Proposed Bills 2007

Linder's HR25 Retail Sales Extortion
Issa's HR26 Criminal Alien Accountability
Bartlett's HR72 Political Convention Reform
Bartlett's HR73 Citizens' Self-Defense
Bartlett's HR78 American Child Support Enforcement for Immigrants
Drier HR98 Another stupid government privacy-violating data-base instead of defending the border
Davis HR120 Cross-border adoptions
Fortenberry HR125 Iraqi & Afghani translators special immigration
Frelinghuysen HR128 FERPA amendment to make public outcomes of disciplinary hearings
Gallegly HR132 Criminal Penalty for Non-Departing Illegal Aliens
Gallegly HR133 Anchor Baby Reform
Gallegly HR134 Illegal Aliens
Gallegly HR136 Identity Theft Notification
Gene Green HR144 Primary & Preventative Care
Gene Green HR147 Exempt Schools from Guest-Work Employer Fee
Jindal HR163 Permanent Relief from Tax Penalties for Marriage
Kaptur HR168 Foreign Agent Reform
Kaptur HR169 Balancing Trade
Weller HR244 Technology Retraining
Ehlers HR255 Manufacturing Technology Subsidies
Jackson-Lee HR258 Border Traffic Stops Statistics
Christopher Smith HR270 Human Trafficking
Christopher Smith's HR275 On-Line Freedom
Cubin HR279 Socialist Insecurity Totalization Reform
Kildee HR294 Block Trade Agreements
Pearce HR305 Ill Aliens Seeking Admission
Pearce HR306 H-2A Dairy Workers
Pearce HR311 Border Patrol Age Discrimination
English HR321 Currency Harmonization Through Neutralizing Tariffs
Carter HR332 Exclusion of Illegal Aliens from Socialist Insecurity Abomination Payments
Kline HR350 Reject Family-Based Visa Applications for Sex Offenders
Markey HR353 Ensure USA's Defeat in Iraq
Gordon HR363 Unconstitutional spending on research
Berman HR371 AgJOBS
Blackburn HR374 Cut Federal Spending by 2%
Blackburn HR379 Cut Federal Spending by 5%
Kildee HR388 Unfair Red Chinese Automotive Tariff Equalization
Conyers HR410 Physician Shortage Propaganda
Mario Diaz-Balart HR411 Extortion Tweaks
Gallegly HR416 Prohibit Aid to States that give In-State Tuition to Illegal Aliens
Ross HR462 Study Interference of BroadBand Over Power Lines with Ham Radio
McKeon HR472 College Affordability & Transparency
Wolf HR473 Federal Budget Reform
Doolittle HR479 Political Do Not Call
Goodlatte HR510 Scrap Extortion Code
Cooper HR515 Corporate Entitlement Reform
Jo Ann Davis HR516 Federal Agency Data Privacy
Doolittle HR519 Expedited Removal of Illegal Aliens Is Not Discretionary
Maloney HR556 National Security & Foreign Investment
English HR561 Reducing US security through visa waiver agreements
Hunter HR563 Congressional Pardon for Compean & Ramos
Tancredo HR571 Tariffs for Goods From Non-Market Countries
Towns HR572 Immigration Corruption Commission
Wu HR597 Work-Study
Cuellar HR702 Border Crossing KKKard
English HR708 Trade "Reform"
Gallegly HR709 Over-haul of Totalization Agreements
Jackson-Lee HR750 Massive Increase in Already Hugely Excessive Family-Based Immigration
McCollum HR773 Raise barriers to entry into the "higher" educationism racket
Ryan HR782 Fair Currency
Holt HR811 Voter-Verified Paper Ballot
Wolf HR828 Math/Science Student Loans
Norwood HR842 State & local participation in immigration law enforcement
Meeks HR888 Off-Shoring Facilitation
English HR910 Trade Adjustments
Davis HR934 H-2A prevailing pay
Garrett HR937 withholding funding to UN
Gingrey HR938 tweak family reunification immigration preferences
Moran HR1026 agriculture exports to Cuba
Burgess HR1040 Flat Extortion
Lee HR1050 Skating on the edge of economic insanity
Slaughter HR1061 Reducing border security and promoting the North American Union
Paul HR1146 Withdraw USA from UN
Shadegg HR1359 Enumerated Powers Act
Lieberman HR1397 Expand the already vastly excessive H-1B visa program
HR1585 Defense Authorization bill with additional H-1B visas buried in it
Gutierrez-Flake HR1645 Reprehensible immigration perversion and economy destruction
Wu HR1758 huge expansion of already excessive H-1B visa limits
Berman HR1908 Patent system perversion
Cuellar HR1909 Increase number of judges to deal with immigration influx
Shadegg HR1930 Evil SKIL bill to hugely expand already vastly excessive H-1B visa program
Deal HR1940 BirthRight Citizenship Reform
Hinojosa HR1999 Funding anti-USA organizations
McHugh HR2442 Rural America Job Assistance
deLauro HR2504 L-1 reform
Pascrell HR2538 H-1B reform
Pascrell HR2600 Border tax equity
Pascrell HR2638 DHS expropriations
Obey HR3043 DoL, HHS, DoE expropriations
Feeney HR3194 Require DoL & DHS to compare notes on H-1B applications
Sensenbrenner HR4065 Illegal alien amnesty and H-1B visa increase
Shuler HR4088 SAVE act
Paul HR4683 Competition in Currency

