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updated: 2014-06-21

Apple _Xcode 2.0 User Guide_
Apple _CFNetwork Programming Guide_
Apple _NSNetServices & CVNetServices Programming Guide_
Apple _Bonjour Overview_
Apple _CFStream Reference_
Aspray, Mayadaas, Vardi et al. - _Globalization & Off-Shoring of Software_
Apple _DNS Service Discovery Programming Guide
Apple _Memory Management Programming Guide for Core Foundation_
Apple _Memory Management Programming Guide for Cocoa_
Apple _Cocoa Objects_
Apple _Cocoa Design Patterns_
Apple _Cocoa Fundamentals Guide_
Apple _Archiving & Serialization Programming Guide for Cocoa_
Philip J. Schneider _NURB Curves_
Apple _Cocoa Drawing Guide_
Apple _Quartz 2D Programming Guide_
Apple _FireWire Device Interface Guide_
Apple _Cocoa Event-Handling Guide_
Apple _NSPersistentDocument Core Data Tutorial_
Apple _Key-Value Coding Programming Guide_
Apple _Predicate Programming Guide_
Apple _Core Data Programming Guide_
Apple _I/O Kit Fundamentals_
Apple _Mass Storage Device Driver Programming Guide_
Apple _Accessing Hardware from Applications_
Apple _Kernel Extension Programming Topics_
Apple _Kernel Programming Guide_
Apple _Cocoa Drawing Guide_
Apple _Device File Access Guide for Serial Devices_
Apple _Device File Access Guide for Storage Devices_
Pierre Chatelier _From C++ to Objective-C_
Apple _I/O Kit Device Driver Design GuideLines_
Apple _Resolution Independence GuideLines_
Apple _Xcode Project Management Guide_
Apple _Animation Overview_
Apple _Core Animation Programming Guide_
SystemSoft & Intel _Universal Serial Bus Common Class Specification_
James E. Thornton _Design of a Computer: CDC6600_
IEEE Computer Society & ACM _Computing Curricula 2001: Computer Science_
ACM, IEEE Computer Society, Australian Computer Society, the British Computer Society, & the Information Processing Society of Japan _Software Engineering 2004: Curriculum GuideLines for Under-Graduate Degree Programs in Software Engineering_
Patrick McDaniel, Matt Blaze, Giovanni Vigna et al.EVEREST: Evaluation and Validation of Election-Related Equipment, Standards and Testing (pdf)
professor W. Kahan _Lecture Notes on the Status of IEEE Standard 754 for Binary Floating-Point Arithmetic_
OpenGL ARB _OpenGL Programming Guide_ (The Red Book)

