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Books & Articles Read in 2012

updated: 2017-06-21

Apple 2009-03-08 _Cocoa Bindings Programming Topics
George Johnson 2003 _A Short-Cut Through Time_ (190 pages; 004.1)
Apple 2007-12-11 _Automator Programming Guide_
Apple 2006-06-28 _Code Size Performance GuideLines_
Apple 2008-07-02 _Memory Usage Performance GuideLines_
Apple 2009-07-14 _Xcode User Defaults Reference_
other computer books

Peter F. Drucker 1996 _The Executive in Action_ (698 pages; 658)
Claudia Kolker 2011 _The Immigrant Advantage: What we can learn from new-comers to America about health, happiness, and hope_ (230 pages; 305.90691)
Gurcharand Das 2001 _India Unbound_ (360 pages; 330.954)
Alan Tonelson 2000 _The Race to the Bottom_ (180 pages; 382.71)
Moses I. Finley 1973, 1985 _The Ancient Economy_ (230 pages; 330.9)
Walter E. Williams 1982 _The State Against Blacks_ (173 pages; 344.73)
Ron Paul 2009 _End the Fed_ (210 pages; 332.11)
Alexander Moens, Amos Vivancos-Leon & Fred L. Smith ii 2012 June _MCOOL and the Politics of Country-of-Origin Labeling [vs. Fraud]_

James Truslow Adams 1936 _The Living Jefferson_ (397 pages)
Jed L. Babbin 2004 _Inside the Asylum: Why the UN and Old Europe Are Worse Than You Think_ (180 pages; 341.2373)
Bernard Bailyn 1986 _Voyagers to the West_ (640 pages; 304.873)
Bernard Bailyn 1988 _The Peopling of British North America_ (150 pages; 973.2)
Bernard Bailyn 2003 _To Begin the World Anew_ (175 pages; 973.3)
Robert Duncan Bass 1959 _Swamp Fox: The Life and Campaigns of General Francis Marion_ (260 pages)
Glenn Beck, Kevin Balfe, David peitrusza, Chris Stewart, David Harsanyi & James D. Best 2011 _Being George Washington: The Indispensable Man, as You've Never Seen Him_ (287 pages, 973.41092)
Daniel J. Boorstin 1985 _The Discoverers: An History of Man's Search to Know His World and Himself_ (690 pages; 909)
Christopher Caldwell 2009 _Reflections on the Revolution in Europe: Immigration, Islam and the West_ (407 pages; 304.8088)
Mona Charon 2003 _Useful Idiots: How Leftists Got It Wrong in the Cold War and Still Blame America First_ (289 pages; 335.43)
Winston Churchill 1956, 1993 _An History of the English Speaking Peoples: The Birth of Britain_ (500 pages; 941)
Winston S. Churchill 1956 _An History of the English-Speaking Peoples: The New World_ vol2 (410 pages; 942)
Molly Caldwell Crosby 2006 _The American Plague: The Untold Story of Yellow Fever, the Epidemic that Shaped Our History_ (290 pages; 614.541)
Richard A. Epstein 2006, 2007 _How Regressives Rewrote the Constitution_ (140 pages; 342.7302)
Daniel J. Flynn 2011 _Blue Collar Intellectuals: When the Enlightened and the Everyman Elevated America_ (180 pages; 305.5; manufactured in the USA)
Leland Gregory 2009 _Stupid American History_ (266 pages)
Robert Kagan 2003 _Of Paradise and Power_ (103 pages; 327.7304)
Robert Kagan 2007 _Dangerous Nation: America's Foreign Policy from Its Earliest Days to the Dawn of the 20th Century_ (506 pages; 327.73)
David Lamb 1987 _The Arabs_ (330 pages)
Michael Lee Lanning 1996 _Senseless Secrets_ (316 pages; 355.3432)
Andrew Levy 2005, 2007 _The First Emancipator: Slavery, Religion and the Quiet Revolution of Robert Carter_ (310 pages)
John Duncan Mackie, Bruce Lenman & Geoffrey Parker 1964, 1978, 1984 _An History of Scotland_ (381 pages; 941.1)
Steve Olson 2002 _Mapping Human History: Genes, Race, and Our Common Origins_ (278 pages; 599.9)
David O. Stewart 2011 _American Emperor: Aaron Burr's Challenge to Jefferson's America_ (350 pages; 973.46092)
Douglas Waller 2011 _Wild Bill Donovan: The SpyMaster Who Created the OSS and Modern American Espionage_ (448 pages)
see separate pages

