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Books & Articles Read in 2014

updated: 2017-06-21

Tim Ormsby, Eileen Napoleon, Robert Burke, Carolyn Groessl & Laura Feaster 2001 _Getting To Know ArcGIS: Basics of ArcView, ArcEditor, and ArcInfo_ (534 pages)
Apple _Introduction to Swift_
Apple _Intermediate Swift_
Apple _Advanced Swift_
other computer books

Robert L. Heilbroner & Aaron Singer 1977, 1984 _The Economic TransFormation of America: 1600 to the Present_ (360 pages)
see separate page of econ books jgo has read

Ralph H. Petrucci & William S. Harwood 1993 _General Chemistry: Principles and Modern Applications_ (1060 pages)
Wayne M. Becker, David W. Deamer, Peter B. Armstrong, Joel W. Goodman, David N. Gunn & Jeanette E. Natzle 1991 _The World of the Cell_ (866 pages)
see separate pages

Howard P. Chudacoff & Judigh E. Smith 1975, 1988 _The Evolution of American Urban Society_ (308 pages)
Parke S. Rouse ii 1973 _The Great Wagon Road_ (275 pages; 973.2)
see separate pages

Peter Morgan Kash & Tom Monte _Make Your Own Luck: Success Tactics You Wont Learn in Business School_ (222 pages; 650.14)
see career books

none yet
see movie-making books

R' Aaron Parry 2004 _The Talmud_
Israel Finkelstein & Neil Asher Silberman 2001 _The Bible UnEarthed: Archaeology's new Vision of Ancient Israel and the Origin of Its Sacred Texts_
Lis Harris 1985 _Holy Days: The World of a Hasidic Family_ (266 pages)
Paul Steinberg, Janet Greenstein Potter, et al. 2007 _Celebrating the Jewish Year: The Fall Holidays_ (234 pages)
Yvonne Patricia Chireau & Nathaniel Deutsch 2000 _Black Zion: African American Religious Encounters with Judaism_ (225 pages)
Kenneth Hanson 1998 _Kabbalah: 3K Years of Mystic Tradition_ (260 pages)
Jon Meacham 2006 _American Gospel: God, the Founding Fathers, and the Making of a Nation_ (273 pages of text, 115 pages of end-notes and bibliography; 322.1097)
see earlier pages

