updated: 2015-12-29

Proposed Bills

full text of Arizona SB1070 (pdf)
enter "834b suspected immigration", then click on "PENAL CODE SECTION 833-851.90 : 54017 bytes." California Penal Code 834b
Rhode Island H8142 (pdf)

John Kasich transition

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House Bills
--- HR1; Obey; pork pork pork
--- HR15; Dingell; national socialist health care protection racketeering
* HR19; Calvert; employment eligibility verification
* HR25; Linder; "Fair Tax"
-- HR45; Rush; violate 2nd amendment
- HR50; Kirk; National ID
- HR73; Jackson-Lee; Biased Study of Traffic Stops Along the Border
++ HR87; Campbell; funding federal government through voluntary contributions
+ HR90; Cardoza; increase sentence for certain offenses by public officials
* HR98; Dreier; employment eligibility
+ HR107; Flake; retirement savings
+ HR113; Fortenberry; audit pork and ear-marks
* HR122; Frelinghuysen; Permit some abuses of Socialist Insecurity Numbers and prohibit others
+ HR126; Gallegly; reasonable limit on birth-right citizenship
+ HR142; Gallegly; Treasury to check for illegal aliens
+ HR150; Jones; Illegal Alien Crime Reporting
+ HR153; McHugh; Worker savings accounts
+ HR155; McHugh; don't extort unemployment insurance benefits
+ HR156; Mitchell; end automatic pay increases for congress, judges, etc.
---- HR157; Norton; congress-critters for DC
+ HR160; Paul; Socialist Insecurity Payments for Americans Only
+ HR161; Paul; repeal 1993 increase of income extortion of Socialist Insecurity payments
+ HR162; Paul; exempt Socialist Insecurity payments from income extortion
+ HR164; Paul; No persons otherwise eligible for old-age benefits under Social Security shall be denied such benefits because of their voluntary refusal to participate in any part of the Medicare program
+ HR219; Paul; require investment of Socialist Insecurity trust funds
+++ HR220; Paul; Identity Theft Prevention
-- HR232; Baldwin; "climate change" hysteria
+ HR239; Engel; Secure Borders and Our Data
--- HR246; Gene Green; exempt schools from H-1B fees
--- HR264; Jackson-Lee; Reprehensible Immigration Law Perversion
+ HR346; Platts; end automatic pay increases for congress, judges, etc.
+ HR427; Poe: notify Americans before out-sourcing personal information
+ HR450; Shadegg; Enumerated Powers
- HR471; Altmire; amend Trade Act of 1974 to infringe on president's power WRT trade, and prevent timely reciprocal reactions to unfair trade
+ HR496; Rangel; Trade Enforcement
+ HR499; Davis; provisions relating to countervailing duties apply to non-market economy countries
* HR518; Israel; college tuition tax credit
* HR531; Myrick; especially improper abuse of Socialist Insecurity Numbers (SINs)
* HR532; Neugebauer; tweak Coverdell education savings account over-regulation
+ HR533; Neugebauer; make estate tax repeal, small business expensing, and SECA tax deduction for health insurance permanent
* HR539; Paul; limit federal court jurisdiction
+ HR541; Platts; inflation adjustment to government extortion of Socialist Insecurity payments
+ HR557; Ros-Lehtinen; transparency and reform of UN funding
- HR558; Roybal-Allard; more unconstitutional expenditures for education
- HR566; Buchanan; balance budget and end automatic pay increases for congress, judges, etc.
+ HR581; Latta; end automatic pay increases for congress, judges, etc.
