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updated: 2021-06-13

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5 smiles is excellent, 3 smiles is a middling good rating, 1 smile, on this page, means I haven't decided yet.

ScoreAuth/EdAuth/EdAuth/EdAuth/Ed Title
H4.0, E3.0, R1.2KarenArmstrong   Buddha
H4.0, E3.0, R1.2KarenArmstrong  AnHistory of God
H4.0, E3.0, R3.0 ArtScroll   Pirkei Avos/Pirqi Abot

ScoreAuth/EdAuth/EdAuth/EdAuth/Ed Title
H4.0, E3.0, R2.2MichaelBagentRichardLeighTheDead Sea Scrolls Deception
H4.0, E3.0, R3.5MarkBatterson  TheCircle Maker: Praying Circles Around Your Biggest Dreams and Greatest Fears (226 pages; 248.32 Bat; Main)
H3.5, E2.0, R1.7Charlotte JokoBeck   EveryDay Zen
H3.5, E2.0, R2.2DovBer the Mittler Rebbe of LubavitchHaBachur HaTamim BenjaminWalters, HaBacnur Hatamim Mordechai Markel & Yossi Markel Kuntres Ha Hispaalus (Tract on Awakening)
H3.5, E3.0, R1.4DovBerthe Mittler Rebbe of Lubavitch  New Kabbalah Series Based on Shaar Ha Yichud (Gate of Unity)
H3.0, E2.7, R1.0YehudaBerg  TheWay of the Kabbalist (200 pages; 296.16)
H3.0, E2.7, R1.4ErichBischoff  TheKabbala
H3.0, E2.7, R2.8HaroldBloomTheBook of J

ScoreAuth/EdAuth/EdAuth/EdAuth/Ed Title
H4.0, E3.0, R2.3ThomasCahillTheGifts of the Jews (275 pages; 909.04924)
H3.0, E2.0, R2.4JonathanCahnTheBook of Mysteries (365 pages; hard)
H4.0, E3.0, R2.4Yvonne PatriciaChireauNathanielDeutschBlack Zion: African American Religious Encounters with Judaism_ (225 pages)
H4.0, E3.0, R1.4James H.Cone   God of the Oppressed

ScoreAuth/EdAuth/EdAuth/EdAuth/Ed Title
H4.0, E3.0, R3.5Hayim HaLevyDonin   To Pray As a Jew (365 pages; 296.4)
H4.0, E3.0, R4.1Hayim HaLevyDonin   To Be a Jew: A Guide to Jewish Observance in Contemporary Life_ (316 pages; 296.7; hard)
H3.0, E2.0, R1.2DianeDreher  TheTao of Peace
H3.0, E2.0, R1.1DianeDreher  TheTao of Personal Leadership

ScoreAuth/EdAuth/EdAuth/EdAuth/Ed Title
H3.0, E2.0, R2.5WilliamEisen  TheEnglish Cabalah
H4.0, E3.0, R1.5Robert H.Eisenman  TheDead Sea Scrolls and the First Christians
H3.0, E2.0, R1.5MirceaEliadeTheSacred & the Profane: The Nature of Religion

ScoreAuth/EdAuth/EdAuth/EdAuth/Ed Title
H4.0, E3.0, R2.2Bruce S.Feiler   Where God Was Born: A Daring Adventure Through the Bible's Greatest Stories (390 pages; 200.956 hard)
H4.0, E3.0, R2.5IsraelFinkelsteinNeil AsherSilbermanTheBible UnEarthed: Archaeology's new Vision of Ancient Israel and the Origin of Its Sacred Texts
H4.0, E3.0, R3.4IsraelFinkelsteinNeil AsherSilberman David and Solomon: In Search of the Bible's Sacred Kings and the Roots of the Western Tradition (352 pages; 222.067)
H3.5, E3.0, R2.0ReuvenFirestoneReuvenFeuerstein Who Are the Real Chosen People?: The Meaning of Chosenness in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam (156 pages; 202.2 Fir; Main)
H4.0, E3.0, R1.1AntonyFlewGod & Philosophy

ScoreAuth/EdAuth/EdAuth/EdAuth/Ed Title
H2.5, E2.5, R2.0LaurenceGardner   BloodLine of the Holy Grail
H4.0, E3.0, R1.5Christian D.Ginsburg  TheKabbalah