Glen Scott Allen 2010 _The Shadow War_ (329 pages)
John Barnes 1999 _Finity_ (303 pages)
Jack Buchanan 1987 _Stone MIA Hunter Escape from Nicaragua_
Jim Butcher _Storm Front_
Jim Butcher _Fool Moon_
Tom Clancy & Mark Greaney 2011 _Locked On_ (933 pages)
Keith R.A. de Candido 2006 _Nova_ (304 pages)
Tom Clancy & Peter Telep 2011 _Against All Enemies_ (866 pages)
Brett Davis 1998 _Bone Wars_ (312 pages)
Seth Grahame-Smith 2010 _Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter_
Mark Greaney 2009 _The Gray Man_ (456 pages)
Dashiell Hammett 1933 _The Thin Man_ (180 pages)
Homer & Richmond Lattimore 1951 _The Iliad of Homer_ (500 pages)
Stephen Hunter 2007 _The 47th Samurai_ (594 pages)
Henry James 1954, 1980 _The Turn of the Screw & Daisy Miller_
Gini Koch 2000 _Touched by an Alien_ (Alien #1; 389 pages)
Gini Koch 2010 _Alien Tango_ (Alien #2; 428 pages)
Gini Koch 2011 _Alien in the Family_ (Alien #3; 428 pages)
Tom Kratman 2007 _A Desert Called Peace_ (Legion #1; 1K pages)
Tom Kratman _Carnifex_ (Legion #2; 930 pages)
Tom Kratman 2010 _The Lotus Eaters_ (Legion #3; 730 pages)
Tom Kratman 2011 _The Amazon Legion_ (Legion #4; 600 pages)
Tom Kratman _Come & Take Them_ (Legion #5)
George E. Lankford 1987 _Native American Legends: SE Legends: Tales from the Natchez, Caddo, Biloxi, Chickasaw, & Other Nations_ (265 pages)
Keith Laumer 1989 _Reward for Retief_ (340 pages)
Keith Laumer 1993 _Retief and the Rascals_ (241 pages)
Brad Meltzer 1997, 2011 _The 10th Justice_/_Il Decimo Giudice_ (389 pages)
Michael Palmer 1992 _Extreme Measures_ (420 pages)
Robert B. Parker 1982 _Ceremony_ (223 pages)
Robert B. Parker 1993 _Paper Doll_ (223 pages)
Robert B. Parker 1994 _Walking Shadow_ (270 pages)
Robert B. Parker 1995 _Thin Air_ (293 pages)
Robert B. Parker 1996 _Chance_ (307 pages)
Robert B. Parker 1997 _Small Vices_ (308 pages)
Robert B. Parker 1998 _Sudden Mischief_ (288 pages)
Ridley Pearson 1990 _Probable Cause_ (401 pages)
Walker Percy 1960, 1961 _The MovieGoer_ (191 pages)
Charles Portis 1968 _True Grit_ (190 pages)
Kathy Reichs 1999 _Death du Jour_ (Bones #2; 629 pages)
Kathy Reichs 2001 _Deadly Decisions_ (Bones #3; 332 pages)
Kathy Reichs 2001 _Fatal Voyage_ (Bones #4; 420 pages)
Kathy Reichs 2002 _Grave Secrets_ (Bones #5; 315 pages)
Kathy Reichs 2003 _Bare Bones_ (Bones #6; 306 pages)
Kathy Reichs 2004 _Monday Mourning_ (Bones #7; 303 pages)
Kathy Reichs 2005 _Cross Bones_ (Bones #8; 350 pages)
Kathy Reichs 2006 _Break No Bones_ (Bones #9; 564 pages)
Kathy Reichs 2007 _Bones to Ashes_ (Bones #10; 509 pages)
Kathy Reichs 2013 _Bones of the Lost_ (Bones #16; 324 pages)
James Rollins 2005 _Map of Bones_ (740 pages)
sir Walter Scott _The Bride of Lammermoor_
Robert Silverberg 2013 _Thebes of the 100 Gates_
Steven M. Stirling & David Drake 1991 _The General: The Forge_ (#1; 328 pages)
Steven M. Stirling & David Drake _The General: The Sword_ (#5; 328 pages)
Steven M. Stirling & David Drake 1999 _The Reformer_ (#7; 312 pages)
William Butler Yeats 1888, 1979 _Fairy & Folk Tales of Ireland_
other fiction

Richard Brookhiser 1992 _The Way of the WASP: How It Made America and How It Can Save It... So to Speak_ (155 pages; 305.8034)
doctor Ben S. Carson & Candy Carson 2012 _America the Beautiful: ReDiscovering What Made This Nation Great_ (200 pages)
Gerard Clarfield 1992 _US Diplomatic History to 1914_ (345 pages)
Gerard Clarfield 1992 _US Diplomatic History since 1900_ (485 pages)
John D. Hayworth & Joseph J. Eule 2006 _Whatever It Takes: Illegal Immigration, Border Security, and the War on Terror_ (218 pages)
Myles Hollander & Frank Proschan 1984 _The Statistical Exorcist: Dispelling Statistics Anxiety_ (236 pages)
Richard A. Lanham 1993 _The Electronic Word: Democracy, Technology, and the Arts_ (278 pages)
Mark Reed Levin 2013 _The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Republic_ (272 pages)
Mark Reed Levin 2004, 2005, 2009 _Men in Black: How the Supreme Court Is Destroying America_
Milan D. Meeske & R.C. Norris 1987 _CopyWriting for the Electronic Media_ (360 pages)
Michael Meyer, William Sherman & Susan Deeds 2010 _The Course of Mexican History_ (710 pages)
Everett M. Rogers 1983, 2003 _Diffusion of Innovations_ (415 pages)
Louis D. Rubin ii 1979 _The Literary South_ (729 pages)
Mary Ellen Snodgrass 1988 _Cliffs Notes on Roman Classics_
Lynn Quitman Troyka & Jerrold Nudelman 1990 _Steps in Composition_ (484 pages)
Elizabeth Williams & Robert Williams 1983 _Building with Salvaged Lumber_ (256 pages)

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