+ HR588; Myrick; 10K Run for the Border Act - increase penalties for employing illegal aliens
-- HR592; Schwartz; Violate Americans' Health Privacy
-- HR594; Stark; "climate change" hysteria to destroy US economy by taxing combustion and breathing
+ HR595; Visclosky; require federal agencies to use US iron and steel
+ HR625; Weiner; security grant expenditure reports
* HR627; Maloney; KKKredit KKKARD act of 2009
--- HR676; Conyers; socialized medicine
+ HR778; Paul; reduce federal micro-management
+ HR779; Paul; extortion-free tips
- HR820; Honda; nano-tech "Investment Partnership"
+++ HR833; Paul; abolish the Fed
+ HR847; Carolyn B. Maloney of NY; Joe Zadroga, 2001-09-11 health and compensation act
+ HR878; Gingrey; reduce family reunification priority in visas
-- HR879; Granger; tax credits for purchase of health care insurance
+ HR883; King; repeal income extortion on socialist insecurity benefits
- HR938; Filner; encourage chain immigration
+ HR994; Miller; encourage illegal aliens to LEAVE
+ HR997; King; make English the official language
-- HR1001; Shadegg; Flood nursing profession with cheap, pliant foreign workers
--- HR1039; Johnson; Promoting health information privacy violation
+ HR1091; Honda; Military recruiting and student privacy
+ HR1097; Paul; extortion relief for transportation workers
--- HR1105; Obey; omnibus expropriation and massive pork and mal-expenditures like you've never seen before
- HR1127; Lofgren; visas for non-minister religious workers and medical grads
--- HR1136; Stupak; extend limits on H-2B guest-workers
-- HR1137; Towns; Medicare, Socialist Insecurity Abomination
- HR1139; Weiner; COPS
+ HR1143; Poe; drill now
++++ HR1146; Paul; end membership in UN
- HR1147; Doyle; communications impairment
+ HR1150; Carney; biocontainment labs
--- HR1151; DeLauro; encore slavery
--- HR1152; DeLauro; semester of slavery
--- HR1153; DeLaura; summer of slavery
--- HR1154; DeLauro; national communist slavery
--- HR1155; Eshoo; socialist television
+ HR1162; Putnam; E-2 change of status to LPR
+ HR1176; Kline; secret ballots in union elections
+ HR1180; Neugebauer; prohibit government take-overs of corporations
-- HR1188; Gordon; Socialist Insecurity Abomination and emergency health care
- HR1200; McDermott; unconstitutional federal meddling in health care
++ HR1207; Paul; auditing of the Fed
+ HR1229; King; make English the official language
+ HR1233; Paul; prohibit federal funding of population control
+ HR1254; Maloney; independence of census bureau
-- HR1260; Conyers; patent law perversion
+ HR1311; Paul; exclude severance pay from income extortion
+ HR1312; Paul; exclude severance pay from income extortion
--- HR1329; Blumenauer; insane "climate change" hysteria
--- HR1337; Larson; insane "climate change" hysteria
--- HR1342; Moran; insane "climate change" hysteria
+ HR1348; Paul; require Fed to report financial assistance
-- HR1388; McCarthy; Enslave America
-- HR1409; Miller; EFCA to expose workers to union bullying
+ HR1419; Paul; eliminate federal requirement for penalties for withdrawals from transaction or time accounts, and to provide un-asked for statements of accounts
+ HR1420; Paul; allow precious metals in Thrift Savings plans
+ HR1431; Bishop; energy self-sufficiency
+ HR1438; Fortenberry; stop insane "climate change" hysteria
+ HR1494; Paul; equitable treatment of public and private nursing homes
+ HR1495; Paul; tax credit for medical care and medical savings
+ HR1496; Paul; tax credit for medical care for dependents
+ HR1497; Paul; tax credit to providers for uncompensated emergency medical care
+ HR1498; Paul; tax credit for patient medical malpractice insurance
- HR1504; Rangel; census check-box for "Dominican extraction"
+ HR1556; Clay; National Historical Publications and Records Commission http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/query/z?c111:H.R.1586.EAS2:">HR1586; Rangel; FAA Air Transportation Modernization and Safety Improvement/pork for government employees/foreign tax credits for foreign corporations
--- HR1611; Flake; eliminate borders and national security
- HR1613; Carney; federal extortion tweaks
-- HR1614; Green; more unconstitutional government activity WRT health care
- HR1615; Ehlers; tweaks of unconstitutional student loan programs and extortion
+ HR1620; Boozman; reciprocity in concealed carry
* HR1621; Broun; withhold federal funds, which, under the constitution, should not be going to schools anyway, from schools which permit or require recitation of the pledge of allegiance or national anthem in an language other than English
+ HR1654; Paul; extortion credits for qualified stem cell research, the storage of qualified stem cells, and the donation of umbilical cord blood
