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Books & Articles Read in 2010

updated: 2017-06-21

Apple 2009-10-19 _Xcode Build System Guide_
Apple 2009-10-19 _Xcode Build Setting Reference_
Apple 2009-05-16 _Undo Architecture_
Apple 2005-12-06 _Search Kit Concepts/Programming Guide_
Apple 2007-06-04 _Attributed Strings Programming Guide_
Apple 2010-01-20 _Key-Value Coding Programming Guide_
Apple 2008-02-08 _Model Object Implementation Guide_
Apple 2009-08-14 _Key-Value Observing_
Apple 2007-04-06 _Value Transformer Programming Guide_

Charles Leiserson & Erik Demaine 2005 Fall (updated 2009 September), MIT SMA5503/6.046J "Introduction to Algorithms" video class lectures and notes
lecture 15 "Dynamic Programming, Longest Common SubSequence"
lecture 16 "Greedy Algorithms, Minimum Spanning Trees"
lecture 17 "Shortest Paths part 1: Properties, Dijkstra's Algorithm, Breadth-first Search"
lecture 18 "Shortest Paths part 2: Bellman-Ford, Linear Programming, Difference Constraints"
lecture 19 "Shortest Paths part 3: All-pairs Shortest Paths, Matrix Multiplication, Floyd-Warshall, Johnson"
lecture 22 Advanced Topics part 1: parallel processing analysis
lecture 23 Advanced Topics part 2
lecture 24 Advanced Topics part 3
lecture 25 Advanced Topics part 4 with discussion of follow-on classes
Thomas H. Cormen, Charles E. Leiserson & Ronald L. Rivest 2000 _Introduction to Algorithms_ (985 pages)
Anany Levitin 2003 _Introduction to the Design & Analysis of Algorithms_
Adam Drozdek 2005 _Data Structures and Algorithms in C++_
Robert Sedgewick 2002 _Algorithms in C_ parts1-4
Robert Sedgewick 2002 _Algorithms in C++_ part5
Jon L. Bentley 1986, 1999 _Programming Pearls_
Charles Richter 1999 _Designing Flexible Object-Oriented Systems with UML_ (380 pages; 005.117)

U of VA CS332 Algorithms
lecture 12 "Skip Lists, Hash Tables"
    William Pugh _Skip Lists: A Probabilistic Alternative to Balanced Trees" (pdf)
lecture 13 "Augmenting Data Structures"
lecture 14 "Augmenting Data Structures: Interval Trees"
lecture 15 "Review for Mid-Term"
lecture 16 "Mid-Term Post-Mortem; Intro to Graph Algorithms"
lecture 17 "Graph Algorithms"
lecture 18 "Topological Sort, Minimum Spanning Tree part 1, Shortest Paths"
lecture 19 "Minimum Spanning Tree part 2, Shortest Paths"
lecture 20 "Dijkstra's Algorithm part 2, Disjoint-Set Union, Return to MST (Kruskal), Amortized Analysis part 1"
lecture 21 "Amortized Analysis part 2, Longest Common Subsequence, Dynamic Programming part 1"
lecture 22 "Dynamic Programming part 2, Greedy Algorithms part 1"
lecture 23 "Greedy Algorithms part 2"
lecture 24 "NP Completeness part 1"
lecture 25 "NP Completeness part 2"
lecture 26 "NP Complete"

Todd H. Goodsell _The Continued Need for H-1B Reform_
Thomas Sowell 1999 _Conquests and Cultures_
Thomas Sowell 2000 _Basic Economics_
Amity Shlaes 1999 _The Greedy Hand_
Amity Shlaes 2007 _The Forgotten Man_
Wayne J. Howe 1986 November _MLR_ "Temporary help workers: who they are, what jobs they hold"
Thomas Sowell 2008 _Applied Economics: Thinking Beyond Stage One_
Ron Hira & Anil Hira 2005 _Out-Sourcing America_
Thomas Sowell 2008 _Economic Facts and Fallacies_
Daniel S. Greenberg 2001 _Science, Money, and Politics: Political Triumph and Ethical Erosion_
Thomas Sowell 2009 _Intellectuals & Society_
Thomas E. Woods 2009 _Melt-Down_
Gary North 2006-01-24 _Lew Rockwell_ "The PhD Glut Revisited"
Ron Hira 2010-02-17 _Bridge to Immigration or Cheap Temporary Labor?: The H-1B & L-1 Visa Are Both (pdf)
Patricia M. Getz & Mark Ulmer 1990 April _MLR_ "Diffusion indices: an economic barometer"
Paul Hadlock, Daniel Hecker & Joseph Gannon 1991 July _MLR_ "High technology employment: another view"
Howard N. Fullerton 1991 November _MLR_ "Labor force projections: the baby boom moves on"
Alan Fechter 1993 February _MLR_ "Shortage of college graduates? More evidence is needed"
Michael G. Finn & Joe G. Baker 1993 February _MLR_ "Future jobs in natural science and engineering: shortage or surplus?"
William Luker & Donald Lyons 1997 June _MLR_ "Employment shifts in high-technology industries, 1988-1996"
Rick Melchionno 1999 Spring _MLR_ "The Changing Temporary WorkForce"
Rachel Krantz 2002 April _MLR_ "Employment in business services: a year of unprecedented decline"