Reid S1 Transparency
Reid S7 Unconstitutional College Grants & Loans
Reid S9 Reprehensible Immigration Perversion
Collins S13 H-1B visa fraud reduction
Vitter S87 Unconstitutional Disaster & Emergency Assistance
Vitter S89 PAC Reform
Kerry S96 Extortion Tweaks
Kerry S97 Education Extortion Credit Tweaks
Leahy S118 Effective Corruption Prosecutions
Baucus S122 Trade Adjustment Assistance expansion
Allard S129 Energy-Efficient Computer Servers
Inhofe S172 Eliminate Funding of OECD
Leahy S197 More Pay for Corrupt, Over-Paid Judges
Feinstein S237 AgJOBS
Clinton S301 Non-Traditional Students
Isakson S330 Reprehensible Immigration Law Perversion
Feinstein S340 AgJOBS
Baucus S349 PEOs and other perversions
Leahy S495 Orwellian Double-Speak on Personal Data Privacy
Reid S761 Destroy US science and technology
Durbin S774 Amnesty for illegal alien children
Boxer S968 Combat tuberculosis being spread by illegal aliens and other cross-border travel
Mikulski S988 H-2B cross-border bodyshopping expansion act
Chambliss S1025 Fair tax act
Durbin S1035 Reduce fraud and abuse with non-immigrant visas
Hagel S1083 To increase already excessive numbers of H-1B visas
Cornyn & Hagel S1092 Evil SKIL bill to hugely expand already vastly excessive H-1B visa program
Hagel & Reid S1348 Reprehensible Immigration Law Perversion act of 2007
Gregg S1351 Huge expansion of already vastly excessive H-1B
Hagel & Reid S1639 Reprehensible Immigration Law Perversion act of 2007

HCon1 Congress to Meet Elsewhere than DC
Lee's HCon7 League of Arab States should acknowledge Darfur Genocide
Serrano's HCon11 Erosion of English
Stearns's HCon12 Display 10 Commandments in Capitol
Goode's HCon22 Withdraw from NAFTA
Tancredo HCon37 president should pardon Compean and Ramos
Goode HCon40 Opposing North American Union and Super-High-Way

Goodlatte's HJRes1 Balanced Budget Amendment
Miller's HJRes6 Count Only US Citizens for Congressional Apportionment
Musgrave's HJRes7 Balanced Budget Amendment
Serrano's HJRes8 Ending Term Limit for President
Emerson's HJRes10 Balanced Budget Amendment

HRes10 Resolved, That unless otherwise ordered, before Monday, 2007 May 14, the hour of daily meeting of the House shall be 14:00 on Mondays; 12:00 noon on Tuesdays; and 10:00 on all other days of the week; and from Monday, 2007 May 14, until the end of the first session, the hour of daily meeting of the House shall be 12:00 noon on Mondays; 10:00 on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays; and 09:00 on all other days of the week.
Goode's HRes18 Disapproving USA-Mexico Socialist Insecurity Totalization
King's HRes22 Disapproving USA-Mexico Socialist Insecurity Totalization
Spratt's HRes27 Proposed Defective Pay-As-You-Go Rule
Lee's HRes55 Modern Slavery

Craig's SJRes1 Balanced Budget and Socialist Insecurity Perpetration Amendment

Sres7 Resolved, That the daily meeting of the Senate be 12 o'clock meridian unless otherwise ordered.
Presidential candidate fund-raising, expenditures, and debt
  "You people have no clue of what security is or what it takes to achieve it." --- Frank Farmer (Kevin Costner) in "The BodyGuard" screen-play by Lawrence Kasdan  

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