+ HR1656; Rohrabacher; To require TARP payments to be conditioned on the top 10 highest wage earners at a company having repaid any bonuses received during the previous 5 fiscal years
--- HR1666: Doggett; insane "climate change" hysteria
--- HR1683; McDermott; "climate change" hysteria
--- HR1698; van Hollen; "climate change" hysteria
- HR1709; Gordon; federal meddling in STEM education
- HR1717; Hoekstra; federal meddling in education
-- HR1751; Berman; American NIGHTMARE act
--- HR1759; Inslee; insane "climate change" hysteria and power grab
--- HR1760; Inslee; insane "climate change" hysteria and globalization
+ HR1767; Paul; make first-time home-buyer extortion credit retro-active to the beginning of 2008
+ HR1768; Paul; extortion breaks for replacing less fuel-efficient vehicles with vehicles that are more fuel-efficient
--- HR1780; Matsui; "climate change" hysteria
--- H1787; Inslee; "climate change" hysteria
--- HR1790; Engel; insane globalist "climate change" hysteria
--- HR1791; Flake; A student visa is a green card
--- HR1795; Matheson; insane "climate change" hysteria
--- HR1862; van Hollen; insane "climate change" hysteria
++ HR1868; Deal; reasonable limits on birthright citizenship
+ HR1874; Schakowsky; Patriot Corporations of America
* HR1875; deFazio; commission to end trade deficit
+ HR1880; Bean; protection racket oversight
+ HR1885; Waters; eminent domain reform
-- HR1895; Bishop; nationalizing driving laws
--- HR1905; Capps; insane "climate change" hysteria and power grab
-- HR1910; Connolly; US CTO
- HR1926; Honda; insane "climate change" propaganda/brain-washing program
+ HR1949; Paul; extortion break for school-teachers
+ HR1950; Paul; extortion break for professional pre-K through 12 educators
+ HR1951; Paul; extortion break for K-12 education
+ HR1952; Paul; extortion break for contributions to charitable organizations which fund scholarships and instructional materials and materials for extracurricular activities
+ HR1953; Paul; alow Hope Scholarship Credit to be ued for K-12 education expenses
+ HR1954; Paul; extortion deduction for higher education expenses and student loan interest
+ HR1955; Paul; exclude from gross income proceeds of sale of animals raised & sold as part of educational program like FFA or 4-H
+ HR1977; Wexler; study drywall from Red China
* HR2028; Sam Johnson; yet another National ID act
--- HR2030; Blumenauer; unconstitutional foreign aid and insane "climate change" hysteria
+ HR2039: Kaptur; Buy American policy for goods purchased for use by congressional branch and bearing congressional insignia
- HR2071; Clarke; census check-box for "Caribbean extraction"
+ HR2075; Green; count prisoners as in district where they used to live
-- HR2076; Grijalva; delay and weaken border security
+ HR2077; Gutierrez; lay-off WARNing modifications and penalty increase
+ HR2083; Hunter; border fence, arms smuggling, SCAAP, expedited removal of criminal aliens, e-verify
--- HR2147; Hodes; "climate change" hysteria and power grab
* HR2151; Norton; base pay on merit/productivity
-- HR2153; Stupak; 2nd amendment violations not to extend to executive crimes
+ HR2155; Stupak; imported construction materials must meet US standards
- HR2171; Hinchey; unconstitutional grants to states for preservation and dissemination of historical records
--- HR2192; Grijalva; insane "climate change" hysteria and power grab
--- HR2211; Inslee; insane "climate change" hysteria and power grab though government control of electricity transmission system
++ HR2218; Paul; prohibit abuse of federal funds for universal or mandatory mental health screening lacking free parental consent
- HR2227; Murphy; micro-management of energy
- HR2286; Rohrabacher; Socialist Insecurity Opt-In
++ HR2287; Rohrabacher; No Socialist Insecurity Benefits for Illegal Immigrants Act of 2009
+ HR2305; Godlatte; eliminate "diversity" visa lottery
- HR2310; Larsen; unconstitutional assistance to small businesses to export to Red China
-- HR2311; Kirk; increased funding for making nice with Red Chinese government as they continue to misbehave
--- HR2312; Israel; authorize DoEnergy to make grants for joint research with Red China
-- HR2313; Davis; unconstitutional expenditures for instruction in Chinese language and culture
-- HR2346; Obey; profligate spending
--- HR2371; Murphy; insane "climate change" hysteria and power grab
+ HR2378; Ryan; Currency Reform for Free and Honest Trade
++ HR2406; Blackburn; CLEAR act to fund state and local assistance in enforcement of IANA
--- HR2407; Gordon; Warmists in government
- HR2410; Berman; DoS and Peace Corpse funding
-- HR2414; Barman; eliminating Ag Jobs for Americans while worsening over-crowding and over-population
