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Macintosh / UNIX / Linux Software Product Developer
Objective Target Experience Skills


I am a software product developer seeking a long-term Mac OS X or iOS or UNIX software product development and maintenance position in less-over-crowded middle USA.
Experienced on the Macintosh and UNIX platforms and with the following technologies: Fortran, C / C++ / Objective-C, HTML, SQL, PHP, Pascal, Perl, and Python.
Interested primarily in developing apps for science, engineering, CAD/CAM/CAE, electricity utilities, and economics. (Not custom software development, not gig/ temp/ contract/ consulting, not tech support, not SQA, not privacy violation schemes, not coastal, not Chicagoland.)


TARGET JOB Target Job Titles: Software Engineer, Analyst,
Software Product Developer,
Feature-Set Development Manager,
Release Manager, Technical Writer
Desired Job Type: Employee (i.e. NOT contract, contingent, consulting, gig)
Desired Status: Full-Time, Long-Term
Location: Heartland USA (corn-belt, lake states, Eastern prairie, +KY +TN, roughly 35°N-44°N, 79.5°W-97°W; NOT DC (DelMarVa), NOT NYC, NOT Chicagoland, NOT California, NOT Portland, NOT Seattle).
Willing to Be Relocated: Yes
Career Level Mid Career (10+ years of experience)
Date of Availability: Immediately
Description of my perfect job:
I would like to develop cutting edge, ethical applications for scientific and engineering fields, working with other bright, talented individuals in a dynamic, collegial environment.

Company Size: 3-12 person teams, 64 employees to 100,000 employees
Category: Computers, Software Products, Software Publishers
Description of my ideal company:
An organization with highly motivated employees who are developing ethical, leading edge software products (COTS/click-wrap/shrink-wrap) that are used and enjoyed by many people to improve our lives.

USA Citizen I am "authorized" to work in the USA with any employer, and eligible for security clearance (have held DoD Confidential & Secret, and DoE Q but they have expired).

EXPERIENCE     San Diego, CA
Software Engineer  

  • Developed text editors and word processors for Mac OS 7, 8, 9 and OS X (C, C++, Objective-C, assembly language).
  • Helped write and manage the distribution of the company e-newsletter.
  • Miscellaneous system administration.
  • Occasional tech support (back-up).
  • Occasional mentoring of other software developers.

  Added this: more document analysis statistics reporting

  Improved that:

  • HTML generation.
  • Support for import of sounds, images, and multi-media into word processing documents.
  • Search & Replace.
    • Greatly expanded size limits on search specifications.
    • Improved handling of general expressions (a la GREP) in search.
  • Foot-notes.
  • File catalog.
  • Rich-Text import-export.
  • File difference / comparison.

  Best aspects of the work:

  • good products
  • constant learning
  • bright co-workers
  • flexible schedule
  • multi-lingual customer-base and application support

      Tallahassee, FL
  • Helped individuals and small businesses set up and configure their new micro-computers.
  • Researched and advised on network access options.
  • Anayzed and enhanced data-bases and added standard reports.

  Best aspects of the work:

  • flexible schedule
  • interesting people

      Tallahassee, FL
Lead Hot-Line Consultant
  • Trained and mentored other consultants.
  • Analyzed, located and solved problems using computers and networks.
  • Wrote small programs for data analysis (Fortran, C).
  • Helped professors & graduate students run statistical analyses (SPSS, SAS, Minitab).
  • Miscellaneous minor system administration.
  • Enhanced and maintained system for tracking hardware problems.

  Best aspects of the work:

  • mentoring others
  • access to many different brands & kinds of systems

    Control Data Kansas City, KS;
  Corporation St. Louis, MO;
Senior Analyst         < font size=3>⋐⋑ Arden Hills, MN

System administration, functionality demonstration, performace testing, customer support, software quality assurance, software development (held DoE Q security clearance).

  Developed this:

  • CAD/CAM design file translator product (Fortran, assembly language, French/English/German)
  • system usage / accounting analysis and report generation (Fortran, shell script, system administration),
  • cross-platform SQA test library & testing system (Fortran, C, assembly language, shell scripts, source code library),
  • small programs and shell script equivalents to define relational data bases and load engineering data into them (Fortran, assembly language, shell script equivalent)

  Improved that: Wrote functions to improve time-stamp handling in system accounting report generator and CAD/CAM/CAE software.

