Proposed Bills 2006

Proposed Bills

Chambliss's S25
Chambliss's S1119
Chambliss's S2087
Frist's S2454
Specter's S2611
Hagel's S2612
Cornyn's S2691
Goode's H.Con.Res.50
Paul's H.Con.Res.56
Paul's H.Con.Res.132
Goode's H.Con.Res.186
Goode's H.Con.Res.221
Goode's H.Con.Res.487
Paul's H.Con.Res.709
Goode's H.Res.839
Paul's H.J.Res.14
Paul's H.J.Res.46
Paul's HR220
Paul's HR401
Jackson-Lee's HR634
Johnson's HR635
Paul's HR858
Paul's HR1017
Supplemental Appropariations HR1268
Bobby L. Rush's and Henry J. Hyde's HR1285 to flood the USA with guest-work nurses was enacted 2006-12-06
Tancredo's HR1325
Tancredo's HR1450
Paul's HR1470
Tancredo's HR1587
Paul's HR1658
Paul's HR1703
Defense Appropriation HR1815
Paul's HR2455
Science Appropriations HR2862
Unpatriotic Act HR3199
Nancy L. Johnson's HR3322
Tancredo's HR3333
Tancredo's HR3700
Goode's HR4083
Pascrell's HR4378
Sensenbrenner's HR4437
Hyde's HR4844
Defense Authorization HR5122
FDA/Agriculture Appropriations HR5384
DHS Appropriations HR5441
Wu's NSF Grants HR5604
Paul's HR5627
Shadegg's HR5744
King's HR6061
Presidential candidate fund-raising, expenditures, and debt
  "You people have no clue of what security is or what it takes to achieve it." --- Frank Farmer (Kevin Costner) in "The BodyGuard" screen-play by Lawrence Kasdan  

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