic alphabet: alfa, bravo, charlie, delta... (about)
more (U CA Santa Cruz)
more (King's college/Columbia)

American FolkLore

IIE North American Labor under NAFTA

US Steel Industry

Cherry production PDF

nocklebeast selected articles

Gary Johnson's Brave New Work World

Uni Leaks

Allergy Capitals

United Insurance Policy Payers
United Insurance Policy Payers

Bad Faith Insurance (& Malicious Bad Faith Insurance)


"True peace is not merely the absence of tension; it is the presence of justice." --- Martin Luther King ii
"Peace is not the absence of conflict.   Peace is the presence of justice." -- president Jack Ryan in "Air Force One"

job interview questions from Indian site

How To Ask Better Questions

"Successful people ask better questions, and, as a result, they get better answers." --- Tony Robbins

How to form better questions
Smart Questions

How To Ask Questions the Smart Way
Information Week

Guide for Students
Guide for Teachers

Teaching Students To Ask Better Questions
Better Student Questions
More from Laura Greene on Better Questions

Book for Sales-People
Better Questions When Buying a Business (audio)

Better Questions for Ad Agencies to Ask Clients
Better Questions for Business & Presidential Debates

Better Questions for Journalists
Asking Better Interview Questions

Ask Yourself Better Questions
Asking Better Questions About the World

Questions for Writers to Ask About Their Characters

Quotes on Questions

Venture Capital

Private Equity Week
Private Equity Central
Venture Capital Central
Alternative Assets Network

Career Sites

Our Experience Counts
Open Directory job search sites

Skills Profiler
The Career Key
Keirsey Temperament Sorter
Self-Directed Search -- Costs
Transformation Coaching
Barbara Sher
Campbell Interest and Skill Survey (CISS) -- Costs

Engineer Salary
Michigan Start Pages

Salary Expert
Salary 2020
Pay Wizard (requires evil MSFT JavaScript)
Info Week IT Salaries (slow, incomplete)
National Assn of Realtors Salary Calculator
Chemistry Careers
Books on Career Management & related topics

Today in American History

Sun-Rise and Sun-Set

Benny Gillies book-store in Kirkpatrick Durham

Marion Robert Morrison / John Wayne (son of Clyde Morrison & Mary Brown) b: 1907-05-26 in Winterset, IA


Donors Choose: directed charity for education

Physics Open Lab


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