++ HR2445; Paul; exclude from gross income discharges of personal indebtedne outside of bankruptcy
--- HR2454; Waxman, Markey; insane "climate change" hysteria power grab eliminating Jobs for Americans while destroying the economy, increasing federal extortion, and violating privacy
- HR2468; McDermott; congress-critters conspiring with the Indian government
- HR2475; Ros-Lehtinen; excessive expenditures for "modernization" of unconstitutional activities of the US foreign service
* HR2489; Ros-Sandlin; AmericaView, letting the privacy violation cat out of the bag
* HR2510; Davis; let voters track their absentee ballots
+ HR2516; Kirk; guarantee the rights of patients and doctors against Federal restrictions or delay in the provision of privately funded health care
-- HR2520; Ryan; Health care perversion
- HR2526; Larson; more unconstitutional federal meddling in health care
+++ HR2629; Paul; Federal Government shall not force any American to purchase health insurance
++++ HR2630; Paul; Protect Patients and Physicians Privacy Act
++ HR2631; Paul; allow drilling, construct refineries, suspend federal fuel taxes
-- HR2679; Giffords; e-verify, miscellaneous increases and requirements easing of various already excessive visa programs
--- HR2709; Honda; worsen excessive immigration, over-population and over-crowding
--- HR2710; Honda; misguided nationalized STEM educationism
* H2828; Bishop; energy
-- HR2847; Mollohan; employment incentives
+ HR2861; Peters; reform of election of directors and compensation of executives (but it could be a lot better)
+ HR2863; Woolsey; ERISA and deferred compensation of executive (but it could be a lot better)
---- HR2877; Cantwell; warmist insanity
--- HR2878; Israel; unconstitutional energy foreign aid
--- HR2880; Pingree; unconstitutional "climate change" "carbon incentives"
+ HR2953; Paul; extortion credit or deduction for expenses incurred due to evacuation
+ HR2970; Bishop; reduce age discrimination by federal government in hiring of "law enforcement officers"
--- HR2998; Waxman; insane "climate change" hysteria and power grab
* HR3012; Michaud; trade
--- HR3013; Bishop; census of US citizens abroad via NGOs
++ HR3021; Paul; repeal unconstitutional gun free school zones act of 1990 and amendments
+ HR3022; Paul; restore federal government respect for 2nd amendment (originally 4th amendment)
+++ HR3023; Paul; Notwithstanding any other provision of law, no department or agency of the Federal Government shall prohibit any pilot, copilot, or navigator of an aircraft, or any law enforcement personnel specifically detailed for the protection of that aircraft, from carrying a firearm.
-- HR3025; Tanner; rigging redistricting
--- HR3032; Welch; insane "climate change" hysteria and power grab
--- HR3032; Welch; insane "climate change" hysteria and power grab
--- HR3109; Teague; HAHPSA
-- HR3110; Waton; consider adopted near-adult children to be US-born citizens
++ HR3129; Luetkemeyer; prohibit tax-victim money from going to "inter-governmental panel on climate change"
- HR3130; Payne; federal micro-management of local education
- HR3131; Poe; falls short of recognizing privacy rights WRT "American Community Survey"
-- HR3139; Waters; extend ridiculous unconstitutional federal government flood insurance program
+ HR3149; Cohen; prohibit credit checks in pre-employment and retained employee screening
- HR3160; Smith; non-proliferation, de-mining, and other aid to Israel (Israel good; foreign aid unconstitutional)
- HR3166; Welch; unconstitutional meddling in dairy markets
--- HR3167; Chaffetz; use snail carriers to violate privacy
--- HR3168; Blumenauer; special tariff break for corrupt congress-critters' buddies
-- HR3170; Serrano; excessive expropriations for treasury and corrupt congress-critters friends on Wall Street
-- HR3171; Baca; repeating past mistakes in banking
-- HR3174; Blackburn; maximizing privacy violation of US citizens
-- HR3177; Zoe Lofgren; unconstitutional government meddling in energy industry (fusion good; government expropriations unconstitutional)
-- HR3181; Sablan; expand unconstitutional, ineffective Job Corpse
+ HR3189; Heller; stop one tiny bit of congress's unconstitutional automatic pay increases during depression
----- HR3200; Dingell; Unconstitutional Socialist Obamacare
--- HR3209; Gerlach; expand ridiculous doctrine of official superiority
+ HR3213; Paul; expand and make permanent deduction for real property extortion
+ HR3236; Barrett; complete border fences (fencing all 6,800 miles would be better)
-- HR3246; Peters; unconstitutional feral federal government hand-outs to DoE for vehicle research
--- HR3247; Baird; To establish a social and behavioral sciences research program at the Department of Energy, and for other purposes