James Marshall Reilly 2011 _Shake the World: It's Not about Finding a Job, It's about Creating a Life_ (258 pages; 650.14)
Howard Gardner, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi & William Damon 2001 _Good Work: When Excellence and Ethics Meet_ (270 pages; 174.4)
Samuel C. Florman 1987 _The Civilized Engineer_ (258 pages; 620)
see career books

none this year
see movie-making books

R' Jonathan Sacks 2000 _A Letter in the Scroll_ (220 pages; 296)
see earlier pages

Helen MacInnes Highet 1941 _Above Suspicion_ (333 pages)
Helen MacInnes Highet 1942, 1943 _Assignment in Brittany_ (373 pages)
Helen MacInnes Highet 1945 _Horizons_
Helen MacInnes Highet 1976 _Agent in Place_ (339 pages)
Helen MacInnes Highet 1968 _The Salzburg Connection_ (406 pages)
Helen MacInnes Highet 1958 _North from Rome_ (307 pages)
Helen MacInnes Highet 1980 _The Hidden Target_ (343 pages)
Helen MacInnes Highet 1960 _Decision at Delphi_ (403 pages)
Helen MacInnes Highet 1963 _The Venetian Affair_ (317 pages)
Helen MacInnes Highet 1982 _The Cloak of Darkness_ (342 pages)
Robert B. Parker 1978 _The Judas Goat_ (181 pages)
Robert B. Parker 1981 _A Savage Place_
Robert B. Parker 1984 _Valediction_ (180 pages)
Robert B. Parker 1986 _Taming a Sea-Horse_ (250 pages)
Robert B. Parker 1987 _Pale Kings and Princes_ (278 pages)
Robert B. Parker 1988 _Crimson Joy_ (211 pages)
Robert B. Parker 1990 _StarDust_ (256 pages)
Robert B. Parker 1991 _PasTime_ (223 pages)
Robert B. Parker 2009 _Night and Day_ (331 pages)
Robert B. Parker 2005 _Cold Service_ (324 pages)
Robert B. Parker 1991 _Perchance to Dream_ (271 pages)
Robert B. Parker 1992 _Double Deuce_ (217 pages)
Robert B. Parker 1999 _Family Honor_ (306 pages)
James Patterson & Ned Rust 2009, 2010 _Daniel X: Watch the Skies_
Tom Clancy 2003 _The Teeth of the Tiger_ (431 pages)
Christine Feehan 2009 _Dark Slayer_ (401 pages)
Helen MacInnes Highet 1947 _Friends and Lovers_ (367 pages)
David Sherman & Dan Cragg 2004 _StarFIST: A World of Hurt_ (312 pages)
Robert Ludlum 2000 _The Prometheus Deception_ (726 pages)
Poul Anderson 1990 _The Shield of Time_ (359 pages)
Kathleen O'Neal Gear & W. Michael Gear _People of the Lakes_
Peter S. Beagle 1977, 1988 _The Folk of the Air_
Stephen Hunter 2010, 2011 _Dead Zero_ (566 pages)
James Patterson & Adam Sadler 2010 _Daniel X: Demons and Druids_
Francis Paul Wilson 2011 _The Dark at the End_ (331 pages)
Connie Willis 1992 _DoomsDay Book_ (578 pages)
James Lovegrove _The Age of Odin_ (585 pages)
Harry Turtledove 2004 _Curious Notions_ (272 pages)
Harry Turtledove 2006 _The DisUnited States of Americ_ (288 pages)
Brian Jacques 1993, 1994 1995 _Martin the Warrior_ (376 pages)
Suzanne Collins 2008 _Hunger Games_
Charles Todd 1998 _Wings of Fire_ (306 pages)
George Alfred Henty 1894, 1997 _Wulf the Saxon_ (313 pages)
other fiction

Roger Penrose, Abner Simony, Nancy Cartwright & Stephen Hawking 1999 _The Large, the Small and the Human Mind_ (201 pages; 006.3)
Earl Boysen & Nancy Boysen 2011 _NanoTechnology for Dummies_ (300 pages; 620.5)
Rex Cauldwell 2007 _Wiring a House_ (325 pages; 621.319)
Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh & Henry Lincoln 1982, 2004, 2005 _Holy Blood, Holy Grail_ (489 pages; 944)
Daniel Kanstroom 2012 _Aftermath: Deportation Law and the New American Diaspora_ (235 pages; 342.7308)
Theodore Dalrymple/Anthony Daniels 2005, 2007, 2010 _Our Culture: What's Left of It_ (341 pages; 306)
Pieter A. van der Werf 2007 _The Concrete House: Building Solid, Safe & Efficient [sic] with Insulating Concrete Forms_ (170 pages; 690.837; printed in Red China)
Pilar Marrero 2012 _El Despertar del Sueno Americano_/_Killing the American Dream: How Anti-[Excessive-]Immigration Extremists Are Destroying the Nation_

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