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Ken S. Ewert _Freeman_
International Monetary Fund
"It was on 1944 July 1, just 3 weeks after the Allies had landed in Normandy, that the most significant intergovernmental conference of the century began.   The conference took place at Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, and it represented, in the main, the thinking of two individuals, Harry Dexter White and John Maynard Keynes.   Both of these men had grave doubts about the beneficence of market processes and preferred to put their faith in the ability of national and international 'managers' to coordinate the world’s economic affairs...   Because the Fund does not advocate the true prerequisite for economic prosperity—a lawfully constrained government which respects private property—its record as an economic manager is rather poor.   There is every reason to believe that in the absence of the IMF, private lenders would require conditions (in return for further loans) which would be at least as effective in promoting economic health...   Even more important, it has allowed governments the world over to expropriate the wealth of their citizens more efficiently (through the hidden tax of inflation) while at the same time aggrandizing their own power.   There is little doubt that the IMF is an influence for world-wide socialism..."

"[H]oarded sums of money do not lie idle, whether they are regarded from the social or from the individual point of view.   They serve to satisfy a demand for money just as much as any other money does." --- Ludwig von Mises 1934 _The Theory of Money & Credit_ pg 171

David Horowitz _Front Page Magazine_
Reality and Dream presented at the Second Thoughts conference
see also David Horowitz 2013 _The Black Book of the American Left: vol1 My Life and Times_ pp 31 et seq.

1989 May
Robert A. Rivers _Technology Employment_
Conference Board Help Wanted Index Confirms Timing & Level of UnEmployment

John Markoff _NYTimes_
Control Data Corporation to sell Imprimis Technology to Seagate
"[Insane] Executives of Control Data, which is based in Minneapolis, have said frequently in recent months that they have been trying to transform the company from a computer maker into [a bodyshop]."

Constance Holden _AAAS Science_
Wanted: 675K Future Scientists and Engineers: A shortage of technically trained workers is looming, says NSF's Peter House, unless more women and minorities can be attracted to science
"The crisis that is being widely predicted over the next decade is rooted in an incontrovertible demographic fact: because of the low birth rates in the 1960s and 1970s, the college-age population -- the raw material for tomorrow's educated work-force -- is shrinking."
And so, the myth began...jgo

_New American_ pg15
Review of the News: GHWBush signed Financial Institutions Reform and Recovery Act

John Markoff _NY Times_
Control Data Corporation searching for a new chief

_National Science Foundation [NSF]/ Policy and Research Analysis_
"A growing influx of foreign PhDs into U.S. labor markets will hold down the level of PhD salaries to the extent that foreign students are attracted to U.S. doctoral programs as a way of immigrating to the U.S.A.   A related point is that for this group the PhD salary premium is much higher [than it is for Americans], because it is based on BS-level pay in students' home nations versus PhD-level pay in the U.S.A...   [If] doctoral studies are failing to appeal to a large (or growing) percentage of the best citizen baccalaureates, then a key issue is pay...   A number of [the Americans] will select alternative career paths...   For these baccalaureates, the effective premium for acquiring a PhD may actually be negative."

Chris Cox _Orange County CA Register_ pgG3
The con game we call congress: in the still of the night, members raised their own pay, raided the Treasury

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