- HR3262; Burton; regulation of dietary supplements
+ HR3272; Ellison; require non-binding share-owner votes on executive compensation (binding would be better)
++ HR3274; Hunter; equal access to register/vote by armed forces families
+ HR3289; Hunter; Unlawful Border Entry Prevention Act of 2009
+ HR3295; Frank; RISE act
+ HR3303; George Miller: extend time for actions under fair wage standards
+ HR3306; Tanner; Socialist Insecurity Numbers (SINs)
+ HR3308; Shuler; SAVE act immigration reform
+ HR3309; Olson; postpone minimum wage increase for a year
+++ HR3317; Israel; truth in labeling of trans fatty acids
+ HR3320; Moore; open appeals based on new exculpatory evidence
-- HR3322; Murphy; unconstitutional perversion of dairy markets
+ HR3327; Scott; Ramos-Compean Justice in Sentencing
- HR3328; Lewis; USA-India posturing initiative
--- HR3332; Connolly; Destroy federalism act
+ HR3335; Conyers; restoration of voting privilege to convicts who have served their sentences
- HR3343; Payne; reduce parental involvement by interposing the feral federal government
--- HR3346; Franks; foreign auditors of business in the USA
+ HR3347; McCotter; trade, religious liberty and unionization
- HR3355; Altmire; unconstitutional federal micro-management of local transportation
+ HR3356; Sam Johnson; let people opt out of Medicare part A
- HR3359; Loretta Sanchez; federal government dinking in local education matters
-- HR3362; Patrick J. Murphy; reduce financial privacy
-- HR3372; Price; more unconstitutional feral federal government poking into personal private matters
-- HR3373; Chaffetz; privacy reduction through abuse of snail carriers as census spies
+ HR3382; Johnson; hand-out to building materials firms
+ HR3390; Hoekstra; make it less painful to raid retirement accounts during periods of high unemployment induced by excessive immigration
+++ HR3394; Paul; burden of proof WRT truth in advertising of dietary supplements and ingredients
+++ HR3395; Paul; concerning claims about the effects of foods and dietary supplements on health-related conditions and disease
+++ HR3396; Paul; congressional oversight of rules with negative economic impact
--- HR3400; Price; unconstitutional federal meddling in health care
+ HR3432; Space; fuel deduction for commuters
+ HR3436; Cummings; TARP and financial disclosures
+ HR3437; Thompson; disposal of uninhabitable emergency housing units
---- HR3438; Issa; national socialist health care
+ HR3500; Maffei; entperprise zones
+ HR3506; Paulsen; reduce bank privacy notices
- HR3509; Peterson; federal ag price controls
- HR3528; Weiner; expand GPS privacy violation capabilities under the excuse of tracking offenders on parole
- H3535; McCarthy; more unconstitutional federal meddling in state and local matters
+ HR3552; Holt; count provisional ballots for national office if in correct state/district even if cast at wrong precinct
+++ HR3571; Boehner; de-fund ACORN
--- HR3574; Higgins; incumbent retention act
- HR3578; van Hollen; more unconstitutional federal meddling in education
++ HR3580; King; wages paid to illegal aliens may not be deducted from gross income
+++ HR3582; Bachmann; To make organizations which have been indicted for violations of Federal or State law relating to elections for public office ineligible to participate in the Planning Partnership Program for the 2010 census of population, and privacy improvements
- HR3583; Faleomavaega; subsidies for fish from American Samoa
------ HR3590 substitute; Reid, Baucus, Dodd, Harkin; Unconstitutional National Socialist Health Care Perversion (pdf)
------ HR3590 substitute enrolled; Reid, Baucus, Dodd, Harkin; Unconstitutional National Socialist Health Care Perversion
--- HR3591; Cummings; federal grants to mislead young people about the US constitution
- HR3599; Cleaver; FDIC/tuition program
---- HR3602; Maloney; federal take-over of news-papers
-- HR3928; Grijalva; unconstitutional federal meddling in local education
* HR3936; Pomeroy; spread pension obligation funding over time
--- HR3937; Terry; National Socialist health care perversion
+ HR3939; Farr; medical marijuana
--- HR3644; Capps; "climate change" hysteria, propaganda/brain-washing and power grab
-- HR3950; Ehlers; misguided unconstitutional federal meddling in local education
- HR3953; Boccieri; misdirected, ineffective tax break related to the long unemployed (should be limited to US citizens and should be a tax break for the employer who interviews, relocated, educates, or trains the US citizen, regardless of whether he has ever been eligible for or claimed unemployment insurance benefits)
---- HR3957; Ellison; Facilitate voting fraud
---- HR3962; Dingell; National Socialist health care perversion