  Activity Areas:

  • helped engineering customers develop and maintain their shell scripts (and shell script equivalents)
  • prepared & ran custom demonstrations and tests for major customers to provide proof of functionality & performance
  • prepared multi-millon dollar system sales proposal packages
  • helped engineering customers with their programming problems
  • assisted mechanical engineers in use of our CAD/CAM/CAE systems
  • improved communications between customers and developers through liaison activities
  • taught mechanical & electronics engineers the use of relational data bases
  • helped software developers and SQA testers in programming and use of shell scripts (and shell script equivalents)

  Special Training:

  • System Installation, Analysis & Administration (for super-computers; module 3 of 3-part sequence)
  • Data-base Analysis & Design (NIAM/Halpin Object-Role Modeling, SIR analysis and tuning)
  • Data-base Tuning
  • Mechanical CAD/CAM/CAE - Advanced Design
  • TQM

  Best aspects of the work:

  • team-work, collegiality (working with some top-12 people in the field)
  • great products
  • speeded development
  • being a respected member of a great huge conglomerate

    NASA/Langley Research Center,
Florida State Government
Programmer/Analyst (held DoD confidential and Secret clearances)
  • Programmer and mentor to programmers & analysts at state Public Utility Commission.
  • System Administrator and Programming Consultant at NASA Langley Research Center (Secret clearance, Fortran, assembly language, machine language on RISC systems).
  • SQA (Fortran, assembly language, source code library management).
  • Ported Minitab from IBM mainframe to Cyber super-computer (Fortran and assembly language).
  • Assisted professors and students in use of statistical packages (SPSS, Minitab).
  • Custom programming and consulting (Fortran, assembly language).
  • Mentored university computer consultants (Fortran, Pascal, assembly language, APL, SNOBOL, BASIC, SPSS...).
  • Econometric programming (Fortran, Pascal).
  • Tutored Fortran & assembly language.
  • Taught short seminars on using text editors, back-up utilities.

  Best aspects of the work:

  • team-work
  • mentoring
  • flexible schedule
  • interesting, worthwhile projects
  • research
  • puzzle solving

studies & readings in computer science, software development, project management, etc.

studies & readings in sciences

studies & readings in economics
Skill Name Skill Level Experience
Macintosh Advanced 10+ years
Fortran Advanced 10+ years
Metrowerks CodeWarrior Advanced 5+ years
C Advanced 10+ years
Pascal Advanced 5+ years
COMPASS assembly language Advanced 3+ years
SQL Advanced 10+ years
HTML Advanced 10+ years
UNIX (AT&T, BSD, Irix, Solaris, AIX, Linux) Advanced 10+ years
Xcode Intermediate 10+ years
C++ Intermediate 4+ years
Mac OS X Intermediate 10+ years
C++ Intermediate 5+ years
Perl Intermediate 2 years
Apache Intermediate rusty
SPSS & SAS & Minitab Intermediate 10+ years
User Interface Design Intermediate 10+ years
PHP Intermediate rusty
Objective-C Intermediate 10 years
Cocoa Intermediate 10 years
iOS/Cocoa Touch Novice 2 months
Python Beginner months
POWER assembly language Beginner rusty
Java Novice Negligible
PL/SQL Novice Negligible
XML Intermediate Negligible
Swift Beginner Negligible
NIAM/ORML/ERWin Intermediate 2+ years
Update (source code library/configuration management/version control) Advanced 3+ years
Modify (SCL/CM/VC) Expert 8+ years
CIM/ICEM Development Environment (SCU/SCL/CM/VC) Expert 2 years
CIM/ICEM Software QA environment Expert invented & developed

"Plenty of profiles of individual businesses were written in support of congruence.   But in the first study that systematically examined a broad swath of organizations across an industry, researchers who studied cultural congruence at 334 institutions of higher education found that it had no influence on any measure of organizational success whatsoever.   Administrators, department heads, and trustees in strongly congruent institutions did have an easier time classifying the culture when asked, but there was no impact at all on performance, from the academic and career development of students to the satisfaction of faculty and the financial health of the college.   The researcher who led that work went on to study thousands of businesses.   She found that the most effective leaders and organizations had range; they were, in effect, paradoxical.   They could be demanding and nurturing, orderly and entrepreneurial, even hierarchical and individualistic all at once." --- David J. Epstein 2019 _Range: Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World_ pg255   (citing K.S. Cameron & S.J. Freeman 1991 "Cultural Congruence, Strength, and Type: Relationships to Effectiveness" _Research in Organizational Change and Development_ vol5 pp23-58;   K.S. Cameron & R.E. Quinn 2011 _Diagnosing and Changing Organizational Culture_)

Systems Analysis/SysAdmin Cert.
Systems Analysis/
SysAdmin Cert.
NIAM/Nijssen/Halpin/ORM data-base analysis & design Cert.
data-base analysis
& design Cert.

Hobbies & Interests: reading, books, maps, wood-working, walking/hiking, studying ethics, the Enlightenment, law, economics, operating systems (particularly aspects at the edge of hardware & software), neuro-physiology, weight-lifting, gardening, biology, bio-chemistry, bio-chemical path-ways & regulation & mis-regulation, medicine, physiology, genetics, epigenetics, nutrition, physics, human languages, applied mathematics, history of mathematics, structural engineering/architecture, mechanical engineering, CAD/CAM/CAE, product design & re-design, printing, manufacturing, SF, music, history, criminology, movie-making, screen-writing, genealogy.

Order of the Arrow
BSA Order
of the Arrow
Eagle Scout
Eagle Scout
Past Master
Alpha Chi Sigma
Alpha Chi Sigma
professional chemistry fratsority

BSA Order of the
Arrow patches

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DeMolay PMC,
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knighthood baldric

Alpha Chi Sigma pin

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