Paula E. Stephan & Sharon G. Levin "How Science Is Done; Why Science is Done" _Striking the Mother Lode in Science: The Importance of Age, Time, and Place_
Grant C. Black & Paula E. Stephan et al. _BioInformatics: Recent Trends in Programs, Placements & Job Opportunities_
Paula E. Stephan & Grant C. Black 1999 May _Hiring Patterns Experienced by Students Enrolled in BioInformatics/Computational Biology Programs_
Albert Rees "The Meaning and Measurement of Full Employment" from _The Measurement and Behavior of Unemployment_
Richard C. Wilcock "The Secondary Labor Force and the Measurement of Unemployment" from _The Measurement and Behavior of Unemployment_
Louis J. Ducoff & Margaret Jarman Hagood "The Meaning & Measurement of Partial & Disguised Unemployment" from _The Measurement and Behavior of Unemployment_
Gertrude Bancroft "Current Unemployment Statistics of the Census Bureau and Some Alternatives" from _The Measurement and Behavior of Unemployment_
Jennifer Ma & Paula E. Stephan _The Growing Post-Doctorate Population at US Research Universities_
Peter Brimelow _Alien Nation_
James Quinn 2008-08-14 "The Great Consumer Crash of 2009"
April M. Franco & Matthew F. Mitchell 2008-03-14 "Covenants not to Compete, Labor Mobility, and Industry Dynamics"
Herbert S. Parnes "UnEmployment Data from the Employment Security Program" from _The Measurement and Behavior of Unemployment_
Stanley Lebergott "Annual Estimates of UnEmployment in the United States, 1900-1954" from _The Measurement and Behavior of Unemployment_
Walter Galenson & Arnold Zellner "International Comparison of Unemployment Rates" from _The Measurement and Behavior of Unemployment_
Philip M. Hauser "Differential UnEmployment and Characteristics of the UnEmployed in the United States, 1940-1954" from _The Measurement and Behavior of Unemployment_
David L. Kaplan "UnEmployment by Industry -- Some Comments on Its Measurement and Behavior" from _The Measurement and Behavior of Unemployment_
Louis Levine "UnEmployment by Locality and Industry" from _The Measurement and Behavior of Unemployment_
Warren W. Eason "Labor Force Materials for the Study of UnEmployment in the Soviet Union" from _The Measurement and Behavior of Unemployment_
William A. Berridge, Abraham L. Gitlow, Elizabeth J. Slotkin, Conrad Taeuber, Morris H. Hansen, Paul S. Taylor, A. Ross Eckler, James Tobin "Additional Comments" from _The Measurement and Behavior of Unemployment_
Max L. Carey & Kim L. Hazelbaker 1986 April "Employment growth in the temporary help industry" _Monthly Labor Review_
Wayne J. Howe 1986 April "The business services industry sets pace in employment growth" _Monthly Labor Review_
Wayne J. Howe 1986 November "Temporary help workers: who they are, what jobs they hold" _Monthly Labor Review_
John Tschetter 1987 December "Producer services industries: Why are they growing so rapidly?" _Monthly Labor Review_
GAO 1991-03-08 "Many in Contingent Employment Lack Insurance, Other Benefits"
Chris Tilly 1991 March "Reasons for the continuing growth of part-time employment" _Monthly Labor Review_
Susan Houseman & Machiko Osawa 1995 October "Part-time and temprary employment in Japan" _Monthly Labor Review_
Sheila McConnell 1996 August "The role of computers in reshaping the work force" _Monthly Labor Review_
Laura Freeman 1996 August "Job creation and the emerging home computer market" _Monthly Labor Review_
William C. Goodman 1996 August "The software and engineering industries threatened by technological change?" _Monthly Labor Review_
Ron L. Hetrick 1996 August "Employment in high-tech defense industries in a post cold war era" _Monthly Labor Review_
Francisco A. Moris 1996 August "Semiconductors" _Monthly Labor Review_
Jacqueline Warnke 1996 August "Computer manufacturing: change and competition" _Monthly Labor Review_
Donald Lyons & Bill Luker 1996 November "Employment in R&D-intensive high-tech industries in Texas" _Monthly Labor Review_
Carlos Garriga, William T. Gavin & Don Schlagenhauf "Recent Trends in HomeOwnership" _Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Review_ 2006 September/October, 88(5), pp. 397-411
Jonathan L. Willis & Julie Wroblewski FRBKC 2007Q1 "What Happened to the Gains from Strong Productivity Growth?"
William Luker & Donald Lyons 1997 June "Employment shifts in high-technology indusries, 1988-1996" _Monthly Labor Review_ pp 12 et seq.
Angela Clinton "Flexible Labor [i.e. Body Shopping]: restructuring [subjugating] the American work force" 1997 August _Monthly Labor Review_
Joseph R. Meisenheimer "The services industry in the ‘good’ versus ‘bad jobs debate" 1998 February _Monthly Labor Review_
Marianne A. Ferber & Jane Waldfogel "The long-term consequences of non-traditional employment" 1998 May _Monthly Labor Review_
Sharon R. Cohany "Workers in alternative employment arrangements: a second look" 1998 November _Monthly Labor Review_
Richard Ellis & B. Lindsay Lowell 1999 January "Core Occupations of the US Information Technolgy Work-Force"
Douglas J. Braddock 1992 February "Scientific and technical employment, 1990-2005" _Monthly Labor Review_
Ronald E. Kutscher 1993 November "The American work force, 1992-2005: Historical trends, 1950-1992, and current uncertainties" _Monthly Labor Review_
Daniel Hecker 1999 June "High-technology employment: a broader view" _Monthly Labor Review_
Marisa DiNatale 2001 March "Characteristics of and preference for alternative work arrangements, 1999" _Monthly Labor Review_
Bonnie Sue Gariety & Sherrill Shaffer 2001 March "Wage differentials associated with flextime" _Monthly Labor Review_
Lonnie Golden 2001 March "Flexible work schedules: what are we trading off to get them?" _Monthly Labor Review_
Ryan T. Helwig 2001 June "Worker displacement in a strong labor market" _Monthly Labor Review_
Mitra Toossi 2002 May "A century of change: the US labor force, 1950-2050" _Monthly Labor Review_
Daniel E. Hecker 2005 July "High-technology employment: a NAICS-based update" _Monthly Labor Review_