---- HR3970; Kirk; National Socialist health care perversion
* HR3971; Flake; dinking with health savings accounts
-- HR3983; Markey; Bose subsidy act
-- HR3984; Markey; Bose subsidy act
--- HR3987; Blunt; medical privacy violation
--- HR3994; Engel; federal interference with liberty and the 10th amendment
- HR4005; Holt; perpetuate federal violations of 4th amendment
+ HR4061; Lipinski; Cyber-Security R&D act
--- HR4213; Rangel; Tax Extenders/ American Workers, State, and Business Relief/ American Jobs and Opening & Closing Tax Loop-Holes/ National Socialist Health Care Perversion/ Unconstitutional Micro-Management of Americans Act
++ HR4248; Paul; Free Competition in Currency Act of 2009
-- HR4259; Polis; EB-5 visa changes
++++ HR4336; Deal; cut pay for congress-critters in every year in which there is a federal deficit
------ HR4321; Ortiz, Conyers, Serrano, Rangel, Pastor, Stark, Gutierrez, Waxman, Becerra, Frank et al.; Reprehensible Immigration Law Perversion (a.k.a. CIRA SAP)
+ HR4527; Driehaus; cui bono for corporate political donations
+ HR4759; Taylor; withdraw from NAFTA
+++++ HR4995; Paul; End the National Socialist Health Care Perversion Mandate Act of 2010
+ HR5146; Mitchell; Members of Congress shall not receive a cost of living adjustment in pay during FY2011
--- HR5193; Maloney; foreign start-up visa
--- HR5281; Henry C. Johnson, Coble, Conyers & Smith; NIGHTMARE act and "official immunity"
+ HR5348; Lummis; Federal Workforce Reduction Act of 2010
++ HR5397; Pascrell; H-1B and L-1 Visa Reform Act of 2010
++++ HR5444; Paul; Health Care Reform
+ HR5515; Johnson; don't credit illegal aliens' earnings for Socialist Insecurity
---- HR5658; Shadegg; STEM Job Destruction Act
+ HR5840; Hunter; Sanctuary City Prevention Act of 2010
+ HR6080; Price; "emergency" supplemental appropriations for "border security"
+ HR6415; Pence; extortion relief certainty
+++++ HR6416; Paul; American Traveler Dignity Act

Senate Bills
- S30; Nelson; step up telecommunications privacy violation
+ S102; Vitter; end automatic pay increases for congress, judges, etc.
* S141; Feinstein; Permit some abuses of Socialist Insecurity Numbers and prohibit others
-- S160; congress-critters for DC
+ S203; Feinstein; visa waiver program (visa waivers are evil)
+ S220; Grassley; inspector general for judicial branch
--- S277; Reid-Kennedy; enslave America act
+ S340; Grassley; Comptroller General oversight of TARP
+ S344; Grassley; SEC oversight of hedge funds
- S355; Durbin; foreign aid
+ S373; Nelson; Pythons are injurious
- S384; Lugar; unconstitutional foreign aid
-- S388; Mikulski; cheap labor and increasing teen unemployment
--- S444; Whitehouse; Violate Americans' Health Privacy
---- S486; Sanders; National Socialist health care perversion
- S505; Nelson; unconstitutionally federalize property insurance
-- S515; Leahy; patent law perversion
-- S560; Reid, Kennedy; EFCA to expose workers to union bullying
- S618; Harkin; tweak calculation of HS graduation rates
--- S628; Conrad; unlimited H-1B visas for med students and doctors
-- S673; Cardin; federal take-over of news-papers
--- S703; Sanders; National Socialist health care perversion
-- S729; Durbin; NIGHTMARE act
+ S739; Nelson; deadly Red Chinese dry-wall
- S741; Specter; Flat extortion
+ S753; Schumer; prohibit bisphenols in food and beverage containers
- S777; Brown; another job training scam
- S783; Menendez; prohibit drilling on the outer continental shelf
- S787; Feingold; federal land grab
- S809; Casey; juco tuition assistance to the recently unemployed
* S815; Nelson; green cards for wives of deceased US citizens
* S829; Durbin; tax break for US employers
- S835; Brownback; federal micro-management of auto industry
++ S857; Schumer; extortion credit for volunteer fire-fighters
++ S887; Durbin, Grassley; H-1B and L-1 visa program reform
--- S898; Sanders; National Socialist health care perversion
+ S904; Harkin; equal pay for equal jobs
-- S909; Reid; Criminal law perversion
- S973; Nelson; more unconstitutional meddling in medicine
- S974; Martinez; additional privacy violation via Socialist Insecurity and Medicaid
-- S1038; Feinstein; eliminating Ag Jobs for Americans while worsening over-crowding and over-population
+ S1043; Graham; negotiating remedy for WTO's biased treatment of border tax adjustments for interior taxes
* S1074; Schumer; nomination, election, and compensation of executives
- S1083; Schumer; census check-box for "Caribbean extraction"
- S1084; Gillibrand; census check-box for "Dominican extraction"
-- S1099; Coburn; unconstitutional federal meddling and massive privacy violation in health/medicine
- S1127; Martinez; more privacy violation via the census
