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updated: 2017-06-20

"The H-1B program is used to FACILITATE off-shoring, not AVOID it.   The typical ratio for a project being one H-1B on-shore for every 2 off-shore.   (See Ron Hira, 'U.S. Immigration Regulations and India's Information Technology Industry' Technological Forecasting & Social Change 71 (2004) pp 837-854.)" --- Norm Matloff, PhD   2006-06-13 and Ron Hira's testimony to House Small Business committee and BusinessWeek notes offshoring role of H-1B program and Peter Elstrom: Business Week: H-1B guest-work visas may work against the USA

Gifted students account for only about 3% to 5% of H-1B visa holders, so cutting the numbers of H-1B visas from the current 110K to 4,400 or fewer would ensure that the "best and brightest", "the pre-eminent", those of "distinguished merit" would be welcomed.   2007-05-13

How guest-work visa programs promote and facilitate out-sourcing and off-shoring.

"Most illegal Indian immigrants arrived as professionals in the H-1B work program but lost their jobs... Others arrived on tourist visas and never went home or lost legal status through divorce."   2008-02-18
Indians are the most quickly-growing illegal alien group in USA 2009-08-11: Arun Kumar: Two Circles/Silicon India/Smash Hits/Mangalorean/Zee News/Zimbabwe Star/Hindustan Times/Thaindian/Samay Live/Sindh Today/Economic Times of India

There was no shortage of bright, knowledgeable, industrious US citizen STEM workers.

There is no shortage of talented USA citizen STEM workers.

No credible evidence of impending shortage of bright, knowledgeable, industrious USA citizen STEM workers has been produced.

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