2008-06-13: Steven J. Davis, R. Jason Faberman, John C. Haltiwanger & Ian Rucker: American Enterprise Institute: Adjusted Estimates of Worker Flows and Job Openings in JOLTS (pdf)
2008-06-13: R. Jason Faberman & Eva Natypal: Philadelphia Fed: Quits, Worker Recruitment, and Firm Growth: Theory and Evidence (pdf)
2006 Summer: Steven J. Davis, R. Jason Faberman & John Haltiwanger: U of MD/_Journal of Economic Perspectives_ vol20#3 pp3-26: The Flow Approach to Labor Markets: New Data Sources and Micro-Macro Links (pdf)
2005-06-04: Steven J. Davis, R. Jason Faberman & John Haltiwanger: NBER: The Flow Approach to Labor Markets: New Data Sources, Micro-Macro Links and the Recent Down-Turn (pdf)
Malcolm Gladwell 2008 _Outliers: The Story of Success_
Clyde V. Prestowitz 2005 _3G New Capitalists_
see separate pages

Edward Ball 1999 _Slaves in the Family_
Peter Berresford Ellis 1994 _The Druids_ (280 pages)
Charles Campbell 1860 _History of the Colony and Ancient Dominion of Virginia_ (773 pages in pdf)
Noble E. Cunningham 1987 _In Pursuit of Reason: The Life of Thomas Jefferson_
Jared Diamond 1997 _Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies_ (303.3; 450 pages)
Joseph J. Ellis 2002 _Founding Brothers: The Revolutionary Generation_
David Hackett Fischer 1989, 1991 _Albion's Seed_ (973; 900 pages)
Christopher Gist 1751-1752, 1929, 2000 _The Journal of Christopher Gist, 1750-1751_
Alfred Jackson Hanna 1946 _A Prince in Their Midst_
Arthur Herman 2001 _How the Scots Invented the Modern World_
Richard Channing Moore Page 1893 _Genealogy of the Page Family in Virginia_
J. Lewis Peyton 1882 _History of Augusta county VA_ (421 pages in pdf)
Bryan Sykes 2006 _Saxons, Vikings & Celts: The Genetic Roots of Britain & Ireland_ (599.93)
see separate pages

none this year
see career books

none this year

James H. Cone 1975 _God of the Oppressed_
Artscroll _Pirkei Avos_/_Pirqi Abot_
Michael Baigent & Richard Leigh 1991 _The Dead Sea Scrolls Deception_

Isaac Asimov _Foundation Trilogy_
David Brin _Foundation's Triumph_
Isaac Asimov 1993 _Forward the Foundation_
Brian Jacques _Redwall_
Brian Jacques _Mossflower_
Brian Jacques _Mattimeo_
Brian Jacques 1991, 2000 _Mariel of Redwall_
Rex Stout _Gambit_
Rex Stout _The Mother Hunt_
Marianne Curley 2000, 2002 _Old Magic_
Eric van Lustbader _The Ninja_
Carl Hiaasen _Skin Tight_
Liz Curtis Higgs _Thorn in My Heart_
Liz Curtis Higgs _Fair is the Rose_
Liz Curtis Higgs _Whence Came a Prince_
Rex Stout 1955, 1981 _3 Witnesses_
Roger Zelazny _4 for Tomorrow_
Dorothy L. Sayers _5 Red Herrings_/_Suspicious Characters_
John Buchan 1915 _The 39 Steps_
Vince Flynn 2004 _Memorial Day_ (Mitch Rapp #7)
Vince Flynn 2009 _Pursuit of Honor_ (Mitch Rapp #12)
Vince Flynn 2006 _Act of Treason_ (Mitch Rapp #9)
Vince Flynn 2005 _Consent to Kill_ (Mitch Rapp #8)
Kenneth Robeson 1993 _The Whistling Wraith_
Neil Gaiman 1999 _StarDust_
Ted Bell 2008 _Tsar_
Jack Dann & Gardner Dozois _A.I.s_
David Brin 1983 _StarTide Rising_
Diane Duane 1983, 1996 _So You Want To Be a Wizard_
Walter Scott 1814 _Waverley: 'Tis 50 Years Since_

Vine Deloria & Clifford M. Lytle 1983 _American Indians, American Justice_ (246 pages)
Michael Barone 2005 _Hard America, Soft America: Competition vs. Coddling and the Battle for the Nation's Future_
Louis J. Foreman & Jill Gilbert Welytok 2009 _The Independent Inventor's HandBook_
Mark Reed Levin _Liberty & Tyranny_
Daniel Coyle 2009 _The Talent Code_
Karl Raimund Popper 1962 _Conjectures and Refutations: The Growth of Scientific Knowledge_
Temple Grandin 2009 _Animals Make Us Human_ 636.0832
Bernard Goldberg 2002 _Bias: A CBS Insider Exposes How the Media Distort the News_
James MacGregor Burns 2009 _Packing the Court_
Andrew P. Napolitano 2010 _Lies the Government Told You: Myth, Power and Deception in American History_
Liz Curtis Higgs 2007 _My Heart's in the Lowlands_

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