- S1141; Feinstein; add further trade handicaps to USA
- S1178; Baucus; welfare for tech executives
+ S1319; Coburn; citation of enumerated delegated power
-- S1332; Johnson; rigging redistricting
+ S1505; Pryor; SAVE act immigration reform
* S1618; Schumer; tentative partial safe-guards of socialist insecurity numbers (SINs)
---- S1679; Harkin; National Socialist Health Care perversion
---- S1729; Schumer; unconstitutional federal micro-management of local matters related to learning to drive
----- S1796; Baucus; National Socialist Health Care perversion
-- S1797; Lugar; tariffs on rolled textured glass sheets
-- S2422; Brownback; tariff break for shoe-makers
-- S2423; Brownback; tariff break for shoe-makers
-- S2424; Brownback; tariff break for shoe-makers
-- S2425; Brownback; tariff break for shoe-makers
-- S2426; Brownback; tariff break for shoe-makers
-- S2427; Brownback; tariff break for shoe-makers
-- S2428; Brownback; tariff break for shoe-makers
-- S2429; Brownback; tariff break for shoe-makers
-- S2430; Brownback; tariff break for shoe-makers
-- S2431; Brownback; tariff break for shoe-makers
-- S2432; Brownback; tariff break for shoe-makers
-- S2433; Brownback; tariff break for shoe-makers
-- S2434; Brownback; tariff break for shoe-makers
-- S2437; Brownback; tariff break for aircraft emergency lights
-- S2438; Brownback; tariff break for aircraft vacuum relief valves
-- S2440; Brownback; tariff break for sextants
-- S2441; Brownback; tariff break for wind-sock type decoys
-- S2442; Brownback; tariff break for school mascot lawn ornaments
-- S2443; Brownback; tariff break for tools for cleaning hunted fowl
-- S2444; Brownback; tariff break for shoes
-- S2445; Brownback; tariff break for shoes
-- S2490: Graham; tariff break for machine tools
-- S2484: Graham; tariff break for sawing machines
-- S2485: Graham; tariff break for tire molding machines
-- S2491: Graham; tariff break for shearing machines
-- S2492: Graham; tariff break for mold press machines
-- S2493: Graham; tariff break for rubber molding machines
-- S2494: Graham; tariff break for cobalt boron
-- S2603; Reid; suspend tariff on lids
-- S2604; Reid; suspend tariff on lids
-- S2610; Schumer; suspend duties on digital camera lenses
-- S2611; Schumer; suspend duties on lightweight digital camera lenses measuring approximately 55 mm or more
-- S2612; Schumer; suspend duties on lightweight digital camera lenses measuring approximately 70 mm or more
-- S2613; Schumer; suspend duties on golf umbrellas
-- S2614; Schumer; suspend duties on printed golf umbrellas
-- S2617; Schumer; suspend duties on CERTAIN stick umbrellas
-- S2618; Schumer; suspend duties on 2-Hydroxy-propyl-methyl-cellulose
-- S2619; Schumer; suspend duties on mixtures containing n-butyl-1,2-benz-iso-thiazolin-3-one (Butyl benz-iso-thiazoline) and application adjuvants
-- S2621; Schumer; suspend duties on mixtures containing n-butyl-1,2-benzisothiazolin-3-one (Butyl benz-iso-thiazoline), 1-hydroxy-pyridine-2-thione, zinc salt (Zinc pyrithione) and application adjuvants
-- S2621; Schumer; suspend duties on 4-Methyl-benzene-sulfon-amide
-- S2622; Schumer; suspend duties on mixture of calcium hydroxide, magnesium hydroxide, aluminum silicate, and stearic acid
-- S2623; Schumer; suspend duties on 3-(1,3-Benzodioxol-5-yl)-2-methylpropanal (Helional)
-- S2624; Schumer; suspend duties on magnesium zinc aluminum hydroxide carbonate coated with stearic acid
-- S2625; Schumer; suspend duties on magnesium aluminum hydroxide carbonate (synthetic hydrotalcite) and magnesium aluminum hydroxide carbonate (synthetic hydrotalcite) coated with stearic acid
-- S2626; Schumer; suspend duties on poly-tetra-methylene ether glycol
-- S2627; Schumer; suspend duties on lamp parts
-- S2628; Schumer; suspend duties on lamp parts
-- S2629; Schumer; suspend duties on lamp parts
-- S2630; Schumer; suspend duties on lamp parts
-- S2631; Schumer; suspend duties on timer switches
-- S2632; Schumer; suspend duties on banana jack electrical connectors
-- S2633; Schumer; suspend duties on GFCI receptacles
-- S2634; Schumer; suspend duties on occupancy sensor switches
-- S2635; Schumer; suspend duties on surge protector receptacles
-- S2636; Schumer; suspend duties on aluminum stage lights
++ S2737; Brownback; relocate US embassy to Israel to Jerusalem
+++ S2804; Sanders; Employ Americans: prohibit firms who lay off large numbers of capable US citizens from making use of guest-work visas
-- S3002; McCain; dietary supplements
--- S3029; Kerry; foreign start-up visa
+ S3134; Schumer; Currency Exchange Rate Oversight Reform
+ S3721; Schumer; "emergency" supplemental appropriations, "Border Security", pork for government employees
* S3816; ?; Creating US Jobs and Ending Off-Shoring?