Henry Theodore Tuckerman 1871 _The Life of John Pendleton Kennedy_
Jacob Isidor Mombert 1869-05-27 _An Authentic History of Lancaster County, in the State of Pennsylvania_
Charles A. Hanna _The Wilderness Trail_ vol 1
Virgil Anson Lewis _History of West Virginia_
William Meade 1891 _Old Churches, Ministers and Families of Virginia_
Louise Pecquet du Bellet 1907 _Some Prominent Virginia Families_ vol2
David McCullough 2005 _1776_
Louise Pecquet du Bellet 1907 _Some Prominent Virginia Families_ vol4
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Richard Lathrop _Who's Hiring Whom_
see career books

Glenn J. Devlin - "The Alien Diaries"
Elizabeth Southgate - "Warrior Queen"
Sam Morrison - "Strange Attractor"
William A. Miller - "Doc"
Cindy Greene - "Gates of Nirvana"
Gregg R. Bosack - "The 2nd Day"
Christina Ferguson - "Jerry's Kids"
Ann Dillard - "When Darkness Began"
Tim Lazaro - "The Price of Honor"
Dan Baker - "Appointment at Chalmette"
Michael Gibson - "Ambition"
Andrew Chanes - "Breaker Falls"
Ray Fitts - "Id"
Brian Tremblay - "Dead Thieves"
Sarah Louise Kennedy - "The 34th Degree"
Eddy Ames Castellano - "A New Ark Covenant"
John Sankovich - "Gifts"
Catherine Eubanks - "Seeing it Her Way"
James Taylor - "Paper or Plastique: Once Upon a Time in Suburbia"
Jeffrey Petrou - "Squat"
Betsy Morris - "Reactive Duty"
Joe Rendace - "Vow"
Robert W. Welborn - "The Shop"
Marc V. Calderwood - "Emiliano de la Garza and the Genie"
Garry Crystal - "Spiral"
Paul Rooks - "Zer0"

Rudolf Otto (translated by John W. Harvey) - _The Idea of the Holy_
Mircea Eliade - _The Sacred & the Profane: The Nature of Religion_
Keith Laumer - _Beyond the Imperium_
M.C. Rudasill - _The Ultimate Paradigm_
Rita Ceponiene - _Event-related potential (ERP) indices of central auditory development in healthy children and in children with oral clefts_
Richard Purtill - _The Parallel Man_
Lynn Abbey - _Out of Time_ & _Behind Time_ ∓ _Taking Time_
Jean Piaget - _Psychology of Intelligence_
Beasley, Buckless, Glover & Prawitt - _Auditing Cases_
Marion Zimmer Bradley - _Survey Ship_
David Keirsey & Marilyn Bates - _Please Understand Me_
Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation - _The Quilt of the Heart_
Keith R.R.deCandido - _Serenity_
Catherine Parker Anthony & Norma Jane Kolthoff - _TextBook of Anatomy and Physiology_
Clive Cussler - _Shock Wave_, _Inca Gold_, _Sahara_
John Rawls _A [Muddled] Theory of Justice_

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