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1985 February
Richard M. Devens, Carol Boyd Leon & Debbie L. Sprinkle _Monthly Labor Review_
Employment and unemployment in 1984
"Business services, one of the more cyclically sensitive of the service industries, led the division in both magnitude and rate of growth, making up 40% of the division's employment gain in 1984.   A continuing upward trend in personnel supply services -- particularly in temporary help -- [bodyshopping] explained a substantial proportion of business services' growth, although the pace of growth in this industry was a bit slower than in 1983.   The temporary help industry contributed about 1 in 30 of the additional private pay-roll jobs in 1984, down from 1 in 20 during earlier stages of the economic recovery."

_US News & World Report_ pg74
How Safe Are Deposits in Ailing Banks, S&Ls?

Carol Kleiman _Chicago IL Tribune_
Reagan admin worsens bodyshopping

_US News & World Report_ pg11
Ohio Bank Crisis That Ruffled World

1985 May 19
_American Engineering Association NewsLetter_
AEA Employment Watch
"In an effort to counter the myth of a shortage of skilled US workers, the American Engineering Association will maintain files of lay-off articles and articles dealing with shortened [and unpaid lengthened] work-weeks, forced early retirements, salary cuts, etc.   Since the main [dispenser of Engineering Shortage Propaganda] is the American Electronics Association [AeA], we will also flag those companies who retain a membership in that organization, or their parent company or a division of it, etc. is a member.   The totals column entry [20/37] means that 20 of 37 articles for the month were about lay-offs, etc. by members of the American Electronics Association...   We do feel that the files contain an indication of the overall health of the technical job market... 16,854 lay-offs... 20,400 salary freezes... 32,179 lay-offs year-to-date... 32,600 salary freezes to date. 15+ articles mentioning salary cuts."

1985 June 19
_American Engineering Association NewsLetter_
Salary Conspiracy: Pentagon asks contractors to depress salaries
"A recent study of defense firms' salaries yielded the following results: Executives averaged 42% more than executives in other industries, factory workers about 8% more and engineers 2.5% less.   The study was conducted by the GAO...   54,955 lay-offs year-to-date...   'Calhoun, director of business development at Intel Corp., said... that US firms were already accelerating relocation over-seas because of a shortage of engineers here.'   'The shortage is so severe that Intel has been forced to open design facilities in Israel, France and Japan simply due to the availability of highly skilled technical talent.', Calhoun said...   We wonder if Mr. Calhoun or Intel has spoken to any of the 1983 or 1984 engineering grads who were unable to find an engineering job..."

Sandra Sugawara _Los Angeles CA Times_
after 10 years, kepone/chlordecone remains in James riverin Virginia
NIH: kepone chemical disaster in Hopewell, VA
kepone/chlordecone (wikipedia)

Thomas Sowell _National Review_/_Lex Rex_
A Glossary for Translating Political Rhetoric into Plain English

  CAD/CAM/CAE vendor representatives preparing for meeting with engineers of manufacturing customer:
SW Dev Manager: "All they need is 2-D, black & white, wire-frame design for what they do."
Field Engineer/Analyst jgo: "No, they need 3-D, high-resolution (maybe 4K by 4K or more), color, real-time animation, all at a reasonable cost."
in meeting an hour or two later:
Customer Engineer: "We've prepared a short, 90-second video to give you an idea of what we need. It took us several weeks to render using our super-computer, and much more speed would be necessary for regular use. It shows how some simple parts are to be assembled. We should be able to use more colors, shading, and higher resolution so the parts and shapes and how they go together can be more easily seen."


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