++ S3816; Durbin; Creating US Jobs and Ending Off-Shoring
----- S????; National Socialist Health Care perversion
S????; appointment of La Racist oath/affirmation breaker Sonia Sotomayor
S????; Schumer: Reprehensible Immigration Law Perversions

House Concurrent Resolutions
HCon1; Linder; resume normal diplomatic relations with Taiwan the Republic of China
+ HCon72; Forbe; condemn Red China
+ HCon151; Minnick; release Lu Xiaobao
+ HCon159; Ros-Lehtinen; marking 5th anniversary since condemnation of genocide in Darfur

House Joint Resolutions
+ HJRes1; Godlatte; balanced budget amendment
+ HJRes15; Platts; line item veto
+++ HJRes16; King; eliminate income extortion
+++ HJRes48; Paul; Liberty Amendment, eliminate income extortion
- HJRes53; Rohrabacher; Alternate Representatives
++++++ HJRes102; Bishop; let super-majority of states veto federal statutes

House Resolutions
+ HRes30; Latta; Get Out of the Way
+ HRes31; Price; Data Privacy Day
+ HRes34; Pelosi; opposition to Hamas
+ HRes44; Poe; condemn Red China for dishonest business practices
+ HRes156; McCotter; supporting "Chapter 08" and the ideals of the "Chapter 08" movement in China
+++ HRes216; Paul; give congress-critters time to read bills
+ HRes226;  ; expressing sympathy with Tibetans and the Dalai Lama
+ HRes393; Tiahrt; end the assault on America's energy independence by leaving in place domestic energy tax incentives
+ HRes489; Levin; marking anniversary of Tiananmen Square protests and the unreasonable response by the Red Chinese government
-- HRes521; Dent; promote violation of privacy
++ HRes590; Wu; condemning Red Chinese government's suppression of freedom of political speech, privacy violation and the "Green Dam" program
+ HR605; Ros-Lehtinen; not quite condemning the Red Chinese government for suppression of Falun Gong
+++ HRes615; Fleming; Congress-critters should live under any unconstitutional health plan they create
+ HRes624; Delahunt; condemning violent repression of Uighur protests by Red Chinese government troops
++ HRes681; Hunter; Expressing condolences to the family and loved ones of border patrol agent Robert Rosas
--- HRes865; Kucinich; "climate change" hysteria
+ HRes1026; Chaffetz; immigration reform
+++ HRes1587; Bishop; restoration of federalism

Senate Joint Resolutions
-- SJRes4; Nelson; abolish electoral college
- SJRes6; Vitter; reform birth-right citizenship
- SJRes7; Feingold; special elections for vacant senate seats
--- SJRes11; Murkowski; congress-critters for DC
+ SJRes20; Shelby; balanced budget amendment
+ SJRes22; LeMieux; balanced budget amendment with line item veto
++++ SJRes26; Murkowski; disapproves idiotic warmist rule by EPA
+ SJRes27; Demint; weak balanced budget amendment

Senate Resolutions
+ SRes23; Casey; commending "Charter 08"
++ SRes25; Dorgan; Data Privacy Day
+ SRes149; Martinez; freedom of press in Cuba
- SRes155; Brown; Red China should immediately cease engaging in acts of cultural, linguistic, and religious suppression
--- SRes311; Lugar; promoting unfree trade with south-east Asia
+++ SRes562; Grassley; publish proposed senate amendments promptly

Senate Concurrent Resolutions
++ SConRes; Schumer; printing pocket edition of the US constitution

----- UN Framework Convention on Climate Change / ad hoc Working Group on Long-term Co-Operative Action/2009/INF.2


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