ScoreAuth/EdAuth/EdAuth/EdAuth/Ed Title
H3.0, E2.5, R3.0KennethHanson  Kabbalah: 3K Years of Mystic Tradition (260 pages)
H4.0, E3.0, R3.5LisHarris  Holy Days: The World of a Hasidic Family (266 pages)
H4.0, E3.0, R3.9Abraham JoshuaHeschelMorris M.Faierstein & David Wolf SilvermanProphetic Inspiration After the Prophets: Maimonides and Other Medieval Authorities (157 pages; 296.311; Main)
ScoreAuth/EdAuth/EdAuth/EdAuth/Ed Title
H4.0, E3.0, R1.3ThomasJeffersonDanMarshallTheNew Jefferson Bible (137 pages)
H4.0, E3.0, R1.1DonovanJoyce  TheJesus Scroll



ScoreAuth/EdAuth/EdAuth/EdAuth/Ed Title
H4.0, E3.0, R2.4JonathanKirsch   God against the Gods: The History of the War between MonoTheism and PolyTheism (320 pages; 291.14 Kir; Main)
H4.0, E3.0, R3.5Alfred J.Kolatch  TheConcise Family Seder_/_Haggadah, English & Hebrew (296.437 Hag; Main)
ScoreAuth/EdAuth/EdAuth/EdAuth/Ed Title
H3.0, E2.0, R2.5ShoniLabowitz   Miraculous Living: A Guided Journey in Kabbalah through 10 Gates of the Tree of Life (334 pages; ISBN 0684814447; Simon&Schuster; 296.7 Lab; Jax)
H4.5, E3.0, R3.5JohnLockeC.B.MacPherson 2nd Treatise on Government (124 pages)

ScoreAuth/EdAuth/EdAuth/EdAuth/Ed Title
H4.5, E3.0, R3.5MichelleMalkin   Invasion: How America Still Welcomes Terrorists, Criminals, And Other Foreign Menaces To Our Shores (332 pages; 672KB)
H3.0, E2.0, R2.2Menachem MendelMarkel   Kabbalah Mini-Series for the Average Person
H3.0, E2.0, R3.7S.L. MacGregorMathers  TheKabbala UnVeiled
H4.5, E3.0, R1.5JonMeacham   American Gospel: God, the Founding Fathers, and the Making of a Nation (273 pages of text, 115 pages of end-notes and bibliography; 322.1097)
H4.5, E3.0, R3.5AlanMorinis   Climbing Jacob's Ladder: One Man's Journey to ReDiscover a Jewish Spiritual Tradition (mussar; 225 pages; 296.8 Mor; hard)

ScoreAuth/EdAuth/EdAuth/EdAuth/Ed Title
H4.0, E3.5, R1.5AndrewNewberryEugene d'Aquili & Vince Rause  Why God Won't Go Away
H4.0, E3.0, R1.5AdamNicolson   God's Secretaries: The Making of the King James Bible (260 pages; 220.5203 Nic)

ScoreAuth/EdAuth/EdAuth/EdAuth/Ed Title
H4.0, E2.7, R1.7RudolfOtto  TheIdea of the Holy

ScoreAuth/EdAuth/EdAuth/EdAuth/Ed Title
H3.5, E3.0, R4.2R' AaronParry  TheTalmud
H3.5, E3.0, R3.0Frances E.Peters/Frank E. Peters  TheChildren of Abraham: Judaism, Christianity, Islam (201.4)



ScoreAuth/EdAuth/EdAuth/EdAuth/Ed Title
H4.0, E3.0, R3.5JonathanSacks  ALetter in the Scroll (220 pages; 296)
H4.0, E3.0, R3.5PaulSteinbergJanet GreensteinPotter, et al.Celebrating the Jewish Year: The Fall Holidays (234 pages)
H3.0, E2.5, R1.5CarlosSuaresThe 2nd Coming of Reb YHSHWH

T H4.0, E3.5, R2.5JosephTelushkin  The10 Commandments of Character: Essential Advice for Living an Honorable, Ethical, Honest Life_ (317 pages; 296.36 Tel; Main) H4.0, E3.5, R4.5JosephTelushkin  TheBook of Jewish Values: A Day-by-Day Guide to Ethical Living (544 pages; 296.36 Tel; Main+NE)







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